The Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom Review

Today has reviewed The Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom. The bed is made of poplar wood solids in a ravishing black pearl finish, this panel style bed’s clean lines are given a luxurious boast by exotic embossed crocodile accents on the headboard and also footboard. The Bedroom Set inlcudes one King Bed, one dresser, and one nightstand. The King bed is measured by 85 inch Long by 81.5 inch Wide by 52 inch High. Minimalist in design but excessive in detail, the Biscayne panel bed is an deviously elegant king bed.

 The Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom

The Sofia Vergara 9 drawer Dresser is made of polished chrome finished hardware further embellishes each of the nine drawers, which utilize strength enhancing French and English dovetail production.The Dresser is measured by 64 inch Wide by 18 inch Deep by 35.5 inch High. Felt lining in the top drawers give protection to your most delicate items.

This dresser has spacious dresser’s sleek lines indicate a stylish modern restraint, but look a little closer and you’ll see an exotic embossed crocodile pattern on the drawer fronts, enlightening its hot personality. The Biscayne dresser’s contemporary chic design packs as much style as the clothing contained within it.

You can also complete your collection with the mirror. The beveled glass surface is left unframed at the top and bottom for a sharp, and modern look. The Mirror was made of poplar wood solids in a ravishing black pearl finish, embossed crocodile accents flank each side of this contemporary mirror for a high drama impact. The mirror dimensions 40 inch Wide and 44 inch High.

 The Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Biscayne Dresser

The Sofia Vergara BIscayne Nightstand has two drawers utilizing strengthening English and French dovetail built give plenty of bedside storage, while sleek polished chrome hardware which give contemporary flare.

It has modern elegance with a side of sass, the Biscayne nightstand’s clean design is kicked up a notch by exotic embossed crocodile accents. The Nightstand dimensions 24 inch Wide by 16 inch Deep by 26 inch High.

 The Sofia Vergara Biscayne King Black 5Pc Panel Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Biscayne Nightstand

A variety of styles and easy bed type you find in the stores that sell the interior of a bedroom. Starting from type single, double and twin bed. Any bed style is so evolved and modified based on needs. Various styles of beds beyond the standard size lot we encounter everywhere. Want to know some type of beds model? here they are:

1. standard size single bed with headboard model that blends with the mattress base board.

Foot bed that supports the overall structure is designed so that over time more balanced and comfortable. Mattress size is adjusted to the length and width of the pedestal. Do not cover the entire mattress base boards and usually will stay at a distance of about 6 cm on left and right side of the bed, as well as about 10 centimeters at the foot of the bed.

2. modern bed a more accentuate the practical side and efficient.

Because it accentuates the practical side and efficient, this type of bed is equipped with a side table with drawer with the bed frame. The side tables are useful to put a desk lamp to read and store trinkets to the bedroom always look neat and clean.

3. Model of permanent double-size bed 160 x 200 cm using the concrete and cement as well as blends with the floor.

Technically, elevated floor and stair steps plus as the base mattress. Side table was also made permanent. To sweeten the headboard, use decorative art can open pairs. This bed models requires the clear space between the bed and the room room. It was designed in the toe bed so users can feel the privacy and limit activity in the bedroom.

4. model of bed day bed.

This is the perfect kind of put an angled indoors. In addition to being used for bed, day bed model beds can serve to gather family containers, relaxing, watching television, or simply a place to read. This Model is multifunctional and efficient in placement space. If you want to look beautiful and stylish, design above day bed to put accessories, books, or other trinkets. To complete the comfort of space and the user, in addition to a day bed, place the storage (storage) low and closed along the wall that can serve also as an extra table.

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The Cindy Crawford Key West Dark Pine 5Pc Rectangle Dining Room Review

Today has reviewed The Cindy Crawford Key West Dark Pine 5Pc Rectangle Dining Room. This Dark pine dining table has 20 inch leaf but it can also easily extends the table to a generous 98 inch. This beautiful piece has some features, they are pineapple fluted legs,shaped carvings, and a dark pine finish. The dining table is built of birch solids, exotic okoume veneers forms on the table top. The dining table is also called Cindy Crawford Home Key West Dark Leg Table. If you have 6 family numbers, this dining table would be the best option to buy. This dining room furniture set come with the dining chair which give a compact matching color.

 The Cindy Crawford Key West Dark Pine 5Pc Rectangle Dining Room Review

Key West Dark Pine 5Pc Leg Dining Room

Between Glass and wood dining table

This is just a problem of the aura dining table issued by glass and wood dining tables. A believer in the matter of the aura, will certainly say to you with the opening sentence of “trying to compare Your appetite when eating at the dinner table of wood and glass dining table”.But in General, the comparison between the influences of glass dining tables with wooden dining table does not provide a different impression. Perhaps you will feel the same impression.

In fact, wood desk usually gives the impression of a more relaxed and more familiar to anyone who was eating there. Unlike glass tables that impressed more rigid, but full disclosure. Everything seemed transparent. The initial impression was indeed the difference between dining table glass and wood dining tables.

Therefore, if you take a meeting with work colleagues especially business problems that require transparency of funds, then it would be better done on a dining table made of glass. Love is not love, inevitably, the glass counter will give an aura of honesty though rigid in the talks. Now, if this statement is of course out of them that truly believe and are confident with the aura of a dining table.

Another case with a wooden dining table. Although we can build familiarity and feel warmer, but we can mutually Sphinx themselves among one another. For example in cafes we usually see wooden tables in it. Why? Since cafes are usually looking for romantic atmosphere and friendliness.

Another case with table meeting in the offices of young executives. They tend to use a long glass counter and nodes. Because there will give you the energy of honesty and seriousness in addressing a problem. Of course you may believe it or not with this statement.

It’s just a dining table-whether it is made of glass or wood-furniture that is important in a household is included for those of you who prefer to eat cross-legged manner. Good dining table made of wood and glass, an important part of a House, so that it can be ascertained to be owned by a family. The question whether the dinner table functioned optimally as a dining table or not, it does other affairs. It means a household has a dining table, but are only used to store food, because it made the family members eat cross-legged manner.

The Family Dining Table

Back to the problem of dining table wood and glass dining tables. From the side of the security for a new family who do not have children, the glass dining table can be one alternative to your household furniture. Besides giving the impression of honesty, glass dining table will also look cleaner and easier in caring for and keeping it clean. But if you include the families who already have children even belongs to a large family, having to rethink when intending to have a glass dining table.

Glass dining tables that are usually smaller than the wooden dining table. Because of feng shui calculations, if the glass dining table made with the large size of the aura or rigid atmosphere will be more favorable. Thus the glass dining table made smaller so there will be created an atmosphere of friendliness, but full of honesty.

In the meantime, if you have a large family or already have a child, it is better to buy a dining table wood, especially if your child is still small. Why? Glass counter will easily break, especially if your child is still a minor rise to the top of the table, the accident risk will be greater.

Furthermore the glass tables that give the impression of stiff in the family. If more and more children will be increasingly far from the familiar atmosphere. So glass tables only fits in a small family, in order to keep awake and honesty of familiarity persists.

But in addition to consider the problem of calculation of feng shui and the security side, when you decide to buy a dining room table, which is not less important is its size. So far in the market be it glass dining table or dining table wood, there is a wide variety of sizes ranging from four seats, seats six, even eight seats there is also a number of his seat 12.

This dining table size should be adjusted to the available place in your home, so that the presence of the dinner table doesn’t make the room feel cramped, especially for being more the size of the House is not very big. And vice versa for those of you who have a large home, do not let the presence of the dining table in the room looks trapped so interfere with the harmony of a room in your home.

Other things also need to be aware of when you decide to buy a dining table, glass dining tables does it as well as a dining table wood, is a matter of design. If the dinner table will be placed in the area near the kitchen, the design and materials of the dinner table should be aligned with the existing furniture in the kitchen.
For example, when the furniture around a kitchen made from wood and painted coco brown for example, then the dining table was selected should be colored. Thus it would seem more harmonious.

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