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The Black Friday 2 Sewing Tables Big Sales with consumer reviews

Today we have reviewed the best recommended sewing tables with big sales. Are you search sewing tables with durable material, we have found 2 piece sewing tables. The first comes from Arrow Gidget Sewing Table. Don’t worry about the delivery cost because the manufacturer also give free delivery for you, that’s wonderful services.

The sewing table Legs can fold for easy storage especially it has dual wheels offer mobility. It can hold up to a 23.5 inch Wide and 12.5 inch long with 40 lb sewing machine. With adjustable platform for freearm or flatbed sewing, Freearm makes sewing sleeves easy, and smooth melamine top with sturdy steel legs features made it worth to buy actually.

1. Arrow Gidget 2 Sewing Tables

The Arrow Gidget 2 Sewing Tables with steel legs

The Arrow Gidget 2 Sewing Tables with steel legs

The Arrow Gidget 2 sewing tables doesn’t like to be restricted, this sewing table has two smooth rolling casters, which makes it perfect for taking to classes or easily moving from room to room in your house. It features steel locking legs that offer perfect stability and also fold up neatly and stay in place with a Velcro strip for easy storage. It has a durable melamine surface that is mar-resistant for years of creative sewing and craft projects. It comes fully assembled and is white to match any room.

The Gidget 2 lets you take your projects anywhere. This sewing tables is very well built, for the money. The height adjusting insert is clever enough, it may seem basic but in fact is very functional and permits both fine and gross adjustments. The steel tubular frame is well executed and most sufficient to provide robust support and give long life.

The Arrow Gidget 2 Modern Sewing Tables

The Arrow Gidget 2 Modern Sewing Tables

The Gidget 2 is a very solid sewing table and, even at high speeds, doesn’t move much at all. Setting it up was a breeze and it’s light weight enough that I can move it easily if I need to. I think this is a bargain for the price and would definitely recommend this table to anyone looking for a good solid sewing tables. Shipped fast and very little assembly, just adjust the height for the sewing machine.

I have used it for a week and am enjoying that my machine and the table are the same height. It has a very slight bounce at high speeds but I can live with it for the excellent low price compared to other tables. I love this sewing cabinet, my Janomi Horizon 7700 fits great in it and the acrylic piece that comes with the Janome sits right on top.

The Arrow Gidget 2 Modern Sewing Tables with folding legs

The Arrow Gidget 2 Modern Sewing Tables with folding legs

Where to buy this Arrow Gidget 2 Sewing Tables with free delivery services anyway? You can find it on online store and compared with other online store to get the best price.

2. Sauder Cinnamon Cherry Craft and Mobile Sewing Tables

Sauder Cinnamon Chery Mobile Sewing Tables

Sauder Cinnamon Chery Mobile Sewing Tables

The second recommended to buy comes from Sauder Cinnamon Cherry Craft and Mobile Sewing Tables. The manufacturer gives a big discount, they gives 63 percent off discount. The Sauder Sewing tables has 2 adjustable shelves behind door, Hidden shelf for sewing machine, 2 storage bins, and Storage behind roll-open door. It measured in 19.5 inch long, 40 inch wide and 28.5 inch high.

The finish goes well with my dark wood furniture and it looks extremely nice whether I have my supplies out and around or if I have everything neatly put away. Glad I took the chance and ordered this, great value for the price and extremely functional. I love the drawers that are attached inside the doors on the left side. The quality of the wood and parts are more than I expected from the price. Each board is very sturdy, and was labeled clearly.
Some nice features we discovered only during putting this desk together were follows:

  1. The bottom shelf in middle is also perfect as a foot rest while working on the desk.
  2. Top of the left door has a secure bar to keep the folding table in place when in use.
  3. 2 front rolling feet have locks, so you can keep the desk stable when needed.
  4. The bins have a BIG capacity! Each is about 4x4x4 inches, 5 per bin, and two bins come in with a desk.
  5. The 2 plastic bins attached inside the left-side door are detachable, tighten the screws all the way, and loose them back just a little. The bins stay there securely, but also can be easily taken off by just pulling them up. They stand as themselves on the desk, even you fill the bins with tons of pens! Also the bins have 5 each compartments — or you can remove the dividers to accommodate bigger stuff.
  6. Inside the right-side door has two adjustable shelves, you can choose from 15 levels of height.
  7. Each door securely close with magnets placed at the top corner.
Sauder Cinnamon Chery Mobile Sewing Tables with solid wood

Sauder Cinnamon Chery Mobile Sewing Tables with solid wood

We bought this for my frequent crafts hobby. But it turned out so useful with big divided bins on your left that are great for pens and stationary, we’ve been using it everyday as a computer desk to work at home.
I highly recommend this Sauder sewing tables for everyone who long for a nice spacious desk with organizing feature but want to hide it compact at snap when they have a sudden guest.
Where to buy this Sauder Cinnamon Cherry Craft and Mobile Sewing Tables with 63 percent off discount anyway? look at online store to get the best price.

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