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The 42 Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower Review

Today has reviewed Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. Dvd racks that can hold  280 DVD’s collection or 426 CD’s. The media cabinet assembled measurements are 32.50 Inch wide by 9.375 Inch deep by 45.375 Inch tall and has limited 5-year manufacturer warranty. With 6 adjustable shelves and cinnamon cherry finish made this dvd storage worth to buy. The ideal piece of media cabinet that will fit any office or home setting. Sauder media cabinet collections is the storage tower which has quality-built with features to meet your dvd racks needs.

If you have hobby of watching movie and keeping the DVDs in your own collection can possibly soon add up to the unorganized appearance within your room. You may have tried out many times to arrange the DVDs organized, but somehow cannot manage them properly. Simply we have a great solution, the DVD rack. Dependent upon of the space that you currently have in your room, you can buy from a wide range of DVD display stands that on one hand will serve the function of keeping the DVDs in order and whereas can be a great attractive piece for your home as well.

Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

What customer said about Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower ?

The Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower is manufactured especially for DVD or CD storage with fully versatile shelves, and I mean fully — not like another products, the peg holes on the sides start a couple of inches up from the bottom, then go in about one inch increments all the way up. There is not any wasted space for a DVD collection here. It’s even superficial enough that the DVDs are flush with the front, so bonus points for ease of use, and even saving space.W e were able to get 250 DVDs into each of two of mine (not filling the third), give or take a few titles, of course, for box sets and the like.

If you have a enormous DVD collection, I searched for quite some time for the ideal storage space units. A lot of bookcases are made to become multipurpose, which is great if you’ve got VHS tapes  or want to store books, CDs and DVDs together.

I bought this storage tower so I could store my dvds. I have before had them in CD cases, but grew tired of not being able to find the movie I wanted quickly. I discovered this on Amazon for a cheap price. Arrived very well packaged. I fell in love. The shelves, on the other hand, are really nice. We love this media cabinet and are more than happy with this purchase.

The installation of this Sauder media cabinet was very simple. I did each unit myself in under half an hour. Now, I have had a lot of practical knowledge with flat-pack furniture, but if you can follow instructions and can use a screwdriver (standard and Philips) and a hammer, you’re all set. A tape measure also helps if you want to be precise on placing the nails on the backing.

There are exactly five steps in the instructions, clearly illustrated and written in English, French and Spanish. Finally, they are very generous with the spare screws, nails, etc., that come with the unit. I used everything listed in the instructions and still had extras left over — great for those of you with fumbly fingers and shag carpets. If you configure it for DVDs only, you’ll also have two extra shelves to do with as you please. (I’m thinking of making a three-shelf wall unit or shoe rack out of the six extra I have.)

The Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower is a very attractive piece with a gloss finish and a nice rounded edge on the top and bottom pieces. The top is flush with the sides, whilst the bottom extends out a few inches, presumably for stability. Once loaded, it does seem very steady, although we would still recommend using the included angle bracket and screws to secure it to a wall, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. (I don’t know whether it would be more or less stable without the optional feet installed. My units are on hardwood floors, but the feet are probably not the way to go on carpet.) Also, if you’re not going to fully load it yet, go from bottom to top, again for stability. I knew I’d fill the first one completely, so sorted my collection into it alphabetically, but had to hold it steady when the top shelves were fuller than the bottom.

35 dolllar Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

If  you’ve got a large DVD collection that you want to store in an economical and engaging way, then this unit is hard to beat. I had about 39 linear feet of DVDs to store, and three units did the job with plenty of room to spare. The shallow profile and just under four foot height is very appealing, making then unnoticeable whereas showing your collection to its full advantage.

Overall we are very satisfied for purchasing this Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. Every feature is excellent and the result is the best CD or DVD storage unit, at the best price, that I have found.

What are Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower Features?

  • The media cabinet is  made of sturdy wood and has 6 adjustable shelves
  • Made in the USA
  • The dvd storage holds 280 DVD’s or 426 CD’s
  • limited 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Free Delivery from the manufacturer. This is a great delivery service.
  • It has 5 star grade rating from customer who bought it.
  • Really Worth to buy only US 35 dollar

Where to buy Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save 42% on the purchase price of this Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. These special deals don’t last long.

You can choose from Saudeer DVD rack options and keep your DVDs well organized where you can take out the favorite one without wasting time on thinking where you have put it in the first place.

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