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White stainless steel floating shelf with kitchen utensil rack consumer reviews

White Floating Shelf with stainless steel type

White Floating Shelf with stainless steel type

This White Floating Shelf with stainless steel type has no sharp edges and is not only sleek in design but elegant in appearance. Its been constructed under the strictest standards and has been certified by NSF for commercial use.This wall mounted stainless steel wall shelf is perfect for your home, office, laboratory, restaurant, kitchen, or warehouse. This floating shelf has some features such as it has Round bull-nosed edge,5 Pounds weight capacity,Dimensions are 24-inch by 8-1/4-inch by 7-3/5-inch.

These shelves are fantastic. I mounted two of these on a small kitchen wall. On one side of the wall where I had to drill was a stud, the other empty drywall. I had to use the standard screws on the stud, and the drywall anchors on the other side. I also used the drywall anchors in the center hole. I know some others had some heartburn regarding the hardware, but both worked fine for me – no warping, breaking or stripping of any kind. Maybe I was extra careful after reading the reviews but they seemed to be very good quality to me. One of the shelves was ever so slightly warped (not very noticeable) but when placed on top of the wall mounts it straightened out (especially with items placed on top).

I will update again soon with pictures, this floating shelf is sturdy. On the top shelf I have 3 quarts of olive oil, 1.5 quarts vegetable oil, 2 pounds of coffee and 2 pounds of sugar. The weight is absolutely no issue and would hold much more no problem. Bottom shelf has heavy glass and plastic containers of flour, whole wheat, a stainless steel caddy full of cooking utensils, etc. They look great and compliment any other stainless steel you may have in the kitchen, even if only a small appliance. I would not hesitate to buy these again and definitely rated 5 stars.

I searched for a while for a kitchen shelf to hold the various odds and ends that I needed to keep on hand. I wanted it in stainless to match the appliances, and saw several commercial-type shelves. However, the prices were way out there, and they were all 12 inches deep, which would be too overpowering for the space I wanted to put it in.Saw this and gave it a shot due to the price and the fact that it is only about 8 inches deep. So glad I did.The build quality is quite good, with a bull-nosed front and neatly welded seams on the underside. It’s thin, but more than adequate thickness for a shelf. The brackets can be put anywhere – although the product photo shows the brackets at the very edge of the shelf, they can be installed at any point along the shelf length. Of course, for stability you’ll want to keep the brackets close to the edge of the shelf. I mounted them about 3 inches from either end so I could anchor them into wall studs.

I recommend this as a utilitarian shelf. It clearly has a more industrial look than it does decorative. The price is right and the size should fit over most home stove/oven/cook tops.

The matching companion to this floating shelf is kitchen utensil rack.Made entirely from stainless steel, the rack comes with six fully independent sliding hooks. The hooks feature an open design compatible with Oxo’s steel tools, Oxo Good Grips tools, and most other kitchen gadgets with a hole in the handle. The rack’s brushed finish wipes down easily and complements a range of kitchen decor schemes. It comes with complete hanging hardware and premarked holes on the packaging for easy drilling. It measures 17-3/4 inches long Store your hanging tools, specifically OXO’s SteeL and Good Grips tools, with ease and style with this tool rack.

The rack is equipped with six pegs, and is quick and easy to install using the included hardware. It is made entirely of sleek and durable stainless steel, and looks fantastic in every kitchen setting. I really like this tool rack.

Hanging Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Rack

Hanging Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Rack

It’s sturdy and simple to attach to the wall. The metal hooks slide so you can adjust them to fit the width of your hangable cooking tools. It comes with 6 hooks. I have a set of measuring cups hanging, two sets of measuring spoons on one hook, and my can opener and Oxo y peeler on the other. I like being able to get to my measuring cups and other frequently used items without having to rummage around in the drawer looking for them.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Rack

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Rack

My cooking space, including the cabinet drawer space, is small so this product has been a blessing. i especially love the streamlined design and the functionality of sliding hooks. i have my 10 inch splatter screen, mesh strainer, and favorite nylon and wooden cooking utensils hanging from the rack. with the rack attached to the side of my stove’s vent hood, i now have my most used cooking tools within easy reach (i attached the rack with a pop riveter so that the rack can handle more weight than would be possible using the pre-packaged double-sided tape). a second plus is the brushed vs. mirror polished surface. also, due to the design of the rack’s “end caps” (AND with the proper cutting tool–a dremel would work!), it is possible to cut the length of the rack to fit your needs. to date, i’m leaning very strongly towards saying this tool rack is a bargain, a best buy.If you buy both of floating shelf and kitchen utensils rack you can get a great discount.

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    Homegardenmax provides variety of home décor and gardening items to their customers of entire USA. With its sleek straight lines and no visible bracket, this shelf adds a “European-style” to your decor. Because of its design, the floating wall shelf is known as the hidden bracket wall shelf, or the bracket less shelf.


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