75 inch veratex pink shower curtain with consumer reviews



This 75 inch veratex pink shower curtain has some features such as easy care because 100% polyester material,Machine washable,this shower curtain is 72-inch by 75-inch.

The silver swirls are so fun and the blue is so vibrant. I looked everywhere to find a shower curtain that wasn’t too juvenille but was still fun and this is perfect.

This pink shower curtain measures in 75 x 72 x 0.2 inches and has 1 pounds of weight. This is really nice to buy and this veratex pink shower curtain with a lower price. Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. These special deals don’t last long.

How to choose the shower curtain for your bathroom

In most homes, the bathroom is usually the smallest room, but that does not mean it is easy to furnish. If you have a shower that requires a tent, there are many options available on the market. The shower curtains are used with the purpose to prevent water from escaping the shower tray and then finish ground. Furthermore, they also help to keep your bathroom neater. Choosing the right shower curtain, it means also match well the colors that you are already using the bathroom.

Evaluate the decor of the bathroom

First Step: Evaluate the decor of the bathroom. Take a look at how the bathroom is currently furnished and determine if you are satisfied with how it looks. Decide whether you want to match the shower curtain with the style with which the bathroom is decorated, or if you want to try a new color or a new theme for the entire room. Take measurements to the shower. Use a tape measure to determine the width of the space that the tent must cover, by measuring first the upper part of the zone in which the rod should be inserted toward the floor to the desired length.

Assess how much you want to spend.

Second Step: Assess how much you want to spend. The costs of a shower curtain can be very affordable if you go shopping in a market or in cheap shops, but also very picky when choosing a model signed original. Then, decide how much you want to spend before you make that choice. Choose the material of the tent. You can decide between vinyl, polyester, cotton, nylon or other decorative fabrics. Keep in mind that the fabric curtains get dirty very easily and therefore require more frequent washing, while the vinyl or plastic are less prone to stains, are easier to clean and prevent the formation of mold.

Choose a color or pattern.

shower curtain with big floral pattern

shower curtain with big floral pattern

Third Step: Choose a color or pattern. Opt for a pattern that matches the furnishing of the bathroom or that it matches the color of the paint, floors, towels and accessories. How to avoid deepening the mold on the shower curtain (click here) Some shower curtains are made of waterproof fabric, which, however, can fade quickly, making unnecessary the tent itself. Firmly attach the tent you need a rod and rings for hanging the curtain wall.

Blue Sea Shower Curtain

Blue Sea Shower Curtain

Choose a material and a color that is suitable always to the rest of the furniture but especially that manages to best support the weight of the curtain.

How to prevent mold on the shower curtain

The formation of mold on the shower curtain is mainly caused by moisture that remains in the bathroom or on the tent itself after taking a shower or bath. Although most people choose to replace the moldy tent with a new one, there are preventative measures that can be implemented on a regular basis for

You can use a shower curtain that has an even and smooth surface. The tents that have patterns in relief or incisions may allow moisture or water to settle in some areas, while a smooth tent allows water to drain away. Ventilate the bathroom during and after showering. This procedure will help keep the bathroom dry at a faster pace and will help eliminate moisture buildup. Open the bathroom window or turn on a fan or dehumidifier to help remove excess moisture.

Hang the curtain on the outside of the bathtub. This will prevent the formation of mold on the area that leans against the tub. Move the shower curtain out of the tank only after it has dried in part, so as to prevent water from dripping on the bathroom floor.
Dry the tent after each use. This will help prevent the formation of soap scum on the tent, as well as to mold. Use a dry cloth or rag to remove the water from the wet side of the tent, after a shower.

Prepare a cleaning solution for the shower curtain. You can use a commercial product specialized for the cleaning of the bath to prevent the formation of mold or create a natural solution home made for the cleaning of the curtain. Deepening How to choose the shower curtain (click here) To make a natural cleaning solution, mix one part warm water and one part white vinegar and pour the mixture in a bottle

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