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The 39 inch wide Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table Reviews

Today has reviewed The 39 inch wide Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table. This Cottage Coffee table was measured in 39.2 inch wide and 19.4 inch deep with 18 inch of height. With clean lines are accented by deeply faceted drawer fronts and solid wooden knobs, craftsman like details that connect to your unique origins of this collection, Cobblestone Finish. Fanciful without being fussy, Original Cottage Coffee Table comes with very simple, tidy forms in a mix and match color palette that is either soft and vibrant.  Open cubbyhole storage gives the ideal hideaway space for reading material, covers, or perhaps board games.

cottage coffee table

cottage coffee table

Regardless your need is matchy matchy, mix and match, or unique room accent, Original Cottage in several colors – Cobblestone, Melon Yellow and Rainwater – is a todays classic that will add eye impress to almost any home.

What are Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table Specifications?

  • Complete with open shelves for storage and display
  • Finished on all sides for versatile placement
  • Pairs nicely with matching Original Cottage Bookcase
  • FREE SHIPPING from the manufacturer. We absolutely Love promptly delivery service and it is FREE
  • 8 Percent OFF Discount RIGHT NOW

What customers said about Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table?

Sauder Original cottage coffee table is just the right size for my sofa and looks great the matching side table that I also bought. Easy to assemble with the detailed instructions was a breeze. This is an awesome coffee table. It’s heavy and solid (the weight is about 90 lbs.) but definitely a grey color. No problems with shipping and no broken pieces. It took me about 2 hours to assemble(not a handy person).

Works well with my other sauder furniture i had purchased. everything was relatively easy to assemble! great packaging everything was complete and well made. although compressed wood it seems very sturdy.I received the coffee table earlier than they estimated. I love it. It really brings my living room together. It came with all the parts and was beautiful and also easy to put together.

The price of this coffee table is affordable, really for limited budget, Not OVER than US $ 70. Nice and really recommended to buy.

Where to buy Discount Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save US $10 on the purchase price of this 39 Inch wide Sauder Original Cottage Coffee Table. These special deals don’t last long.

How to choose the ideal Coffee table for your living room?

The table is always one of the most important furnishings in the living room. Its use and its function, however, have evolved over time with the change of lifestyle and especially because of the ever smaller spaces. To select the right dining room table is still necessary to take into account, in addition to the space available, including elements such as materials and colors.

Before choosing a table for your living room, it is essential to decide the point within the room in which to place it. Surely the table must have a prominent place in the living room but its location is mainly conditioned by the space you have available. Indeed, there are minimum measures that must be taken into consideration before you insert this piece of furniture in the room.
rectangular Table
The fact table has not only an aesthetic but also practical, since it is mainly used to meet at the time of the main meals. The ideal height for a table of stay is about seventy-three cm while the chairs, to ensure a correct posture, must be high at least forty centimeters.

The width instead should be at least eighty centimeters while for each diner must be available a space of sixty centimeters. Also the space between the legs of the table is important. Between each of them must be at least sixty-two cm to ensure a degree of comfort. Worthy of consideration is then also the space between the table and the walls, which must be about eighty centimeters. Between the table and the transition zone surrounding instead must pass one hundred and twenty centimeters.

Finally, the lighting must be placed above the table respecting the measures. To enhance the table and at the same time to ensure proper diffusion of light, the lamp should be at the center of the table and at least two feet deep.

What about the round coffee table, is it good or bad idea?

Even the shape of the table is important for determining the space that will occupy. The rectangular tables are undoubtedly those that need less space but at the same time create a hierarchy in the position of diners, since there will be a head of the table.

The round tables take up more space but put all the diners in the same hierarchical position. A middle, so to say, is constituted by the oval table, which is however to occupy a discrete portion of centimeters.

In the event that there are problems in the placement of the table to the lack of space available, i will be very useful extension tables which at the time of need can provide three or four more seats. To optimize space, there are also tables that below the support surface have shelves or drawers, in which to place in a very practical tools and accessories.

What are the Furnishing solutions and coffee table?

To integrate with the general style of furniture, the table does not necessarily call all of the same materials and shapes of the other additions but to agree with them without creating anti aesthetic dissonance. A very important factor in choosing a table stay which is in agreement with the rest of the furniture, is undoubtedly the material of which it is made. The tables in wood, for example, are certainly suitable to a style of furniture classic and confer elegance to any environment.

What about glass surface coffee table?

Tables with glass surface are very responsive to a more modern style of furniture. The glass can be clear, colored, frosted or decorated according to taste.

Even the colors are very useful for a proper dialogue between the table and the rest of the furniture. A plan or support may in fact colored spice up a classic style while a table decorated and very stylish can enhance a modern style.

In general, the natural colors of the wood will certainly agree with a classic style while the black, white and gray are also suitable for a modern setting. More vibrant colors will integrate well with modern environments but can create interesting contrasts with the classic style, as long as you do not exceed. The color of the table or parts of it, such as the floor or the support, can also return to some of the details present in the room, such as frames, pillows or some furnishings.

Determining from the aesthetic point of view is also the aspect of the support. The fact table can rely not only on the usual four legs but also present a single element that supports it.

The support can very often make the difference seen which can be colored or made ​​of different materials compared to the rest of the table: iron, crystal or stone. The shape can be classic or also processed and in any cases, the support may be constituted by a real sculpture.

Another factor not to be overlooked is finally a proper matching of the chairs at the table. In most cases, one opts for the chairs coordinates, to avoid errors.

What about the chairs with wooden table ideas, is it good or bad ideas?

To handle and make it more original style of furniture you can choose from but of different chairs to the table and that they are such colorful.

Very often, then the chairs are all different choices, each with its own style or color. It is a very original choice, but also difficult, and therefore must be done carefully and perhaps resorting to the expert advice of furniture.

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Ashley square cocktail table with storage space consumer reviews



Ashley square cocktail table with storage space design is so modern, so sleek and quality workmanship.This square cocktail table has some features such as ample storage space and casters,cantilever design,rich veneer is bathed in a dark brown,and also has contemporary styled cocktail table.This ashley square cocktail table is made with select veneer and hardwood solids.This square cocktail table measures in 34.06″ W x 34.06″ D x 19.5″ H.

This is a execptionally well-developed product, compared to its price.The structure is sturdy, desipite its fancy design, on the strength of
the two center rods. The assembly is very well-thought-out and easy.

The price for this item was so low. Overall this is a very good table.It arrived in just days and I have enjoyed it.To get this table you only need $41 at that time. Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. These special deals don’t last long.

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