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In designing the interior of the rooms in the House, a lot of things to be aware of in order to produce maximum space display. Concepts and ideas of the homeowner must be embodied in it.  You can decor home interior in accordance with the style and taste, complete with accessories and furniture that fits your desires for the sake of convenience.

Ideally, a job decorating submitted and handled by professionals who are experts in the field of interior design. However, using the services of an interior designer is certainly in need of extra costs, and not all people can afford to set aside a budget to hire him.

interior design

interior design

If you want to design the interior of the House itself, is okay. Pour the ideas and wishes into the color of paint or wall paper, the selection of furniture, accessories, installation or application of additional partitions.

Always remember to add personal items as much as possible into every room of the House, so that you and your family always feel welcome. While visiting the home exhibition, you not only get to see a model or floor plan of the home but also in the form of Division of a room by room look up.

Through a floor plan, you can figure out where the layout of bedroom, living room, terrace, also form a line, the space available, as well as other parts of the House. Create a floor plan is a critical step in the process of construction of the dwelling.

Actually, the easiest way to draw a floor plan of the ideal is to wear the service architects, because they have the expertise to combine safety, comfort, aesthetics and legality in a balanced way.

However, if you only have a limited budget, you can create a floor plan of your own home. Do not forget to record the important things to be aware of, such as space requirements for each occupant of the House, the estimated area of each room, the bathroom kind of needs (using the bathtub, shower or bathtub), the layout of the room (to function), the location of the bathroom and sewerage, air circulation and sunlight, and so on.

Someone who likes things simple and simple, minimalist style homes will appreciate the simple style. Simple is a pattern of thinking, work, and way of life. It is a new way of looking inside look at design as a reflection of lifestyle people practical, lightweight, and efficient.

Simple home can also have a more clear though the character shapes and spaces relatively simple. Any effect could be made more sturdy and robust with empty spaces which only come a little furniture and ornaments. The concept is simple and the quality of design, availability of space, and the completion of the field structure should be getting better.

But keep in mind, when a House is built in the form of an order and is too simple, it will look dull and not attract attention. Therefore, planning is crucial here.

Simple Design House does not always form should always be the standard, but it can also be a disembodied honours geometry which remains harmonious. However, if the House should and need to have a form of the box, then the box shape is the result of the function needs, not because of coercion or talkative follow trends. Simplicity is the main keywords, thus affecting the design and method of manufacture.

Creating A Simple House Design

simple home design

simple home design

The House has a simple yet looks gorgeous, must surely be a dream for those of you who are already married. Designing simple home is actually not too difficult, in fact You can do without having to hire the services of a designer.

When you own a home or still want to build a House, you can make a simple house design with quite easily. The most important thing is the harmony between the furniture/furniture, colors, and also the arrangement of the space.

Creating a simple house design is essentially designed as simple as possible. For example, in a House just provided the required 0ruang-spaces without any extra spaces, such as the dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

Creating a home with a simple theme is indeed much favoured by today’s society. In addition to not requiring a lot of ornaments in the House, a simple house design has also become a home design trend today.

Simple home design or it could be said to be a minimalist home design is becoming an option for people who don’t like the intricate designs. The concept of European houses use many carvings and detail the typical colors are still elected, however most people judging the concept of home with a lot of detail takes time and considerable expense, of course.

Simple Home Design Tips

Large or small home is not a problem to create a simple house design. Here are some tips for those of you who want to create the simple home of your dreams.

Simple design House is a House that doesn’t have too much furniture. Buy furniture that is important and indeed necessary, such as chairs, tables, beds, closets, etc. The amount of any furniture should be adapted to the needs, not desires. Simple design house design, minimalist house with identical, so we recommend that you buy goods that are carrying the theme. Choose the furniture simplistic and don’t have too many details.

For example, buy a sofa with one single color or pattern, not a sofa that has a pattern of “lively” and impressed luxury. Another example, buy a simple living room table, not the table with a buffer that is full of carvings or other accessories.
For the color in the design of the House is simple, we recommend not to use too many different kinds of colors that contrast in one house or room. The use of various colors that contrast each other looks, will not give rise to the harmony of the room.

For example, in the bedroom, you can wear a white wall color, for the color of other furniture and beds could wear a similar color or another color that still look calm.

If you want to wear a contrasting color, preferably choose 1-2 color that matches with the color of the walls. For example, combining white with red and orange, or combine the white with black.

In the arrangement of furniture in one room, make sure it is not too much stuff so that the room is not impressed is narrow. Put the important stuff and avoid adding decorations that are not too important and gives rise to the impression of “tightness” in the room.

Simple house design lies in the selection of furnishings and the settings are fixed, but should be supported by other things that could make a simple home look beautiful.

Make sure enough light coming into a room, so your House doesn’t look bleak. Keep Your House clean anyway so it is comfortable to live in. The presence of the Windows and the ventilation is very important for air circulation, so that simple home you’re not stuffy and stinking.

In essence, a simple house design is minimalist house design. Without a lot of ornaments, and furniture in your home using this simple floorplan, appliances, ornaments, and other as little as possible. Of course things are different with the design of the House more.

Without prejudice to the utilization of all aspects of the House, with this simple design is able to minimize everything in the House. This is why it is called house design with simple home.

How about Simple Home Design

House with a simple design would normally be found in the suburbs. In addition, the simple design is also typically used in good residential area housing office or private housing.

Simple home design is identical to the one-storey house with a conventional form. Simplicity in form and design House has some advantages, so the some people choose shapes and simple house design.

As already mentioned earlier, a House with a simple design usually have important public spaces, such as a living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedroom. An efficient room describes simple home also complies with the Government’s family planning program.

The Government Program suggests a family consisting of four persons, namely two children and both parents. Simple home design is now used by many people. Not only because the cost of development or the creation of affordable housing, but also benefit from the simple home. Here are the advantages of home with simple design;

What are the exact amount of space in your home

With a simple house design, the number of the room was big and not so much so as to make a House simple, not wasteful of the room. It also allows the use of land for home is not so great. With these conditions, the remaining land can be used for other things, such as a playground, garden plants, or when the possibility could be made gazebo.

Easily Treated Home

The House with the simple design has another advantage, that is easily treated and cleaned. This of course is very useful for those of you who don’t have much time to pay attention to the House. Busyness in everyday life you would certainly be a reason to pay attention to the State House. And with a simple design on your home, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your home.

The use of a small fee

The shape of the House is simple, surely the cost of home building will be lighter. This is due to a simple home have one floor and the rooms are a little bit, so it doesn’t need to cost more to build and fill in the simple interior of the House. Plus more comfortably fill any House does not need too much. Of course, it is very beneficial for people who have limited budget.

This simple home design is very many benefits, in addition to meminimalisasikan farm, a House with a simple design is also capable of being one of the alternatives for those of you who have a limited budget. Many of the ideas in the design of the House is simple, You just stay free and developed the land that you have.

So a discussion of simple house design that can be delivered, may be useful.

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