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Top 10 Tips How to hang pictures combine with modern architecture will discuss the ideal way to hang a picture or picture frames. because laying frame has its own art that looks good eye views. Hang pictures, like painting them, is a balancing act distance, color and proportion. As gallerist, curator or interior designer knows, the way the art is displayed is very important and transformative, not only for the space, but with a feeling that is released in the image itself.

Do not be afraid if your budget is more than a poster of Picasso. The truth is that almost everything can look good when framed and hung properly. We have attracted some of the most inspiring examples from our archives about how to hang, display and decorate with art.

hang picture modern architecture

hang picture modern architecture

We asked Julia Toffolo of Matassa Toffolo – manager and curator of some of the most prestigious art collections in the world – five advice worth considering:

Do not hang artwork too high on the wall (a common mistake). Ideal height of the center of the image (if there is no furniture below) is somewhere between 155 and 160cm from the ground.

‘Hang on to work with the intention of proportion and balance. For example, if the picture hanging above the fireplace, do not leave too much space at the bottom except for the space to be filled, visually, for example with the clock. ”

“If you hang in a pattern, set the display on the first floor before it closes.”

Wait for the image of two points – both sides of the back of the frame – not from a single point. Not only is this safer, but it will prevent the works from shifting and moving out of alignment from time to time. ”

Whether you’re decorating your apartment with your favorite framed posters or are in charge of organizing valuable paintings for display in your home, there are certain rules you can follow placement. These rules were set in place with the sole purpose of achieving the best aesthetic point of view to look at art. Most people tend to hang works of high art more than necessary. If you’re wondering where to place your artwork, here are some steps you can take to determine how attractive presentation.

5 Guides For Placing your artwork or painting to be more attractive in modern architecture

1.Define your artwork. They can be a lot of things. They can be a large painting or small piece considerably. You can group a couple of medium sized paintings or a whole cluster of frames. If you have a large group of frames, use the floor to put them in totally different situations and judge which you like best before you start pounding nails in the wall. Try to choose frames that are similar in color, shape or material for best composition.

2 Set the area for hanging. If you are hanging a painting in an art gallery. your painting may be the only thing on the wall. If you are decorating a room, you can have a variety of walls to choose from. Large paintings look better on large walls and small paintings better on small walls. Use a vertical wall to hang a flat vertical painting and artwork complement and highlight the architecture. If you have a irregular shaped wall, try a cluster of small paintings irregularly.

3. Find your focal point. The focal point of the painting can be found in the center. I usually say that the measurement is taken vertically only. The focal point is the artist conceived your eye was drawn first. To determine the focal point, using a tape measure to calculate the distance from the upper frame to the lower frame. Then divide that number by two. Remeasured the second number from the top of the frame and the area directly around that point is the focal point. If you have a cluster of paintings, the focal point is at the center of that group.

4. Determines the gallery. There are slight disagreements on what the gallery level. Many experts say that is the height that the eyes of the average person (average stands 5’7 “or 1.67 m.) This rule is made ​​when the height of the average person was slightly lower. As a result, golden rule is to prefer the eye level as determined by the height owner or owner of the gallery. hanging up painting, the focal point should be at the level of the gallery. If the paint is out of balance right or left, the focal point can be moved slightly to the right or to the left to make up the difference.

5. Distance. If you’re using a paint to complement a lamp or a vase, a good distance for hanging is 10 “to 12” (25-30 cm) of that article. If you’re using paint to complement a large piece of furniture, the size of the right paint is two thirds to three quarters the size of the furniture. If you want to fully concentrate on the painting itself, highlight it alone on a wall and uses well placed to show off lights. As with any standard, it can be easily broken. If you are an artist, it is easy to determine when a piece looks better on the wall. In the end, do what you think is best. You can put it anywhere you please.

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