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The 40 Percent Off Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds Reviews

Today has reviewed The 40 Percent Off Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds. The loft bunk bed with desk is measured in 77 inch wide by 41.5 inch deep by 72.2 inch high. This bunk beds with desk is a honestly good item for the money. We paid just below $200 for it (seems like the price varies from day to day). It is stylish as well as really sturdy. Typically the cross bracing of the design gives fundamental durability. An additional example is the very clever “bridging” (plastic links) between the cross members supporting the mattress.

Bunk beds are the ideal option for families with teenage children’s in the home and has small space. Bunk beds are practical, workable and a functional piece of furniture. In addition to providing a comfortable place to sleep, Bunk beds are stylish as well as present lots of opportunities towards living space. As they take more vertical space than horizontal space, floor space in the room is freed, and a neat and arranged appearance is actually imparted.

This sturdy twin loft bed is the ultimate space-saving piece for any child’s or teenager’s room. The cool modern design will be sure to maximize space in any room. Accommodating any twin-size mattress, the loft bed has an easy-to-climb front ladder and full-length guardrails for security.

40 Percent Off Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds

40 Percent Off Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds

Yet another nice feature is the steel frame under the laminated desk surface. The laminate is quite hard, and rugged, but thin. Their steel frame makes the finished work desk surface area very strong. In general, the steel members are not extremely thick. For example, you could easily dent one with a good hammer blow. Nevertheless, in normal use the final assembly is pretty solid. We would highly recommend a good check for shipping damage. We had none, but have had issues with items like this in the past.

What are Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds Specifications?

  • The Lof bunk beds with Full desk included
  • Front ladder and guard rails for upper bunk
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • With Black metal finish
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Front ladder and guard rails for upper bunk
  • 5 Star Rating from customers who bought it.
  • 40% OFF Discount NOW
  • Free Shipping Service from the manufacturer. This is a great service that we ever found.
  • Some assembly required.

What Customers said about Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds?

This loft bunk beds was excellent! It will take at least 1 hour to put together. It is super durable and extremely nice. The desk space is great. It is larger than we expected but makes good usage of space. We were ready to put a regular size twin mattress on it. My daughter is 10 and has no problems, still very safe and she really loves it! The delivery was very fast. It was here 5 days sooner than expected. Be careful the container is quite heavy-about 150 pounds.Overall,  I give this bed 5 stars. Actually really worth for the money.

I purchased this loft bunk beds for my son and to make use of the space in his room, this is large enough for him to sleep conveniently as well as a great fit in his room. The Desk is roomy, cool design, with durable ladder, and also sturdy metal all over. It is easier to sleep and easier to do homework also saves space.The bed construction is solid and well made for the price great value. Love the 2-in-1 combo. The kids love them, and I find myself wishing I had one when I was young–it’s like having a permanent fort.

I was actually limited on space in my daughters room so i chose to alter her whole room around. This was one of the best buys I have ever done. The Loft Bunk Beds is very tough and easy to assemble. It took me less then 1 hour to put together. Obviously have got all equipment prepared to boost the assembly. I will recommend this loft bed to all my friends.

Where to buy Discount Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save 40% on the purchase price of this Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Beds. These special deals don’t last long.

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