2 Recommended TV swivel with reviews

Today on 13 March 2013, we have reviewed the 2 recommended TV swivel. What is TV swivel anyway? TV swivel is a mechanical device that allows lets to easily regulate the position of a flat panel television. This type of adjustment improves the TV viewing from various watching positions. There are several different types of TV swivel available.

1.Big Screen TV Swivel with 20 percent discount price

Big Screen TV Swivel with 20 percent off

Big Screen TV Swivel with 20 percent off

The first recommended TV Swivel comes from LapWorks. The Big Screen TV Swivel is exactly designed for those big screen TV’s whose base is longer than 16 inch. The TV Swivel all works great for most big screen TV’s but as screen sizes have grown, so has the size of their bases. This Big Screen TV Swivel keeps excellent steadiness and movable for left to right viewing. It can rotate on 24 steel ball bearings that can support an evenly distributed maximum weight load of 200 Lbs. It is measured in 21.65 inch long by 15.94 inch wide so it can support just about any large screen TV.

The sphere design allows the TV to rotate along a wider path than the cylindrical rod. Movement is not limited to a strictly linear path, but it can be moved along the diagonal axis as well. This option gives greater flexibility of movement, but usually costs slightly more than a standard TV swivel.

The cylindrical rod is secured by a washer and nut that prevents the rod from slipping out the frame. The TV itself is secured to the TV swivel through the use of prefabricated slots located on the TV set housing. It is very important to select a TV swivel model that specifically lists your TV set or the slots will not be in the appropriate locations.

The TV swivel is created from high-impact ABS material with steel ball bearings. It can make occasional rotations as needed or rotate as often as you’d like it to rotate. The Big Screen TV Swivel has been tested up to 10,000 rotations without incidence. So if you rotate this swivel twice a day for 13.69 years, you will reach the 10,000 rotations it has been tested for.

This TV Swivel give the most flexibility, it has a unique shape that allows you to line-up the one flat edge or the one rounded edge to the base of your big screen TV. This way you remove any mismatch when installing the swivel under your big screen TV’s base. To avoid slipping, there was a rubber bumpers on the Big Screen TV’s round bottom panel provide super gripping. Most large screen TV bases have rubber bumpers for gripping. Be sure to align those rubber bumpers with the Big Screen. My 40 inches Samsung and the swivel fits with the base footprint.

Don’t worry about the shipping, you can get free delivery from the manufacturer and also 20 percent off discount.
Very happy with this TV swivel bought.

2. Lapwork Heavy Duty Swivel With Steel Ball Bearings

Lapwork Heavy Duty TV Swivel

Lapwork Heavy Duty TV Swivel

360 degree TV swivel

360 degree TV swivel

The Second recommended TV Swivel stand called Lapwork Heavy Duty Swivel.This Lapwork Heavy Duty Swivel has 16 percent off discount and also free shipping from the manufacturer. This swivel allows me to turn the TV easily.

I have a 40 inch flat screen on it and I think it works fine. It seems strong enough to hold the weight, Overall, I think this is a simple and affordable solution for my living space. It swivels 360 like said, its black plastic, Its 15 inches dia, and it doesnt look completely cheap. They are handy indoors, outdoors, in a shop environment, a retail or office environment or just about anywhere.

Indoors the Swiv-All’s can display glass curio cases, display cases of a prized collection, TV’s, for table lamps or Arts & crafts projects. In the office Swiv-All’s are great for flat panel monitors and notebook computers for screen sharing, TV’s, desk phones, printers, fax machines, calculators, speakers and potted plants.

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