The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter Reviews

Today we have reviewed The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter. We were looking for a really lightweight comforter to put into our duvet cover. We like the way it looks so much that we’re using it without a duvet cover right now. It is sort of silky to the touch, and gives our bedroom a hotel look. I washed it and dried it in a normal washer and dryer, and it turned out beautifully.

The Light Weight Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber Cover is the first we’ve found that is comfortable for us. The comforter come made by well made quality fabric. It is soft to touch. We love the cotton feel, like clouds and will be great in the winter. It’s easy to wash and dry, For the price, I think it’s more than worth it. It is available in King size, Queen Size, Full Size and Twin Size also.

The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter

The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter

We had been looking for a light weight comforter for the summer/spring days. We are not the type of person who likes big heavy comforters, We like simple and light, and that’s exactly what i got.

This comforter is a true white color, no off-white, cream, pearl, non of that stuff, bright white which we had always wanted. It feels fresh and soft, like you are sleeping on a cloud. Nestle yourself in this light weighted microfiber down alternative comforter.

The Filled weight: King size 34-ounce, Queen 29-ounce,Full X-Large 26-ounce, Twin 20-ounce. It is machine washable, easy care and looks luxury on any bed.

What are Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter Specifications?

The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter has some key features such as:

  • 100-percent microfiber embossed covering
  • 100-percent new polyester material filled
  • 100 percent Polyster
  • Embossed Microfiber Cover
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Very soft easy care

Where to buy The Natural Comfort White Queen Comforter with discount price ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives you 53 percent off discount now and also Free delivery.

How to choose the best duvet?

Thermal, thick, fluffy, composition … Not easy to find the comforter that best suits their needs … What are the criteria to evaluate when choosing a duvet?

When it comes to sleep, we often think carefully select pillows and mattresses. But the quilt is also important: for restful sleep, you have to feel good in bed, having neither too hot nor too cold. A good mattress, a pillow and a good quilt are the secrets of a great night’s sleep!

Select your quilt: heat index and waist

Before choosing the appropriate quilt, ask the right questions. How big should be my comforter? What heat index should I prefer?
Size and movements

First step; determine the size that best fits. For this, you first need to know the size of your mattress. For comfort, it is recommended to choose a size quilt higher than the mattress.

For example, if the mattress is 140 to 190 cm, choose a comforter 180 on 200/220. Remember to take a much larger than the mattress if you tend to move a lot at night or if your pet has a tendency to “take all the quilt” quilt. Often if one of you is left without coverage, think single duvets!

What heat index choose?

Comfort and room temperatures

The quilts are often presented with a heat index ranging from 1 to 4 (or up to 5 or 6 depending on the company) or quilt temperate mild, hot and very hot. The choice then depends on two things:

– Are you the type to be often cold, to be chilly even under the duvet?
– Do you sleep in a little or much room heated?

Mild and temperate duvets are ideal if your room is heated to over 20 ° C, if you tend to get hot very quickly, or if you just want a light duvet for summer.

Duvets heat index 3.4 on a scale of 6, or so-called “hot” quilts are to choose if your room is cool, or if heated, but you’re kind of chilly
Quilts with the heat index the most important, or so-called “hot” suitable for people who often have the feeling of being cold, even under a blanket, the room is not heated, or in need a warm blanket and thick for the coldest months of the year.
The selection of the basis weight

The weight is the weight of the lining of the comforter. It can range from 180 gr / m² for light blankets, 500 gr / m² for winter duvets more beefy.

The choice of weight is important. Is often considered more of a comforter is heavy, plus it is hot. But we must also think about comfort. Some individuals need to feel “the weight of the quilt” on their body to sleep well while others do not support.

The choice of duvet “all season”

You do not know you? You do not want to buy as many quilts as there are seasons? There are so-called “Four Seasons” quilt.
They consist of two duvets, a light for the summer, use a thicker in spring or autumn. Both can then be assembled to compose the perfect quilt in winter!

What lining choose for my quilt?

Once the size and the heat index determined, choose the type of packing: natural and synthetic. Natural fillings are appreciated for their powers of insulation and thermal control. Generally, linings keep warm in winter, and bring a certain freshness in summer. Light, natural duvets are valued for their longevity.

Natural duvet fillings : Wool quilt and Biolaine

Soft, hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory, wool is very popular because it perfectly regulates temperature and humidity. It is not nothing when you know that an individual removes about 180 liters of water a year in his sleep.
Price varies depending on the quality of the wool

Feather and down duvet

Feather duvets and natural down are highly valued for their loft and comfort.Light, they are generally developed from down and feathers of ducks or geese. Down is lighter and warmer than feathers. Choose a comforter with a duvet High percentage of its soft guarantees.

  • Let good airflow, wicks moisture, regulates temperature.
  • Major award, from animal, maintenance more difficult.
  • Tips: air your quilt regularly in winter and summer. Prefer dry cleaning.

Natural silk quilt

Duvets silk have special lining that requires no chemical treatment of the material.The delicacy of this quilt will not detract from its thermoregulatory properties.hypoallergenic, dust mite, very soft and healthy.Very high price. Beware of imitations.

Interview: silk duvet can be machine washed, but requires a delicate cycle. Use low maintenance product and especially not bleach. Let dry in the open and flat.Price: allow an average of 180 to € 400 for a silk duvet quality

Duvet plant fibers (bamboo, soka, coconut, corn)

Increasingly on the market, duvets plant fibers are valued for their natural without packing from animal.
Natural and renewable materials, thermal comfort. Quilts made ​​from bamboo fibers are anti-odor, anti-moisture, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. Corn fibers are hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory.

Careful to choose bamboo fiber duvets and not bamboo viscose. Harder to find these quilts are often more expensive.

Price: between 150 and 350 € for a quilt 200x200cm bamboo fiber quality

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