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The Marbella 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Set Review

Today has reviewed The Marbella 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Set. It includes Marbella dresser, Marbella 3 Pc Queen Bed, and also the rectangular mirror. The bed platform is made of mahogany solids and veneers in a rich coffee finish,it is completed with metal accents which features the crisp design and also striking wood grain of these attractively made pieces. The bed frame is measured in 90 inch Long and 64 inch Wide with 55 inch High. It is available in 2 stunning colors, they are espresso and white. Don’t worry about the size, because the bedroom is available in king and queen size.

Marbella 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

Marbella 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

Marbella White 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

Marbella White 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

6 drawer Marbella Dresser

6 drawer Marbella Dresser

This glossy bed’s rich coffee finish emphasizes the wood grain for fashionable modern impression. The bedroom set has given much more than you expected, a spot to lay your head at night, the platform style Marbella bed has some features such as unique recessed lighting, which when merged with its metal accents can make  an attractive and also functional visual impact. The Marbella dresser dimension are 66 inch Wide and 19 inch Deep and 33 inch High. The handles is made of Elongated aluminum handles which give an accent, bringing out the luxury of the finish. The dresser also has six spacious drawers utilizing English dovetail built for better strength and ball bearing side guides, this striking dresser is also made of mahogany solids and veneers in a rich coffee finish. This dresser is really wonderful, luxurious, exquisite, sleek and modern, the Marbella dresser offers ample storage space with sophistication to match.

How about the price of this  Marbella 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Set actually? After3 days we searched for the same bedroom set, we finally found the lowest price, which is really affordable to buy. We believed this is the best and affordable to purchase because the manufacturer give special discount today.

The bedroom is our personal space. This personal space can reflect the personality of its inhabitants. The bedroom is not always made fancy, simple room but got a special touch, could impress a modern bedroom. To get an impression of modern rooms, no need to use expensive furniture.

Currently, bedroom not only serves as a place to rest. Some people made his bedroom as a place of work, developed his hobby, relax while watching television or movies, and so on. To realize those needs, the concept of a bedroom that represent it are the bedrooms are simple but memorable modern.

Compact and Flexible Queen Size Bedroom

At least eight hours a day we’re in the bedroom. That means a third of the time of our lives in a day missed in there. A modern design for a bedroom that translate the various functions in the form of a compact, flexible and fun.

The existence of a bathroom inside the bedroom is just one example of how modern design accommodate lifestyle changes society. The activities of bath much easier and practical due to the dressing area is also located not far from there. People are busy at work, go home, need a place that is one stop resting and relaxing area. Not needed a place that far apart.

The Placement Of The Master Bedroom

Simple, modern rooms as our master bedroom, could you make one alternative to get your dream room. The master bedroom is generally placed on the second floor, if your House is multilevel.Generally, the lower floor was used as a public area, servicing, or an extra bedroom. The placement of this master bedroom allows occupants sufficient privacy, before getting to meet guests at the bottom or dinner with the family.

If the bedroom is placed on the lower floor there is access to the shower, terrace or garden, rear side. Access it, among others, marked by his openings in the form of a huge glass Windows or doors. This allows the room gets extension from the view in front of him. If the bedroom is placed on the second floor, there is an access to a balcony. Top floor tends to be broad, allowing the main bedroom are broader than just to place the bed. Generally well built walk-in closet with aisles to motion people. The bathrooms are generally placed near the entrance. There is not a more appropriate reason except as a way to divide sleeping and bathing area in a more practical and efficient.

Simple modern bedroom choose wall colors that tend to be light, for example, the color beige, white, or gray. If there is a strong color, are used as accents, such as green or brown. This bright color selection makes the bedroom to life.

The walls can also be covered with, although this is not a wallcover a must. If you want to add a wallcover, the selected color is soft like colored milk chocolate, beige, green, light blue, extinct, with a striped motif. Included here is the installation of a wall, which makes the border becomes more beautiful.

Bedrooms with air circulation

Modern bedroom design applies maximum aperture, though the engine mounted air conditioner or air conditioning the use of window-high window and large window leaf applications chosen from transparent glass. The selection is done for the sake of appearance window more friendly and light.

The main Material of bedroom window not only of wood but also of aluminum. Indeed a bit impressed fabrication, but with smooth, white and clear glass transparent, modern and light impression can also be shown.

The doors in the room using the hinge pivot. This saves material and is more practical. Glass for window and door leaves can also apply the type of glass with a sticker, sandblast, frosted glass, milk glass, even stained glass.

While, the choice for floors can use ceramic, granite, marble, or parquet. Parquet was chosen because the wood surface is relatively softer on legs than with natural stones. The look of wood surface can also add to the impression of a natural, clean, and beautiful. While wet areas such as bathrooms, generally choose a combination of ceramic mosaics and ceramic types.

Bed Room Lighting

Artificial light in the bedroom is no longer just a lighting general lighting, where the room gets light from lighting mounted on the ceiling. The bedroom also can use task lighting. This explanation only highlight on the specific object.

For example, a table, a stereo set, shelf inside the wardrobe. Also used what is called with accent lighting. True to its name, this lighting function to cause a specific mood, such as dramatic or romantic. Wall lamp, also placed the lights track, or light houses that have the shape and direction of the highlight variety.

To exit lighting dimmers, installed flexible, so that the light intensity can be regulated according to the will of the user. The lights were placed on the floor or the bottom of the wall.

Furniture in the bedroom

Furniture in the room generally use a compact design, given the limited space. Compact here is attached to the various functions. The bunk bed also has a drawer at the bottom as a storage area. Wardrobe also contains a mirror for wrapping yourself, which is located on the inside.

Preferably, avoid placing the furniture unit. In addition will take place, is also a bit. In fact, now there is a tendency of people to use clothes based on chance, so pretty much clothing collection. In addition, avoid carving also, let alone that is too complicated. In short, plain and simple, versatile design.

In addition, the material used is no longer solid wood. Due to the limitations of the material and the price is more expensive, the choice fell on the multiplex, plywood, teakwood.

Modern beds took the form of a box with a slight arch, just as a sweetener. That is, not dominant as tempo beds used to be. Part of his not always headboard should be just above the head, but can also be widened, becoming part of the wall behind the bed.

Headboard on the bed had indeed become one of the appeal of a simple, modern rooms. Therefore,fabric with motif and a certain texture, the use of skin, as well as the colouring took an important role. Chest of drawers used for the storage of loose because its relatively small and practical use.

The use of a built-in closet, a wall-mounted Cabinet permanently, an option to accommodate more save area. In the bedroom with a large land, created what is called a walk in closet, a space furnished dressing closet store and motion of people circulation corridor.

Bedroom Accessories

Complete lack of taste if the bedroom without accessories. On modern style bedrooms, a choice of accessories do not use batik motives. The sheets are left plain with young colors, including cool motives of stripes, Polka, or boxes. In contrast, circular and carved with motifs, are generally not selected.

As the artwork for the decoration of rooms, the choice fell on the display form of Humanized figura homeowners, abstract paintings, as well as a container of wax from glass assorted colors. All of this shows a simple impression. The size should not be large because its function just as editors. In contrast to the first tempo style puts great as ornaments on display.

Hopefully brief information about the concept of this modern, simple rooms can provide inspiration for you and your family. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible with a more modern touch.

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