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Up to 70 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor with reviews

Today we have reviewed the 38 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor. The first called Strathwood Basics Hardwood Chaise Lounge Outdoor. It measured in 73.4 inch long, 25.6 inch wide, 12.4 inch high.

Don’t worry about the shipping because the manufacturer Strathwood gives free delivery. The Chaise Lounge Outdoor is ideal for lounging around the pool, back yard or deck. It is constructed from durable, eucalyptus hardwood, this chaise lounge outdoor is proposed for outdoor use in all weather.

An exquisite hardwood which is almost similar to teak and with outstanding weather-resistant properties, eucalyptus is sturdy and naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. The back presents 5 position adjustment for upright seating, very comfortable seating or completely flat seating.

74 inch chaise lounge outdoor features

74 inch chaise lounge outdoor features

There was very useful tray slides to either side or can rest below the chaise when not in use. An exclusive tray table extends to hold drinks, magazines, and other lounging essentials, then slides back underneath for storage. For more comfort, you can add a chaise lounge cushion.

This sturdy chaise lounge outdoor is easily assembled with an adjustable wrench and the supplied allen wrench.

38 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor

38 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor

The entire chaise is built of eucalyptus which is an all-weather wood that is tough and durable. Sturdy mortise and tenon creation keeps the highest quality joinery that will last for many years. The Original color of this chaise lounge outdoor can be continued by using a seasonal coat of teak oil.

Where to buy this well made and Strathwood with 38 percent off discount chaise lounge outdoor anyway? You can find it on online store and compared with other online store to get the best price.

70 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor

70 percent discount chaise lounge outdoor

The second discount chaise lounge outdoor called Lindy Outdoor Hardwood Chaise Lounge comes from LuuNguyen manufacturer.It was arrived intact, easy to assemble and looks nice with a cushion on it. The Lindy Chaise Lounge outdoor made of solid Hardwood Treated with Oil, Natural Color Stained.The plus point is the slide-out beverage table on the side, it is just the right size for food and beverages.

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