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Top 10 Outstanding Interior Design for Minimalist Living Room in 2014

Making interior design living room is endless because the freedom to be creative with your own home interior. If you are getting bored with the interior fabric living room of your house , you can change it to your liking. Thus making the interior design living room is endless. To make your living room look luxurious and charming is actually caused also by the quantity factor is not just the quality . Avoid using excess quantity of goods in your living room . living room gets more attention , because this is where you entertain your guests , and each guest will assess how your dwelling indirectly when guests are in the living room .

living room decorating ideas

living room decorating ideas

For that , pack your living room interior design with a charming living room so that guests feel comfortable visiting your home .
Living room interior design is not complicated, so you need the help of home interior design experts . You can build and design their own concept of interior design of your own living room. Making a special guest room interior design and minimalist to facilitate you in managing the layout of interior furnishings in your living room .

In determining the interior design of the living room , there are several things you should consider . Some of them include:

1. Themes and residential concept.

A living room should be able to assert the concept of your dwelling . so the interior design of your living room should be in tune with the type of your dwelling . for example , you have a dwelling with traditional classical type , following one of how to design the interior of your living room. Choose classic ingredients . For the living room , you can use a chair of bamboo or wood . Use the upright lamps with traditional themes , such as the lights are packed with woven bamboo.

living room decor 2014

living room decor 2014

You can use wood or bamboo as your residential interior decoration , such as desks , bookcases , glass buffer and many other decorations that you can choose to reinforce the traditional concepts you . you can add accents such as the Javanese wayang , gebyok Java as a living room with a room divider. For occupancy modern theme , you simply choose a sofa that suits your interior living space . not hurt you to make plans of your living room interior design that lets you adjust the location of your interior furnishings . choose a length of 2 pieces sofa , coffee table and a modern minimalist concept .

living room design ideas 2014

living room design ideas 2014

Use also lights that you can choose the minimalist suit your taste . if you want to insert into the bookshelves of your living room , choose a rack of wooden bulkhead to form to make your living room interior design does not seem cramped .

2. Interior paint.

The selection of interior paint in the living room will affect the impression of living in your dwelling . As in the previous post by a modern minimalist home design blogs in determining minimalist bedroom paint colors that are bright paint selection will brighten your life and the selection of paint with dark colors will make your room into a cool and quiet . In the selection of interior design living room choose bright colors and make it comfortable .

The Importance of Interior Design Living Room

The living room is the most popular place in the house for the entertainment of guests, and where families come together to spend time and relax after a long work day or to enjoy a television program together . In most cases the living room is the main room of the house and the place filled with many activities . This is why the living room is decorated to attract better and made ​​into a friendly atmosphere to ensure the comfort. When planning a living room design , the first and most important is to decide the destination of the living room . One thing to remember when designing your living area is that you must be comfortable in the living room featuring stylish décor and show your personality in Minimalist Living Room Interior Design

modern living rooms 2014

modern living rooms 2014

Picture for Minimalist living room decorating ideas

Here I will give you some Interior Design Picture Minimalist Living Room And Tiny . I think most are very inspiring and colorful , I hope you will be inspired after seeing a picture of this Living Room Interior Design.

In this article , we will discuss some tricks or concepts that could be used to help you in beautifying the living room gradually. Particularly spacious living room minimalist space is not so great .

interior design living room

interior design living room

1 . Eliminate the wall to make it look more spacious
For homes that already have a living room , and there is a divider wall between the living room to the other room . You can remove the dividing wall , so that a small living room look more spacious , it’s just that the privacy of the other room had to be reduced . Usually the living room can be combined with the family room or dining room .

You do not need to worry about the loss of the dividing wall , so as to make your living room look more into plong . You can use other large furniture in lieu of the wall , even the sofa you can make as a room divider .

2 . Determine the theme of the interior space is beautiful , make sure your liking .
Look for some examples of living room interior theme. Neither form of images or information in the form of a tabloid or online media , which is easy to find.

Then compare concepts between multiple instances you find and customize to your liking . Make sure you feel confident to use the concept . Also make sure that you select the concept can be implemented within the interior of your living room .

Try to choose the concept of a minimalist interior , and can be adapted to the living room area . As the difference between minimalist concept and other concepts , can be seen in terms of the size of the furniture . This furniture also includes the size of the sofa and on the living room table . The larger the size of the furniture , it became clear that the concept is used for a wider space .

3 . Using the color of the wall paint brighter
Paint colors that can reflect light with good color such as white, light blue, orange which is highly recommended for your living room. Because the lighting throughout the room , will help the room look more spacious and can clarify the interior space. Making the guest room has its own charm and aura .

4 . Put the other furniture that supports the beauty of the interior
In other words, furniture that you choose should be a matching furniture and interior design can be combined with the living room . Both in terms of colors and accessories in the living room as a model flower vases , table decorations and other trinkets. Or in terms of usability functions such as television furniture , lamps and the like.

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