3 durable folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs consumer reviews

48 inch black durable folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

48 inch black durable folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

The first folding table comes from Cosco Furniture.This folding table is stylish, strong, and easy to clean. This versatile piece saves space and time with table legs that fold in to make for easy storage. This folding table has a heavy duty steel frame, and steel legs.Unfold some fun with a versatile table designed for indoor or light outdoor use.My monitor takes up my whole desk, so I needed some place to put my wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse. I bought this table and it has plenty of room (including the keyboard/mouse receiver).

I also bought some speakers later on and this table has room for those too.Also of possible importance is that the table surface is made of wood covered in a smooth cloth. It is not solid plastic as I had originally expected, but the soft surface is actually better than a hard plastic surface. It feels nicer and you can still write with the paper directly on the surface. If you have trouble writing on it, I would suggest getting a clipboard.One last thing I should note is that the table is sturdy, light weight, and “assembling” it is easy: just fold out the legs.I’m a graduate student and just moved out to an unfurnished apartment so I decided to buy a table which can be easily transported.

This table is perfect for reading and studying. The surface feels nice and space is enough for my laptop. I just feel that it’s shaky whenever I try to write on a paper. So I say that this table is perfect for displays and picnic but cannot be used as a desk for writing. We plan on ordering more tables very soon. You can use this table for so many different things; the laundry room, sewing, computer, garage and more. For me, this is my new table for my long, narrow kitchen. Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. These special deals don’t last long.

It’s sturdy and stable. No wobbling. It has a solid, little wood surface and it’s very slightly padded. No more than a 1/4″ of padding under the nice smooth vinyl top. The surface is level. The legs snap securely into place and certainly don’t look like those wobbly legs in the photo. The legs on the table are a little thicker and they have an end cap, so they don’t scratch your floors. The side borders on the table are not as thin as photographed, either. There’s stability bars on either both sides where the legs lock. This is an excellent table at an excellent price.

48 inch white adjustable height folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

48 inch white adjustable height folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

This adjustable folding table is Lightweight and durable, contemporary design. Folds in half for easy transport and storage, and has a convenient carry handle. Stain resistant and easy to clean. For indoor or outdoor use. Adjustable height settings from 22 inches to 36 inches. 5 year warranty. Made of high density polyethylene. Size: 48 inches length and 24 inches wide and 24 lb of weight. White granite. Weight limit: 500 lb. evenly distributed.

I bought 2 of these tables, and I’m so happy I did. At the lowest height, I use the table as a laptop table for getting work done while I’m outdoors on the back patio (sitting in an armless lawn chair). The middle height is of course the height of a regular dining table. The highest height is the “counter height” which is good with bar stools, or applications where you need to use a table while standing up. We’ve used this as a prep table outdoors when grilling or cutting up pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, etc. (Note that you should not use the table as a platform for a table-top grill, since it’s not heat resistant.These tables are very lightweight and not cumbersome to carry.

They fold in half, and they have a carrying handle. So I can take 2 of these tables with me as I do, walking a mile or so to the train station, for some event or whatever. The table we had before did not fold in half, and it was 30 inches wide instead of only 24 inches like these. So there was no way I could take that table with me anywhere. I like the narrower width because it makes it lot easier to fit the tables into compact spaces. You can also easily pop these tables in the back of a trunk or a bike trailer. These are versatile, portable, really useful tables.

For an outdoor party, I’m wondering how these might look if I paint the top brown with some gold-tan pattern/texture, to mimic something like flagstone. Or I could just put a table cloth on top, of course.This folding table is awesome. It is stable and well constructed. At the lower heights it is as stable as a folding table can get. At the 36 inches height. it wobbles just the slightest amount side to side. Less than an inch of travel in that axis. It is easy to setup and folds down to a flat square 24 inches on a side. perhaps 4 inches thick. It can be used as a standing workstation if you are short or you can add another platform on top and set your laptop on it. I have tried this and it works quite well.

I am impressed with the build quality and how sturdy it is and would recommend it to anyone. I’m glad I bought this table. It’s one of those things where I look back and think how well I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I’d buy this again for it versatility and portability. Easy to clean. Use mild soap and a soft bristled brush. For tough stains, use a mild abrasive such as Soft Scrub. Use rubbing alcohol on wax, and a degreaser for automotive grease.

72 inch white adjustable height folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

72 inch white adjustable height folding table with heavy duty steel frame and steel legs

Folding Tables are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are stronger, lighter and more durable than wood. They will not crack, chip or peel, and are built for indoor and outdoor use. The patented steel frame design provides a sturdy foundation and is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish.

Built for the rigors of demanding commercial use, Lifetime Folding Tables exceed challenging BIFMA standards. The tables are manufactured in the USA and backed by a ten-year warranty.I purchased two of these tables to complement the two I already own, as I needed to extend the packaging area to accommodate more volume.The tables arrived well packaged, in a combination of cardboard and Styrofoam.

Assembly was easy, just place the table upside down, unfold the legs and lock them in place with the ring provided. Extending the legs to adjust the table height is a little more tricky and was a 2 person job for us. One had to push the two spring loaded pins and hold them inside the leg tubing, as the other pulled on the leg assembly to extend the tube to the next click.

Also when the table is stored, legs folded into the thickness of the table, the tubes are locked in place with 2 plastic parts on each side. Two of these were dislodged, probably during transportation and were not easy to re-attach.Once properly assembled, and on a flat surface, the table is very sturdy, even with heavy packages on them.

The tables are now in place, adjusted to the proper height for packaging operation and we are very happy. Just wished they were a little less pricey.

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