The 47 Percent Off Discount Coaster Unique Design Bookcase or Book Shelf Review

Today has reviewed Discount Coaster Unique Design Bookcase or Book Shelf. It is measured in 66 inch Long by 12 inch Wide by 69 inch High. It is manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishings. The book shelf is made of Cappuccino finish and solid wood material. It has an unique modern design bookcase. This semi-backless bookcase console has the substantial look of a built-in, creating a wall of storage and display. Some Assembly Required. This book shelf looks great, is surprisingly sturdy and fits our needs perfectly. For the price, this is a great deal.

Discount Coaster Unique Design Book shelf

Discount Coaster Unique Design Book shelf

What customers said about Coaster Unique Design Bookcase or Book Shelf ?

We bought this modern book shelf a few days ago and it came five days later. The shipping container is as large as you would expect given the size of the shelf. If moving it around a single story, one person can slide this with relative ease, but you’ll need an extra set of hands to move this up a flight of stairs. The carton was a bit tattered upon arrival but the shelf was well protected inside and therefore undamaged.
The Coaster book shelf is very good with heavy wood grain from quality veneer. The shelves are sturdy (the whole unit weighs more than 170 lbs). The style of the overall finish is far more polished than what I would think antique or distressed, but don’t expect razor smooth edges and a glass like surface. The wood grain is very obvious and there are some very slight imperfections that in my opinion make this look more like a custom piece than a factory produced shelf.
The book shelf color is listed as cappuccino, but that could indicate so many different hues of brown that I’ve learned not to always trust pictures online. This one is not the near-black that is often called cappuccino. Alternatively you will find very subtle red tones in what is otherwise a deep and rich gloss brown.
The Coaster Book shelf installation is very simple. For those who have a Flathead and Phillips screwdriver along with the included Allen wrench, you have the right tools. Putting together took about an hour without an assistant. Because the planks are thick enough to stand on edge, it was quite easy to set the screws and align the shelves using the standard cam and dowel type fasteners that most people are familiar with. As testament to the quality of this unit, all the pre-drilled holes aligned perfectly which isn’t always the case with this type of furniture. The hardware set was complete and it even included straps for anchoring the unit to a wall.
Overall We are very pleased. Quality book shelf for the money.

What is Coaster Unique Design Book shelf features?

  1. The manufacturer gives 47% OFF Discount
  2. Free Delivery service. This is really good service from the manufacturer.
  3. It has 5 star rating from the customers who bought it.
  4. Sturdy and stylish for your office

Where to buy Discount Coaster Unique Design Book shelf ?

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Tips to select the best Book shelf to your office or home:

Why do you require the bookcase ? Of course to organize books collection which is worthy to read. For heavy books, it would be better to choose shelving made from solid wood. The bookcase is within your office, will it include business books and also other office equipment? Are special considerations needed for the size or shape of the piece? If you have a dedicated library, would you be better off with a more do-it-yourself situation (built-in bookshelves may work better for you, based on your situation).

If you have actually a specific space that you want a bookshelf to fit into? This is partly associated to the size of your book collection (and the measurements you need to choose), however the structure of book shelf also means that you may need a tall narrow bookcase–to fit into the spot you have by the stairway. Or, you may possibly require a very short books–to fit under the window. You’ll also need to choose the design from the books themselves. Do you have lots of small paperbacks (so the shelves can be closer together), or do you have tall, coffee-table type books?

If you only have several books, or are just looking for a small bookcase (for a child’s room, for example), you’ll want to look at bookcase sizes that are much more conservative than if you’re looking for a bookcase (or series of shelves) that will allow for your entire very large book collection. What is the scope of your need? Consider to imagine how many books you have (and prepare for) your future needs as well.

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