Light Color Stylish Oak Finish Accent Crate Chest For Kids



Light Color Stylish Oak Finish Accent Crate Chest For Kids has some features such as Graphic detail on drawers, Transitional Style, and also Light Oak Finish.Light Color Stylish Oak Finish Accent Crate Chest For Kids by Lea keeping teens and their demands in mind in order to appeal to their special sense of style, independence and free-spirited nature.

The transitional collection is unforgettable and unique by featuring the following design and decoration elements, as: distressed, weathered oak, sun washed half-tone graphics and muted colors. They are combined with weathered bronze hardware and 100% stonewashed canvas to deliver a faded look that fits teens’ laid-back lifestyle. These unique beds, made in various styles, become the focal point of any kids’ room, accented with incredible vintage graphics, old labels decorations, and hardware in the shape of large bolts.

These key elements of the transitional collection will fill your children’s life with unforgettable memories, laid-back style and free adventurous spirit.This Light Color Stylish Oak Finish Accent Crate Chest has bold, fresh and appealing to young adults look and features five rows of capacious drawers that are sure to keep your kid’s belongings and clothes organized in perfect order.

This transitional furniture piece has amazing yet simple design lines and easy shapes, without any ornate or busy details, flawlessly fitting any bedroom and kids’ taste. Its ample size is just great find for your children’s books, cloths and toys, as well as its distressed weathered oak finish that easily creates attractive coastal look and adventurous feel.

The main key elements are graphic patches over spacious drawers and unquiet aged hardware holders that make this transitional Accent Crate Chest extremely stylish and adult that your kids will definitely appreciate. These key design elements of the whole collection and this particular transitional furniture piece deliver a casual, laid-back style that speaks to the teens the best way possible. The Accent Crate Chest from the Spongebob Surf Club Furniture Collection by Lea will become a convenient and cool transitional addition to your kids’ bedroom setting.

This Stylish Oak Finish Accent Crate Chest measures in 18″ L x 38″ W x 52″ H and 208 lbs of weight.

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