Top 7 Tips How to Change Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Much Larger

Today will share How to Change Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Much Larger. It’s true that a small bathroom can become comfy and cozy. However it can also feel depressing. Dependent upon your decorating style, it can be calm and stylish, wonderful, or perhaps shining like a jewel box. Regardless of what style you decorate your small bath, though, it will always be a small bath. Just with a bit of visual magic, color change, and lighting, you can transform your small bath into a relaxing escape.

Except if you live in a home with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you maybe want your bathroom were larger. Without having add any more square footage, you might feel less cramped if you use some of our tips to make your small bathroom look and feel larger.

A bathroom is a very important place, however the ideas regarding area enlargement apply here as to any other room in the house. Choose a few of these decorating tricks to make your bathroom look and feel much larger, even if it stays the same size.

1. Choose Colors for Serenity

small bathroom decorating ideas

small bathroom decorating ideas

Bright, soft color schemes tend to give the illusion of more space. I’m not suggesting that the small bath has to be pink, but avoid strong, exciting colors. Use the brights for accessories and towels, but select pastel tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds. “Cool” colors give the feeling of serenity.

Expand the view lines of a small bath by using a light color inside the space. In this room, white finishes on the floor, walls, sink, toilet, and shower make the small space seem bigger. Natural light from the window also brightens the space. A few black tiles on the floor and wall add visual interest without feeling overwhelming.

2. Lighten Up the Bath Room

how to decorate a small bathroom

how to decorate a small bathroom

With no need of taking up any counter space, you can add extra lighting to “open up” the look of your bathroom and add interest. Recessed can lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. Wall sconces or a countertop lamp will add warmth. More expensive alternatives for bringing more light into the room would be skylights, larger windows.

3. Using sliding door

decorating small bathroom

Exchange a normal door for a sliding pocket door to gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing. Bifold doors (doors that fold up like a screen) can also save you space.

If you want to buy sliding door, we recommend to look at shower doors with European sliding style reviews here

4. Exchange a sizable mirror for a Delicate Pedestal Sink

A vanity cabinet provides nice storage under a sink, but takes up lots of floor space in a small bath. Replacing the vanity with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink can be be fairly inexpensive. Your bath will definitely feel more open. Find alternative storage space with a small shelf or organize a nearby linen closet. When you remove the vanity cabinet, you’ll probably have to repair the flooring.

5. Cut Back Anything That Sticks Out

Even the smallest piece of furniture or accessory that sticks out into the room can stop where your eye goes and make your room seem to “shrink”. Remove wall shelves, hanging racks, or decorative accessories on the walls that cut into the room and make it look smaller. Of course, you may need some of the pieces for comfort and their usefulness, but if the room feels bigger without them, think of some other way to supply the space you need.

6. Give rise the Eye Upward

decorate bathroom with wallpaper

You can turn a ceiling look taller with some visual tricks. A straight stripe on the walls can give the illusion of a raised ceiling. Wood moldings, wallpaper borders, and tile designs placed where the walls and ceiling meet will also create a splash of color and help normally bring the eye upward. Usually, pick out a wallpaper with a small, airy print or lattice design. Prevent large or busy patterns that will reduce the scale of the space.

7. Choose Mirror to reflective Look

decorating small bathroom with mirror

The Mirrors can extend space by reproducing it. Mirroring the long wall of a narrow bath, for example, can change the room’s proportions and make it seem wider. Make sure to put mirrors so they reflect the bath’s assets — whether that’s a wall hanging, a panoramic view, or the widest room angle. You can use 2 mirrors positioned opposite each other create the illusion of a never-ending room.

With the right furniture, home owners can really make their small space work. Get rid of mess and don’t have five small storage containers when one or two large containers will work. Extra furniture in a small space can make a space feel cramped.

You can maintain the bathroom clear of extra and store everything in the linen closet. If your bathroom lacks a linen closet, you will need storage space. Keep your toiletries and extra towels on open shelving painted the same color as the walls. Floor-to-ceiling shelves will draw the eye vertically and give the illusion of more space. Select a shower curtain in a pleasing neutral shade that complements the space. The shower curtain, as with the other fabrics in the space, should add depth. Fabrics in myriad bold colors or patterns will only add visual confusion and make the room appear tiny.

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