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The 27 Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft Review

Today has reviewed The 27 percent off Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft.Children’s bunk beds are considerably than only a place to sleep; they can easily even come to be their playground. The bunk bed is measured in 78.3 by 42.5 by 61.3 inches. They are available in white, cherry and espresso finish. We are very pleased with the purchase of this Long Horn Bunk Bed. We live in Hawaii thanks to the Army and shipping is usually unbelievable! With my Prime Trial we were able to have this 110 pound (2 boxes) packages shipped over night. I accepted this item within 36 hours of purchasing all the way in Hawaii! Both my boxes arrived together. When the bunk bed assembled, the two beds are very sturdy, when stacked together, they are still very durable.

The 27 Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft

The 27 Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft

What customers said about Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft?

The Long Horn bunk bed quality is awesome. I ordered this for the kids room at our beach house. The Fedex delivery was great. My husband is very handy and was able to put the bed together without any issues. I do recommend you have a hammer and screw driver readily available too. It took about 2 hours for him to put together himself. I love that it is a shorter bunk bed. I have two boys, 3 and 6 months. Of course the youngest will not use the bunk bed for a while but about the time my oldest is ready to move to the top bunk, my youngest will be ready for the bottom bunk. We would absolutely buy again and will recommend this bunk bed. We really love them and great price too.

Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft espresso finish

Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft espresso finish

This bunk bed is everything I needed. It is classy, sturdy, and also inexpensive. This bed was a easy to put together; my husband and I tackled it easily in about 45 minutes. My daughters love the bed and it looks great in their bedroom.  All in all, affordable and a great purchase. I look forward to building the bottom bunk bed for our older daughter once our younger daughter moves out of her crib and takes over the bed with railings. I’m sure that both girls will enjoy the bed for years to come.

What is Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft Features?

  • The bunk beds has stylish solid wood product construction, featuring a sturdy fastened ladder and full length guardrails for a stable design
  • With Complimentary accessories: stork craft chest, dresser or hutch
  • It was designed with safety in mind, meets current u.s.a and canada safety standards; with a 1 year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Smaller in stature and height for that bedroom that is short on space, includes a full sized slat roll mattress support
  • The fully ready-to-assemble format permits compact packaging and shipping
  • Free Shipping from the manufacturer. This was a great service

Where to buy Discount Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save 27% on the purchase price of this Long Horn Bunk Bed by Stork Craft. These special deals don’t last long.

Ensure the bunk bed is age appropriate. When you assign kids’ beds to your family, you’ll want to be careful who gets assigned to the top bunk. The top bunk is more appropriate for older children. The lower bunk would be a much more appropriate bed for younger children. If you have toddlers, think about investing in a low-profile bunk bed. These beds are lower to the ground, which can make it more convenient for young children to climb in and out of them.

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