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Top 10 Tips How To Implement A Minimalist Living Room Interior for your Home

The Interior of the living room is a very important thing. Because the living room is one part of the House which represents the whole interior of your home, because this room is a space that was first seen and seen, good friends, family far away, or guests who visit.

living room interior design for limited space

living room interior design for limited space

It is very reasonable if you want to decorate a living room so it looks pretty, charming and elegant. With a good decorating can provide comfort, cool, friendly and welcoming. This is a very prominent position in the interior design concept, especially in the interior of the living room.

At this time the article, we will discuss some of the tricks or the concept that can be used to assist you in beautifying living space gradually. Particularly spacious, minimalist living room of its spatial is not so great.

1. Remove the border wall to make it look more spacious for your living room

For homes that already have a living room, and there is a dividing wall between the living room and other spaces. You can remove the border wall, allowing small-sized living room look wider, it’s just that the privacy of other spaces became diminished. Guest room typically can be combined with the living room or dining room.

living room interior design for small room

living room interior design for small room

You don’t have to worry about the loss of the border wall, so as to make your living room look more into philosophy. You can use the other large Furniture with border wall, even the sofa can you make as a hindrance to the room.

2. Define the theme of a beautiful interior space, be sure to your liking.

Look for some examples of interior living room themes; Well shaped in the form of images or information from the tabloids or media online, which is easy to find.

Then compare between some examples of concepts that you find and customize to your liking. Make sure you already feel confident to use that concept. Make sure your chosen concept also can be implemented in your living room interior.

Red theme small living room

Red theme small living room

Try choosing a minimalist interiors concept, and can be customized with a spacious living room. As a differentiator between the minimalist concept and other concepts, can be seen in terms of the size of the furniture. The furniture also includes the size of sofas and tables in the living room. The larger the size of the furniture, the more it is clear that the concept is used to wider spaces.

3. Using color to paint the walls a brighter

The color of paint that can reflect the lighting with good color is highly recommended. Because the lighting throughout the room, will help the room seem more spacious and can clarify the interior space. So that makes the living room has an aura and attraction.

4. Put the other furniture that supports the beauty of interior

In other words, the furniture that you choose must be a matching furniture and can be combined with the interior design in the living room. Both in terms of colors and accessories on a living room like a flower vase, model table decoration and other trinkets. Or in terms of functionality the usability of furniture such as a television, lamps and the like.

small living room furniture

small living room furniture

5. Using Large Size Window

For the minimalist House, window is a visual tool to ‘ zoom in ‘ small living spaces. This caused the eyes to be slightly shifted out of the wall just in view of the pool. Without you even knowing it will blend with the other spaces, such as the family room. You can use this effect to apply the window bare or it could be the window with the curtain colors similar to the color of the walls in order to eliminate the boundaries as well as open spaces.

6. Multitasking Space

If your home is indeed very small and not able to reach all of your needs, you can make one room as a multifunction space. For example the living room while You make the space comfortable bed with plush sofas, using gentle and decent guest bed. For that you can search for the type of multifunctional sofa so that it can be used to sit, and if used as a bed. Complete with a pair of cushions and pillow case that mimics the designs and motifs of the sofa.

small living room design

small living room design

7. Using Tiny Furniture

As usual tips organize your living room furniture minimalism always involves narrow petite. Indeed well-grounded reason logically narrow living room easily overwhelmed if it had to accommodate large-size furniture. We recommend that you select the furniture is simple and neat with a slimmer frame. Apply a pair of armchairs with a low-mounted to eliminate heavy visual effects that may reduce the aesthetic space and interfere with the comfort of guests.

small living room ideas

small living room ideas

8. Colored Walls

It’s time you leave the old ways for white living room, try a little experiment with green iridescence on the wall. You have to know the color green on the walls were able to make more living room blends with the landscape as well as the wider area outside. To maintain the impression that remains bright and open, put the furniture and accessories in white color and trinkets which are also white. When you need to give a touch of color to another as long as it’s not too dominant.

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