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The Rayville Twin over Twin Bunkbed Review

Today has reviewed The Rayville Twin over Twin Bunkbed. It is measured in 42 inches wide, 78 inches deep, and 70 inches high. This bunk bed is special, with Nickel Color Finished Hardware, Metal Center Glide.English Dovetail and one year warranty made this bunk bed really worth to buy. Modern and also stylish look.

Twin over Twin Bunkbed

Twin over Twin Bunkbed

The availability of land to build a House is now increasingly limited. As a result, the House became limited in size. Later many of the solutions offered decorating experts to get around the House with a size not too large. Since we can’t possibly add to the vast size of the land, then the things that can be done is to get around the room decor, the narrow room can feel comfortable.

One way is by selection of furniture that would have an efficient form. One was the bunk beds. Hear the word “stacking” thought we definitely fixed on something narrow, shabby, and stuffy. In reality, however, is indeed bunk bed comes top of the limitations of the land but not so bad as now he in the community.

A practical bunk bed safe and comfortable

Bunk beds could be one of the family penchant for furniture. Long before the availability of land thinned, bunk beds are known ahead of time. It originally identical to the dorm or a group of people live. Either profession as an employee or student.There’s even a sad impression of identical with bunk beds. Such is the sad impression of bunk bed as a bed for the prisoners in jail.

Now a wide impression “slums” of bunk beds that should have been eliminated. Now the times has changed practically. The use of bunk beds is precisely to be great demand for today’s times.Design bunk beds used to be synonymous with those things, will now be transformed into one of the family’s penchant for furniture.

Bunk bed will fit for you who already has two children, moreover, both have the same gender. With a bunk bed, kid bedroom, which of course made the two now no longer need to.

Bunk bed apparently raising fears for their own parents. The reason is of course absurd, they fear children occupying beds the top will fall when sleeping. But now, the design of bunk beds have been many changes. The design is now no longer a monotone with ladder stands upright next to the bed and without hindrance.

Now, the bunk beds are available in some form. Anyone have a form not too high between the bed level one and two and some are innovating in the form of a ladder. Stairs on the bunk beds are now no longer is on the edge and stand upright.

The ladder can be shaped slightly modern and located in the inside of the bed level one. The mattress is located on level one bunk beds were placed into a somewhat advanced.

kids bunk bed

kids bunk bed

Bunk bed is not only inefficient in terms of placement, but also installation. Befitting a robot that can be assembled, bunk beds were so. How to installation simply by following the instructions that often included at time of purchase. The installation must be done carefully. Not until there is a bolt buffer or less glued together with fitting, so it would be fatal to Your sons and daughters.

Bunk beds are not recommended for use in children aged five years and under. Because of the age of the child, still not knowing for sure what are things that can make their woes. The use of bunk beds ideally for children over the age of 6 years. Because in such an age, at least they’ve been able to digest the prohibition and the advice given to parents for their benefit.

Many valuable lessons for children in bunk beds

One reason to use bunk beds is due to the number of children. Anyways what are shared bunk beds if the Cubs just a course. One of the reasons why the bunk beds are not so much more we encounter is getting his little family members. Now this family, each pair is at best only have two children alone, unlike in the old days. First family of Indonesia respectively there are at least four children, could even amount to a dozen.

However, there are still too many modern families now who does not limit his descendants as recommended by family planning programs. Especially later in the program it was increasingly KB doesn’t sound her campaign then, many young families are starting to be more than two.

Therefore, the children in one room has become a necessity. But it is not just a necessity, to limited space, room also turned out to contain educational elements in it.

What education can be held in a room “dormitory” like this? That’s what we need to prepare for, this bunk bed is not just a function of mere bed placement. A lot of things here that need to be made educational materials for our children who will enjoy their sleep in a bunk bed.

Blue theme bunk bed

Blue theme bunk bed

Teach simple life patterns. The nation’s leaders in the future is an efficient, not personal spenders who are less able to respect the gift of life. The more simple in private then demands, would be the more efficient one in the lead. The children who slept in the dormitory “‘ this should be aware of it. Simplicity is embedded early on would be easy they practise their future adult.

Education is about discipline. Children taught discipline early on, especially in small scale is as simple as in the bedroom, it would be attached to  forming characters. Can we create regulations on this subject, for example, about the hour of sleep and waking hours, neatness rules about beds and more. With this regulation will be very easy to follow because, between each other children would mutually admonish and mutual control.

Lessons of harmony and cohesiveness. Rules that have been established for residents “dormitory” needs the support of all its inhabitants. In addition the moments before sleep can also be useful as the storytelling. They can interact with each other in harmony harmony one family. Everything can grow and develop in this place, and it is important they will be more compact as a family unit, the harmony of brothers.

Learn the science of organization. Can be made a small order of stewardship “dormitory” of their own. And those parts of the work to keep clean and tidy the room can be divided appropriately sections within organizations. and many more good things that can be embedded to the sons of the nation’s leaders in “dormitory” is.

Supporting Room Furniture “Dorm”

In the bedroom, which is manifested as a place of education and formation of character as mentioned earlier, it should be laid out in such a way with the furniture and facilities support. Will the more complete “boarding” when other devices are added in it.

For example, the audio that is mounted in the corners of the room. The audio device will help the children to enjoy relaxing music before going to bed. Music of the soft light is excellent for filling natural positive energy into their sleep. The music really help character education, especially to influence their subconscious. It can also improve your health and emotional intelligence in children.

Devices other than audio, video is also required to watch movies with children character education that can help them. In addition, many are now learning through multi media which can be used jointly by the occupant of the room. Togetherness is implanted in a small organization that is in the room “boarding” can be realized with a few support facilities exist.

Children can also learn his spiritual intelligence building furniture as a place of prayer and worship to other devices. Before bedtime they can pray together with the existing facilities. For children this will they all enjoy an exciting game, as that is the hallmark of the education that is right for them. I hope this idea can be realized in our homes, and make the home as a place to grow and learn to increase their positive potential.

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