Top 10 Simple and Easy tips how to decorate a living room

Today will share Top 10 Simple tips how to decorate a living room. No matter if you are living on your own or with a family, your living room is an interesting room. This particular area is the place where all your family members usually spends moment with each other, as well as being the room most of your friends will spend the most of their time in. Beautifying a living room has never been easier with inspiration from these attractive areas, that are filled with ideas to help you make your living room pretty as well as livable.

Top 10 Simple and Easy tips how to decorate a living room

1. Organizing seats and sofas

You can create a large open area become homey by organizing seats and sofas near together and at a distance from the walls. Just make sure you include plenty of space for traffic flow. Place a central piece, such as this checkered area rug, to help define the room and eliminate seldom used furniture.

Organizing seat

2. Dressing up your living room using accessories

Dress up a simple area using accessories. Search for the statement pieces, such as wall art, sunburst wall sculpture, or wall painting to make a innovative feel. Have to stay home furniture simple, just accentuate it with a boldly designed rug. Soft pink accents create a needed punch of color but don’t distract from the statement pieces.

 Living room with wall art

Living room with wall art

3.Bring a strike with Vibrant Color to your living room

Associate 2 mini living spaces together with a strong color palette. Here, reds lead in the back room but act as accent pieces in the front room. Unique seats merge well with all the youthful and playful feeling created by area rugs and designed cushions.

decorating ideas for living rooms

decorating ideas for living rooms

4. Appropriate Placement for Small Living Room

A small living room shape can make organizing furniture difficult. If you have small area, use positioning a couch along the back wall. Wing the right and left sides with love seats or chairs. Put components simple and make balance by setting end tables on both sides of the sofa

decorate small living room

decorate small living room

5. Decorating with Basic Color

Keep the basic principles in your mind when you begin to decorate. Choose convenient seating in neutral colors and add character as you go. The large Asian area rug and simple touches of blue go a long way toward making a statement in this natural room. The vintage silhouettes of the armchairs and sofa will sustain with trends and decor changes.

6. Add strong patterned fabrics and brightly colored

You can add neutral walls with strong patterned fabrics and brightly colored accessories. Prepare organizing easy by placing baskets for books and toys at kid level.

patterned fabrics

7. Country Cottage Style with wood paneled

Make a country cottage touch using wood-paneled wall surfaces and traditional cottage hallmarks, such as gingham, plenty of blue, cheery neutrals, and a bouquet of textures.


8. Simplified and Neat Living Room decor

With using soft white walls and modern furniture make up the central source of this Zen-inspired living room. Low-lying furniture with simple lines creates a sleek look. Bright orange and green accents keep the space looking sharp and clean.

9.Nature’s Wonder

You can deliver the exterior inside by painting your walls a soft, dreamy shade of sky blue. In this living room, bright shades of buttery yellow and fiery orange echo colors found in flowers and sunlight. Reflective surfaces such as the coffee table and picture frames improve the plentiful sunlight streaming in from outdoors.

Nature Wonder living room decor

Nature Wonder living room decor

10. Exciting & Enchanting Living Room Decor

Bring a punch with pattern and color against all-white walls. Strong coral and just a hint of blue are the colors of choice for this living room. Subservient designs on the chair and ottoman blend perfectly with the solid-color sofa. The blank white walls focus on the grain and hue of the dark wooden accents.

Exciting and Enchanting Living Room Decor

Exciting and Enchanting Living Room Decor

How to Pick Living Room Furniture?

1. Just take dimensions of your living room.You can use a tape measure, yard stick, or meter stick to measure the length and width of your room.

2. Check out your entrances of living room. Estimate exactly how large your doorways are to prevent potential delivery accidents. You will not want to buy some home furniture simply to discover that you cannot get it into your house.

3. Notice the room’s normal architecture. Some rooms contain built-in design elements that may help you decide the type of furniture that will look best inside the room. Modern furniture may be the best option for a living room of an apartment with a view overlooking the city, however.

4. Make a floor plan. You can utilize basic grid paper, but you can also sketch it out on notebook paper or plain printer paper. Decide just how much area you can spare for furniture and sketch out a few different ways that furniture can fit into the room. You should also aspect in at least one yard (1 meter) of free space in between pieces of furniture. Anything smaller than that will make you feel as though you have to fit in the middle your furniture as you walk.

5. Thought about how the room will be used. If your living room will act as a regular family hangout, you will need durable, stain-resistant furniture, generally if your kids are still young. Alternatively, in case your living room will only entertain the occasional guest, you can choose to get more delicate components made with delicate fabrics.

6 Present your living room. Immediately after identifying what amount of space you can spare for furniture and where you want potential pieces to go, mark those spaces on the floor to get a better visual.

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There all Top 10 Simple and Easy tips how to decorate a living room. To decor a living room is really simple. You can simply try it at your home or apartment anyway.

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