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Top 10 ideas for decorating a small living room from top interior designer

Today HomeBestFurniture will share with you Top 10 ideas for decorating a small living room from top interior designer. A small living room requires a suitable furniture, combining functionality, accurate and intelligent exploitation of the available space and interpretation of personal taste. The furniture that are best suited to accomplish this task are: a couch, if you can with a breakfast bar, a wall system, an extendable table and, of course, at least four chairs. Yet, based on this scheme, it is possible to devise an infinite number of variations.

small living room design

small living room design

Top 5 ideas for decorating your living room, especially small in size.

1 To be sure you get it right, stick to the rule, evergreen, “less is more”. Choose furniture minimalist lines extremely simple. Rely on belonging to the range of neutral colors, such as ivory, beige, gray, taupe, and today much appreciated. Do you prefer transparent surfaces, glass or polycarbonate and lightweight fabrics, plain or patterned tone on tone. Limit yourself to a few accessories, and instead of chandeliers or sconces, opt for small spotlights.

2 If you want to be daring, rely on the power of energizing colors, inspiring you to lit shades that evoke the pop art. To broaden the visual perception of space, in a lively tone paint one wall in contrast to the other, you will leave white.

You can choose color combinations, choosing pillows, chairs, curtains and prints which give liveliness and personality to the environment. A great idea is to buy chairs of the same model, but in two or three different colors between them.

small living room2

small living room2

3 To the delight of romantics, even a small living room can be a riot of soft pastel tones with light wood furniture or pickled, rounded lines and classical. Opt for sofas, cushions and curtains in fantasies minute and designed accessories, such as a lamp with a shade cloth, a heart, wicker or a photograph in black and white, framed, a vase of fresh flowers.
4 If you have young children, buy suitable furniture to make your living space a functional, livable and safe. Opt for a leather sofa or fabric stain-resistant, limited the range of accessories, furnishings banned fragile or potentially dangerous. Pay particular attention to the choice of the carpet, on which children play, which must be made ​​of non-toxic fabric, with hair not too long.

5 If you are original and do not like frills, get ensnared by the mania of the writing! Since the stickers on the walls, which show famous aphorisms, the plates of wood or metal in vintage style prints that present with “Keep calm”, now very famous, to a succession of words and letters in the pillows and accessories.

Top 10 practical tips for decorating small living room

1-Choose the key element. To simplify the art of furniture, it is useful to focus on what will be the ‘key piece’ of the environment and focus on it. We chose the table? Us endeavor then to prefer convenient, high-quality and rich in taste. All other elements will move around it. We chose the couch? We therefore create a folding table and stools provide us with many useful as a starting point. By focusing on the most important and most widely used, it will be easy to decorate a small living room with grace and functionality.

2-Choose light colors. Furnishing a small living room in a practical way, is to choose light colors and include the presence of textiles combined. Light colors help to visually enlarge the volume, as well as leave the white textile filter more light inside.

3-Place a mirror. Not disdain the insertion of a mirror, which helps to collect light over that to furnish the walls in an original way.

4- Harnessing the walls. A basic rule is based on the ‘absolute exploitation’ of the walls. Although it may seem a bit ” brutal ‘, the walls must be used in the smartest way possible, by putting the shelves and using them as a base for applique.

interior design for small living room

interior design for small living room

5- Illuminate in an intelligent way. On the subject of lighting, it is preferable to choose a chandelier is not very large and encourage the lighting system with many small points of light scattered in the living room.

6-Do not exceed ornaments or decorative plants. It ‘best to choose a few items and well selected and exploit the corners to create the bases of support.

interior design for small living room2

interior design for small living room2

7-Create hanging gardens. Giving life to small hanging gardens is easy and fun. They can be made ​​with recycled materials and become perfect elements to make the small living room warm and fragrant!

8-Opt for a fabric sofa. The skin, as precious, it tends to stand out in the spacious surroundings. The fabric sofas are much more versatile and can provide two beds, one neutral and one more bold with graphic plots.

living room decorating ideas for apartments

living room decorating ideas for apartments

9-Apply wheels! Yes, you read that right, where possible, you can add wheels, tables or cabinets. In case of guests can be easily moved to make space!

10 Choose a circular rug. The circular shape could give breath to stay small, while the rectangular shape tends to fill up too much space. The right choice lies in preferring a light color and possibly a composition of short-haired, more versatile and able to blend into the floor without creating excessive volumes.

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