48 inch round glass dining table with hardwood leg consumer reviews



This 48 inch Round glass dining table with hardwood leg by Coaster has some features such as 48 inch diameter clear and round beveled glass,Features a bottom cross design with a circular top ring for extra support and sturdiness.

Round Dining Table with Glass Top Cappuccino Finish,Hardwood Base in Deep Cappuccino finish,Dimension: 48 inch Diameter and 30 inch Height. I have no problem recommending this product.



What are Coaster round glass dining table specifications ?

  • The Dining Table Dimension: 48 inch Diameter by 30 inch High
  • Cappuccino Finish
  • Round Cappuccino Glass Top Table
  • Hardwood Base in Deep Cappuccino finish
  • Base features stylish Cross Design
  • Round Beveled Glass table top
  • Made of Material: Hardwood, Glass
  • Round Dining Table with Glass Top Cappuccino Finish
  • Characteristic of the bottom cross design with a circular top ring for extra support and sturdiness.
  • Table top has 48 inch diameter clear and round beveled glass.
  • Decorate your dining room with the classic beauty of this item.

What customers said about Coaster round glass dining table ?

This dining table is absolutely beautiful. I’ve had it now for 9 months and I still have to stop and stare at it for a little while when I walk into my apartment. It’s great for small apartment (like mine). You will need at least one more pair of hands to help assemble it, but it’s pretty straight forward. The chair that are shown go great with the table as well.

I purchased two in brown and two of another type of chair in a print to add a little pop and it’s just looks great. It’s a simple, elegant piece. Absolutely get it. The price is just right!

The Coaster dining table arrived very well packed, and built with minimal difficulty. I believe for the money this serves great value and definietly looks better than the money it costs. I definitely highly recommend this dining table.

Top 10 Tips for choosing round tables from the expert

In choosing a round table should be considered as the position, how many people will have to accommodate, what will be its use (breakfast, or even lunch and dinner). There is a wide range of materials and finishes proposed by manufacturers, to be chosen taking into account the rest of the furniture that makes up the environment in which you place the round table.

From glass to wood in various species, to the classic and neutral white color, which allows then maybe play with the color in the matching chairs. As regards the size, a diameter of 90 cm is suitable for 4 diners; one of 110 cm to 5 persons, one of 120 to 6 160 people and one of them sleeps up to 8.

Round table is the balance between form and function

The authors of the 2012 Olympic torch Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have designed for B & B Italy, the round table Tobi-Ishi, the result of a complex search for formal balance and static. Inspired by the Orient (the name of the table indicates the ornamental stones of traditional Japanese gardens), has an overhanging top and bases that look different depending on your perspective, alluding to the surface of the polished stones.

The materials chosen for the round table combining technology and craftsmanship: the soul of the bases is in fact Baydur®, structural polyurethane foam, while the floor is made of wood: the final effect of both is achieved by treating them with the “grout” concrete , which looks like a sort of skin surface.

What is the Advantages of the round table?

Here are some advantages that the choice of the round tables offer in house:

  • It ‘s ideal if the table should be placed at an angle or in an irregular shape
  • Do not presenting corners, the round table allows you to add an extra seat if necessary without breaking the balance in the arrangement of seats.
  • The form facilitates the conversation between those who sit there and promotes conviviality without favoring a particular place.

It ‘s perfect in a kitchen by the small size, but also suitable for outdoors thanks to the solid cast iron base of the round table AREA T Calligaris, available in three colors and with a diameter of 60 and 65 cm. Many models of round tables can be stretched using special extensions. This allows you to place them in small apartments having the ability to organize lunches and dinners with several guests.

There are extensions that are added if necessary and should be stored when not in use, creating a space in your home, or are commercially available models of round tables in the plan, in a compartment underneath hides the extension pull-out with a few simple movements .

In case one opts for an extensible table, account must be taken of the space available and measure the size of the table, so as not to buy one that is oversized. Attention to the placement of the light point, if you have it to the ceiling, which must be made flush with the position of the table, especially in the case is a model with extension.

Design in the round table for the Eclipse Ozzio Design, in which a base tapering leaves free space under the top and ensures comfort to the guests. Thanks to a coordinated extension table comes to sleep up to eight guests.

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