The 38 inch wide Lilith Pond Accent Cocktail Ottoman Reviews

Today has reviewed 38 inch wide Lilith Pond Accent Cocktail Ottoman. It is measured in  38 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and 16 inches high. Lilith Pond Accent Cocktail Ottoman is made of  74% Polypropylene, 26% Polyester.  This ottoman will give a cheerful oversized floral print in shades of green and cream, this multipurpose piece made your living room more beautiful.

This cocktail ottoman has comfortable seat as an extra seat for guests, suitable as a footrest and stylish in place of a cocktail table, this fun ottoman does it all. A useful addition to any living space, the Lilith Pond accent cocktail ottoman wears many covers.

Accent Cocktail Ottoman

Accent Cocktail Ottoman

Ottomans that double as coffee tables

If you have a limited amount of space in the living room of the family, or den, furniture pieces that serve more than one function can be an excellent choice. Not only do these versatile pieces save space, but are also a great way to save on your decorating budget. Ottomans have always been the traditional accompaniments of sofas, loveseats and chairs.

Ottoman can provide comfort and convenience for family members and guests, also adding to the overall style of the room and beauty. An ottoman that can also serve as a convenient coffee table can be a particularly useful room addition. If you are shopping for an ottoman, here are some tips you can use to find one that saves space while adding greater versatility and functionality.

Evaluate your needs ot the Ottomans.

Before deciding on an ottoman, it may be useful to give a thought as to what features you really need. If you have a particularly small room, you may not have a lot of floor space to spare. Although the Ottomans can certainly add comfort and convenience, which also occupy floor space. If you do not have much room to work, an ottoman with casters or wheels may be a good option. When necessary, you can roll the ottoman in his position on his chair, sofa or loveseat. Then just place the ottoman against the wall when not in use. Not only will you be out of the traffic areas, but can also serve as extra seating.

If you do not have a coffee table in the room, you can save space by choosing an ottoman that can double duty. An ottoman with a top firm surface may be the most convenient option. Before choosing an ottoman that can double as a coffee table, carefully examine the upper surface. Is it strong enough to withstand a plate of sandwiches or a board game? Although you probably would not want to rest a glass of soda or coffee on your ottoman, at least it should be firm enough to withstand the elements which are less likely to spill.

Using an ottoman as a coffee table.

To use the ottoman as a coffee table, make sure to choose one that can be easily cleaned. After all, if the ottoman is used as a place to rest your feet, as well as a place to rest a plate of fries, easy care is an important consideration. The leather or vinyl surfaces can often be good choices. If you choose an upholstered ottoman, make sure the fabric has been treated with a stain resistant coating.

Ottomans that add more storage options.

If you plan to use the ottoman as a coffee table, you may want to choose one that also offers hidden storage. Depending Ottoman style you choose, the top can lift, bend or move aside, providing you a place to store magazines, books, games, crafts and hobbies, and other items you may need from time to time . These ottomans can be very useful, so it is easier to keep the room clean and organized.

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