The 62 inch long Watermint Navy Queen Headboard review

Today has reviewed 62 inch long Watermint Navy Queen Headboard. It is measured in 62 inches long, and 51 inches high. This Watermint Navy Queen Headboard is made of  fine linen in a chic shade of navy.  The headboard can be attached to any standard metal bed frame. The headboard also highlighted with a row of ornamental pewter nail buttons inset from the shape, its beautiful curvaceous design is ensured to make this headboard a showpiece to any bedroom.

Watermint Navy Queen Headboard

Watermint Navy Queen Headboard

How to choose a headboard relaxation well?

The headboard is primarily a decorative element but not that. We will discover all the advantages it has. The benefits of a headboard for relaxation? Here are the various benefits that allows you to purchase a headboard:

The headboard: a decorative ways for your bedroom

It is also very easy to install and maintain.To install, simply provide yourself with a screwdriver or a screwdriver (PZ2 footprint) to secure the two slides on your box that will mount the headboard on your bed frame. For more information, refer to the installation instructions headboards.

How To Choose The Right Headboard

Headboard is one of the important points in a bedroom, so it’s important for you to choose the right headboard. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying a headboard.

Comfort vs Design of Headboard

If you often read books or watch TV in bed, you should use a foaming and padded headboard because you will often lean. Choose a dark color so as not to dirty fast

Headboard made ​​from metal or wood will provide a stylish touch to your room but do not provide the comfort of a headboard owned frothy.

What are the design options are there?

Upholstered (headboard with foam padding)

Comfortable and can give a special touch when coated with a fabric that has a clear motive. Headboard with buttons in season again this time. They appear in the form of a more simple and modern. Buttoned headboard upholstered with suede suitable for comfort and luxury in your room.

Leather headboard

Leather headboard brings modern and neat impression for contemporary bedroom, but remember, the skin could give a cold impression, so you need more pillows.

Wooden headboard

Wood Headboard suited for themed bedrooms and traditional country.

Metal headboard

Headboard made ​​of metal giving the impression of chic and urban, suitable for minimalist bedroom.

Freestanding or attached headboard?

If you buy a new bed, buy a bed with a headboard that has been installed (attached). Everything will look more suitable and less expensive, you do not have to look for another headboard separately. But your choice will be minimal, and you have to replace your bed once headboardnya if you want to get a new look.

If you choose a headboard for a bed that already exists, you will have a lot of options and easy to replace her to get a new look. Do not forget to measure the width of the bed and adjust to his headboard to suit your bed.

What size of headboard should i use ?

Estimate the height of people who will use the headboard. Some less high headboard for people with high body, and children do not require as high headboard headboard for adults. Using a wider headboard of your bed will create a modern impression.

Do i need Wallpaper or headboard?

If you’re in a budget, use a striking wallpaper behind your bed as a headboard replacement. Attach the wallpaper width and half the height of the bed wall. Wallpaper will not only look like a headboard, but also creates a focal point for the room that plain.

How To maintain your headboard?

You can use a soft hardwood for those cloth. For upholsterer version rub gently with a clean cloth with warm water and soap towel.

The criteria for choosing headboard

The design will be the first element of choice for your headboard You can choose either upholstered or solid wood with a natural or simple design. They each have customizable colors to choose colors for your mattress!

You can also accommodate the color of your headboard relaxation with solid wood furniture of your room with the different colors that we offer. Our headboards fit all our electric mattress supports, therefore you do not worry about it.

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