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The Belcourt King White 5Pc Panel Bedroom Review

Today has reviewed The Belcourt King White 5Pc Panel Bedroom. This bedroom comes with 3 Pc they are one King Bed, one dresser and also one rectangular mirror. The King Bed is measured by 85.25 inch Long by 82.25 inch Wide by 56 inch High. The White dresser dimensions 64 inch Wide by 17 inch Deep and 38 inch High. The mirror dimensions 38 inch Wide by 42 inch High.

King White 5Pc Panel Bedroom

King White 5Pc Panel Bedroom

This exquisite suite is made of solid wood in a fresh white finish. Complete with felt lined top drawers and an option of round and bar shaped hardware in brushed chrome. The panel bed and matching pieces give straight lines making a clean, elegant and also stylish look. It could be said the bed was the most comfortable place to take a break from the couches, chairs, rugs, and more. It then makes the bed as goods which must exist in every home. Most people when moving to a new home, the first note is the bedroom with your bed.

In bed, you have a feeling of spaciousness in the shed.  The bed is a destination is a place to sleep When sore surely you will lay in bed for hours. Even when the disease is severe, it can be days you’re in bed to do the healing. The main function of the place is to sleep for 8 hours at night which means that 30% of the average man’s life were spent here.

A lot of important things that we can do in bed. But if we are not beautiful bed, dirty, untidy, and more, will certainly make the bed no longer run its normal function. Make the bed decoration is not easy because it will drain our energy and our time especially when it must design a bed for our beloved children. Designing the bed means we are also designing a bedroom as a whole because both are twin brothers. To that end, we will be reviewing some of the design of the bed and the bedroom best so that both can have functions that we want.

Bed Design Based On Personality

Design and arrangement of the beds determines what kind of person you are. You need a little knowledge about the design that is not wrong in determining the design and structuring of the bed. The following bed design along with how those settings.
Classic bed design. If you like something old or classic-style, choose bed design with colors that calm and bright. The colors such as white, gray or cream color. Accessories for the bedroom, can be fitted to the ancient clock, personal photos and family pictures with color potrait.

Design your bed with elegant beds. If you are a person who likes something that is modern, elegant bed design is the most appropriate. The selected combination of color is the color silver, gray, and black. The striped pattern of motifs and resolutely chosen for sheets, pillowcases, and pillow case.

Feminine bed design. Design and how to organize this feminine bed suitable for womenfolk, especially for girls. Wear a bright color combinations such as pink, cream, red and Brown. Do not combine color with equal parts, but wear the color cream as a base.

Exotic bed design. This bed design specifically for married couples who want a harmonious and romantic atmosphere. The selected combination of colors is red roses, dark brown, gold, and pink. Select the pattern of pictures of roses to bed linen. Also place the vase with roses around the perimeter of the bed.

Girly bed design. For those of you who want a bright and warm atmosphere, then the bed design girly may be selected. The selected combination of colors are yellow, blue, and pink to the color effect. On a bedroom wall, install accessories with florals with curved lines.

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