The Discount Sale Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table Review

Today has reviewed The Discount Sale Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table. The Lucianna dining table and matching chairs arrived in 3 days, super prompt service from dealer, easy to put together; extra screws included. The Round Glass dining table looks beautiful in the breakfast corner of my kitchen. Perfect fit and also ideal comfy dining table. We loved it so much, ordered another. Goes good with the Lucianna set of 4 chairs. good and sturdy construction.

The Discount Sale Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table

The Discount Sale Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table

Once you hear the words “glass dining table”, this doesn’t state to a dining table that is made totally from glass. Somewhat, the tabletop itself is made from glass and the glass is supported within a frame that is generally made from metal (the frame holds the glass and also incorporates the legs of the dining table).

The glass top was firmly boxed so that, while I dropped it while packing it into my vehicle, it didn’t break or crack. Three large packages arrived at the same time and all three fit into the back seat area of my Toyota Camry. The table was well assembled within 15 minutes.

Why we purchased Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table ?

The Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table and chairs are exceedingly sturdy and glass is flawless. There is ample room for a small, low center piece and places for four with some space left over. Chairs are not too high or too low and knees fit well beneath the table top. Four small floor pads are included for the table stand.

The seat pads are very supportive, classy and modern and balance well with any interior decoration. I happen to have a fairly classy set up with marble flooring and the table and chairs fit comfortably into a space in front of a corner bookshelf in my living room (I have a standard dining table in my dining room) so that I can now entertain more informally yet with some elegance. Perfectly recommend. The price is reasonable for this modern round glass dining table.

What is the advantages of Luciana Glass Dining Tables?

Glass dining tables are an superior choice for many reasons.  First of all, they are amazingly multipurpose and will work with any theme that you have, whether that’s minimalist, modern, antique, country, or whatever else.  You could match them with any type of chair that you like, as there is no fear that the glass will not work with them.  This means that you have absolute freedom, chair wise.

Some other reason why glass dining tables are great is because they are a reflective surface.  They will actually reflect light back into the room and make it look lighter and brighter.  Light will also travel through the glass to a certain degree and so a glass table will not look as “dominating” in the space. It will actually make your space feel larger and more open.  Don’t think that you are stuck with just clear glass either!  You can choose glass that is tinted in a range of different colours that is frosted, that is etched, or anything else that you like.

Are Luciana Round Glass Dining Tables safe ?

One matter that many people concern about is whether glass dining tables are really safe, specially if you have kids around.  The good news is that they can be just as safe as any other type of dining table, especially since most tables on the market now use tempered safety glass.

glass top round dining table

glass top round dining table

What is the Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table Benefit or Features?

  • The Southern Enterprises Lucianna Dining Table offers expressive style and strength in equal measures. With the glossy tube frame which is built of metal and finished in dark brown for a highly elegant and exquisite appearance. The round glass table top emphasizes the ironwork nicely.
  • Putting together the table is easy using the included wrench, taking only about 20 minutes to assemble. Plus an extra set of screws are included in the package.
  • With  56 pounds of weight, the table is very sturdy and doesn’t shake when pushed. With a height of 30-inches, this dining table is reachable for people of a wide range of heights. With 38 inch wide that can arrange 5 to 6 people eating together in one round dining table.
  • There is a small circular shelf is present between the table legs, which is perfect for storing items such as magazines.
  • The Matching Lucianna chairs are available separately, which look great together with the table.
  • Looks good, great price. Packaged well.
  • The dining table is measured in 38-inch wide by 38-inch deep by 30-inch high
  • With Dark brown finish made an exquisite looks.
  • Made of durable metal construction. There is 8mm clear round beveled tempered glass top.
  • It has a nice merge of classic and modern styling with its eye catching pedestal and sleek, clear glass top.
  • It has 5 star rating from Customer who bought Lucianna glass dining table

Where to buy The Discount Sale Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Glass Dining Table ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save 15% on the purchase price of this round glass dining table. These special deals don’t last long.

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