Top 10 baby nursery ideas with practical and easy decor tips

Today will share to you Top 10 baby nursery ideas with practical and easy decor tips. Decorating a baby nursery for your baby room ideas both boys and girls baby can be easy with some tips below.

1. Try to Paint your baby nursery room ceiling

baby room ideas

baby room ideas

With Cheerful yellows and beautiful blues beam brightly in this Beatrix Potter-inspired nursery. Light picket fencing will provide this crib cottage design, and garden finials elegance the bedposts. With a cloud-dusted sky mural covering the ceiling and expanding partway down the walls, this baby’s room is effective for a baby boy or girl.

2. Custom-made baby nursery ideas

baby nursery ideas with practical

baby nursery ideas with practical

Break from boy’s room boring by splashing around some bright colors. Robin’s-egg blue walls opposing sharp white trim build a powerful, simple background, while plush carpet with large pattern loops makes a fun loving contrast. The same bold colors make an appeal in the unique wall surface characters.

3. Bright and Cheery baby nursery ideas

baby nursery ideas

The vibrant yellow and crisp white create such an attractive, joyful area that’s definitely girly free of overloading on pink. I very love the scalloped border. It’s small details like that which really tie a room together.

4. Calm and Peaceful Baby room ideas

Calm and Peaceful baby room ideas

5. Pretty Pink baby nursery ideas

Pretty Pink baby nursery ideas

Need to costume your nursery in beautiful colors of pink? Move ahead and get frilly! But keep in mind that even a room aiming for womanliness requires rest from full saturation. Blending astonishing fabrics can make the ideal harmony. A sample of green gingham fabric served as inspiration for this room, and inspired the home owner to rip out carpet and decorate the floors beneath to match the material. Hot pink gingham offers a punch of color and contrast with the room’s paler shades. Blue floral fabric surprises, and helps planned a cozy and colorful feel.

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6. Baby Nursery Ideas with a Viewpoint

Baby Nursery Ideas with a Viewpoint

The basic decor with this relaxing area holds both dad, mom and child without losing design. Stripes of sage and cream set the stage for a calming place, and a chenille rug below the crib is more than soft enough for crawling. Cotton-organdy panels filter sunlight, and a down-filled chair with a washable slipcover beckons for cuddle time with baby. After night falls, a dimmer switch on the vintage chandelier provides the faintest glow for midnight feedings or a flood of light for evening playtime.

7. Cartoon Themed Nursery

Cartoon Themed Baby Nursery Ideas

For an Cartoon themed nursery with a touch of elegance, mix wood finishes and wisely choose how you introduce the cartoon theme into the room. Restricting it to accents, such as window sheers, rugs and pillows allows for an easy modify of room theme as the child ages.

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8.The Transformation Kid’s Room

The Transformation Baby room ideas

If you’re concerned your son will grow out of his boy-themed room too fairly quickly, just let it go to the dogs–decor-wise, that is. Dog-patterned fabric applied in the window seats inspired the color scheme; it’s young yet innovative, thus ensuring it won’t seem too teenager after he is older.

9. Simple Vibrant Baby Nursery Ideas

Simple Vibrant Baby Nursery Ideas

A common baby girl’s nursery might be awash in pink frills, but this room’s designer (and new mom) planned her child’s room to be aesthetically unique and really substantial. One trip to the paint store impressed this bold color scheme.

10. Baby Nursery Ideas with Storybook Guidance

Baby Nursery Ideas with Storybook Guidance

Baby Nursery Ideas with Storybook Guidance

This baby nursery ideas Empowered by Beatrix Potter books from her childhood, this first-time mother decorate for unique treasures and created a nostalgic nursery with design elements that her daughter would enjoy for years to come. A rich and creamy flowery material with chickadees units the tone for the room, while ginghams and other small-pattern and textural fabrics were fashioned into window valances, bed linens, pillows and a chair slipcover. A mural artist covered pale yellow walls with a meadow scene that birds, bunnies and butterflies call home. With a few changes throughout the years, the homeowner anticipates her daughter loving the room though teenage years.

Practical and easy decor tips for your baby nursery ideas:

  1. Start searching within your child’s favorite books, magazines, decorating books, and even get ideas online. You’ll get great inspiration for a theme.
  2. Remember in order to save a location to show your kid’s artwork, collections, and projects. You can set them on well-placed shelves or make an artistic display on the wall.
  3. Be certain to call for an older child by getting his or her ideas and decide on favored colors, preferred sports or artistic interests, or story or movie characters, like Harry Potter or Spiderman.
  4. Go with a focal point for the room. While many choose the bed as the major factor of interest, you could focus on a display shelf, a painted wall mural, or decorated play area. The focal point should really reinforce your chosen theme.
  5. Make a window treatment that enhances the theme and adds to the decor. Decorative hardware on doors, drawers, and cabinets can continue the theme.
  6. Search for fabric, wallpaper or border paper that will strengthen your selected theme. Choose a primary print that will set the tone for the whole room.
  7. Go with several creativity when choosing and planning on attractive elements. If your child loves tennis, string a net behind the bed for a headboard. You could arrange tennis rackets (collected from tag sales or flea markets) around the netting. Place tennis balls onto the tips of clothes hooks. You might use a section of picket fencing for a headboard in a cottage style room.
  8. Make sure you remember to save plenty of room to store clothes, books, toys, games projects, and hobby supplies. A child of any age needs a desk for a computer and school work. If the storage items will be out in view, be sure they’re decorated to fit the theme, too.
  9. Select bedding that will boost both the color scheme and theme you’ve selected. Cute flowers work for almost any girl’s room scheme and blue chambray fits with most boy rooms.
  10. Decide on a background color to use on the decorated walls, floors, and ceiling. Use your main fabric print to assist you.
  11. Pick matching materials, accessories, and prints that mix fine with the main fabric. Use the colors in the print for inspiration.
  12. A good guideline to follow for a themed, coordinated room is to repeat each color, fabric, and print, if possible, in at least three places around the room. If you do, everything will really tie together.

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