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Top 10 Easy Tips How to clean wood furniture with unique ways

Today will share about Top 10 Easy Tips How to clean wood furniture with unique ways. Did you know that Pecans make furniture remain shiny? Pecan usually is used to blacken the hair are also useful for treating teak furniture. How is a nuts seeds 5 to burn off the oil.

Pecan wrap with gauze and destroy by means of struck. Then brush your furniture with pecans wrapped a gauze of yesteryear. Take a look at the results from your existing furniture is shiny like new again. Here are some tips for you on how to clean teak furniture.

Clean up wood furniture

Clean up wood furniture

The use of sago flour

What is meant by sago starch is starch and cornstarch can be used to clean the furniture. Do I sprinkle the cornstarch to the furniture with former dirty hands in full. Then rub it evenly to your teak furniture looks very clean.

Using stale tea water

Stale tea water can also be used to clean your teak wood, because air stale tea is suitable for cleaning your teak furniture.

Use of water vinegar

In this vinegar water wearing just your combine ¼ cup olive oil, and vinegar poleslah teak furniture with this solution. Second, mix a solution of 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water. Take a sponge and dip the last solution after that apply on your teak wood stain. If it is, lap your teak furniture to dry. When it is finished, bring the color of furniture or furniture that plitur returns.

Clean up with shoe Polish

Clean the furniture using a neutral shoe Polish was smeared with shoe Polish with a rag and then rubbed on your teak furniture.

Cleaning up the former sticker on a teak wood stick

wood furniture care

wood furniture care

The children were often put a sticker on the window, door, or furniture. If long is sure to be hard to clean it up, but surely you’re thinking the stain with scraping sharps as it will damage the furniture itself. Just squirt a little bit of cooking oil on a sticker that you want to clean, let sit a few moments until the oil seep. After that brush with very soft fabric. Do it up repeatedly until sticker stain was.

Cleaning up the former sticker stuck in wood furniture

wood table maintenance

wood table maintenance

Children often put a sticker on your walls, doors, Windows or furniture. If long is definitely difficult to clean up, but never the stain using a scraping sharp objects as this may damage the furniture itself.

Squirt a little bit of cooking oil on a sticker that want to clean up, let oil seep. Then rub it using a soft cloth. Repeat until the stain is gone and despite the sticker.

How to care for and Clean wood furniture

Wooden furniture such as sofas, tables, furniture  are very long lasting furniture. Wood Furniture can add the stylish and beautiful decorating the room of the House. Wooden furniture it requires special attention, especially when there are sculptures. Should be always kept clean. Here are the ways that we can do to clean it up:
1. To remove dust or dirt from the wood furniture, use a soft cloth.Dampen a cloth with water used to be clean before you mopped, so that the furniture is not scratched.

2. What if the dust it stood a nan is difficult, such as carvings on the sidelines? Easy: just use the small brush to dislodge dust.

3. Occasionally, use special cleaning fluid furniture.Remember: use a soft cloth so that the furniture is not scratched.

4. Dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or dust sucker machine.Or with a small compressor. In this way, a safer wood furniture from scratches are present without intentional.

5. Use a special fluid for shiny while protecting the wood furniture.There are certain products that are made from pure wood oil. The liquid is very good coat the wood surface, seeped into the wood. The manufacturer claims, fluid it leaves no residue. This bias makes wooden furniture is more resistant than the damp, it is also more durable.

6. that is not less important is the way you and other occupants in using wooden furniture.First, avoid putting wood furniture in a place that a lot of the other colors of furniture so that the sunlight could not be quickly faded.

Second, try not to shift the sharp or heavy objects on top of the table — particularly wood furniture. Thus, it is more clean furniture from scratches.To minimize the risk of scratches on this pedestal, can be used.
After that, avoid the furniture from direct touch hot or cold items, including food/drinks hot or cold. So, always use the food trays of drinks.

7. clean the wooden furniture with materials from your kitchen, here’s how:

Pour boiling water to some tea bags with 1 quart of water or can be customized to your needs. Dip a washcloth into delicate the tea marinade and then wring it out. Use a washcloth to clean delicate surfaces of Your wood furniture. Don’t let the wet wood furniture. After the Duster have mopped, dipped in tea marinade it, make sure your wood furniture is not too wet or dry it with a dry soft rag

So, hopefully your wood furniture always looks alluring.

So a brief explanation about how to clean teak furniture. May be very useful for all of you. Thank you.

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