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Top 10 Practical Ways Of Home Decorating Change Without A Lot Of Cost

Home is a place to live which presents comfort and safety for the owner. After a day of activity outside the House, to be the right choice for become the rest area. A quality break of course, supported also by the cozy home decor.Well, here is the explanation of many things related to home decor. If you are bored with the usual home decor and already applied many years? Try to be creative to bring something new and fresh. Doesn’t always have to be to buy new furniture or renovating a room, but simply by utilizing existing furnishings.

home decoration

home decoration

Well, here are tips for decorating the House without needing a lot of extra costs.

1. Modern Style Furniture

The furniture has a modern style has a design that is simple and sleek, but at times can seem tedious and less inviting. Give a bit of an accent to make it look more appealing by adding texture. For example, putting the carpets or rugs on the floors, feather pillows decorative colorful on a couch or table decoration depicts floral and foliage.

2. Add Unique Detail

Make the room becomes more unique with applying details are not unusual. For example, you can stack books like the tower and placing it in a corner of the room.

3. Some arrangement of Shelves

The Combination of color is key when setting the rack cabinets. Select two or three different colors, but still in the same harmony and combine. For example, a yellow-light green-dark green, red-orange-pink or light blue-navy blue-white. You could put a small cup-cups, vases, plates, small, square-shaped water carafe or alphabet is unique. Do the arrangement based on the size of the furniture, ranging from small to large, or vice versa.

4. What about wall hangings

If you get bored with the white color on the walls, you could try to apply your space with color more colorful or by applying a memorable vintage wall hangings. How, simply select one of the four parts of the walls, then paint with light pink, purple, orange or other pastel colors. Next, add the elements of three-dimensional feel on top of the wall. For example, ornamental plates range in size and motive or any number of the mirror frame with various shapes.

5. Add your family photos

If you have a collection of photos, it can also be applied to add a personal touch to your space. Of course, before putting up Your photo collection on the walls of the House, better predefine how to set it up because if the mounting position is less precise, even photos would interfere with the eyes. You can put photos on the wall along the stairs, make Wall shelves to put images with similar colors or frames to hang black and white photographs on the walls are brightly colored.

Every room needs a focal point, i.e. components that most attract attention and make people’s eyes directly fixed on the object so entered the room. Focal point can be a unique design furniture and large picture posters, pop-art King sized or mirror wall in the middle of the room.

Home decor that Reconcile Hearts

Home decor should be the responsibility of the homeowner. Although enlisted the help of another person, the final decision remains in the hands of you as the owner. This is because this is where you as the home owner spends most of the time to rest and share it with your family.

Indeed, if it wasn’t the owner of the House that determines home decor, comfort and a sense of belonging would be much reduced. Therefore, it is not a few home owners who want to give a new feel on the interior and exterior appearance of the House.

Well, if you are one of the homeowners who would like to change the feel of your home, here are some tips to follow to change the look of your home. Instead of just changing the look, hopefully this change was able to reconcile your hearts and families.

simple home interior

simple home interior

1. follow the Heart

All decisions should be based on the word of the day. Likewise with home redecorating decision. It never hurts to see a reference design that was to be the current trend. However, remember that You are still determining the trends that occur in your home. For example, in terms of color selection. Please choose a color according to themes that are the trend. If trends are bright colors, apply bright colors to paint the walls of the House.

home design

home design

2. dig up References

Keep digging for references in terms of  decorating  and designing. You can enroll in public lectures, seminars, or workshops on decorating and design.

3. Defining Functions
Make sure you determine a clear function for each room. The clear function can preclude you from piles of unpleasant stuff. In addition, you can also easily and hurry to get rid of the real stuff you don’t need anymore.

4. Lighting

Provide a dramatic change at home you can also start by rearranging the lighting. Different lighting can make the room look very different.

residence dining table

residence dining table

5. Use beautiful Doors

Fix or transform your entrance or your front door. In addition, learn also how to fix doors and other items in your home. The door is the first impression you give to everyone who visits your home. To add accent, add plants in pots, house numbers, door bell, or other small ornament that can beautify the appearance of the door.

interior for bedroom

interior for bedroom

6. Special Touches

One of the things important in organizing the House is making sure the bathroom home in good condition, healthy, and fragrance. In addition to a bathroom, the bedroom can also be the focus of attention in regards to dress up the House. Provide special touches such as Your initials on your sheets, pillowcases, and towels, post a photo of you, your child, or even your pet.

residence living

residence living

7. Select Quality Furniture

Finally, from now on, You don’t get too often shopped. It’s good, you’re a little shopping, but with best quality. Indeed, not all furniture is more expensive to have better quality. But, it doesn’t hurt You invest on branded furniture which has been famous for the quality of its own.

Limited Space Home Decor Tips

Replace furniture-furniture with the furniture that is low. High furniture such as bookshelves can be replaced with a short cupboard. The top of the closet short can be used as a table to put the lamp, phone, or a vase of flowers.

Use furniture that is curved so that it can be utilized, though placed on the corner of the narrow, narrow alleys or.
Choose a Chair without arms because the seats have arm only takes up a lot of places. Many people wear a Chair without arm to the dining room for easy set up and spacious look.

Create a rack without a door in the kitchen. The rack can be used to put the cutlery. You can also insert a vase of flowers and a painting behind the plate furniture to make it look more beautiful.

Create the impression of high space with a long curtain contains higher than the window.Now that is a description of the decoration of the House. May be this article  can be useful for you.

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