The 30 inch wide Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest Reviews

Today has reviewed The 30 inch Wide Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest. This is measured by 30.1 inches wide by 16.7 inches deep and 47 inches high. This is sturdy white 3 drawer chest. The Drawers has metal runners and safety stops feature patented T-lock assembly system. Storage bin features ID tag. Sauder 3-Drawer Chest in Soft White Finish from the Pogo Collection. Detailing includes solid wood knobs.

white 3 drawer chest

white 3 drawer chest

What are 30 inch wide Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest Specifications?

  • Easy-glide drawers
  • It has Storage bin
  • Complete with Solid wood knobs
  • FREE SHIPPING from the manufacturer.
  • 15 Percent OFF DISCOUNT NOW

Where to buy Discount Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save US $24 on the purchase price of this 30 inch Wide Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest. These special deals don’t last long.

10 Easy Tips How to make order in the drawers

Despite everything, even the most ordered (or maybe especially them), at some point, feel the desire to rearrange the drawers of the house. With the passage of time and the accumulation of things more or less useful to put in the drawers of the furniture in the various rooms, the order that reigned within them always begins to falter. It should therefore periodically think about how to make order in the drawers. This can also be an excellent opportunity to optimize the division of materials (all dishes, the study documents, garments of the bedroom) so that it is more practical and immediate to find things and keep order.

For a job well done and not too commitments is better to deal with one room at a time, on different days. Indeed, there is also a stress both physically and mentally due to the choices you make about how and where to put the various objects in various drawers which leads, after a while ‘, to do the job as well as you should. The choice of objects, clothing, and documents that are no longer needed and therefore it is good to throw away (or at least put in the basement or in the attic if you are not totally sure of their futility) always leads to a certain psychological fatigue. In fact, one of the first rule that must prevail when you rearrange the drawers is “throwing away the superfluous.”

Once you choose the room you want to rearrange must think of the content distribution in the various drawers. If this did not vary significantly, it is best to think of a drawer at a time, emptying the contents and doing the cleaning of the interior. If, however, it was decided to change the distribution of content, it is best to empty them and clean them all, putting various objects, divided by type, on a table, on the bed or on the floor of the room. This is a good time to pick things up and throw from the storage in the basement or attic, removing the material that will later be put back in the drawers.

Now let’s see the general guidelines on how to divide the objects in various drawers and within them. If it has a chest of drawers with drawers arranged vertically, one above the other, it is good to provide to put the material of smaller size and / or more frequent use in drawers higher (eg handkerchiefs and / or linen ), relegating those of larger size (eg sweaters) in the lower ones. Within each drawer, the sequence of objects must be such that before you bring the smaller and / or more frequent use, and behind the other.

Handkerchiefs, tablecloths and the like shall be folded carefully in order to assume uniform size appropriate to the drawers where they will go and outs. When the cassette must be made particularly small objects, it is indispensable to divide the interior of the cassette of compartments and dividers that can be formed from plastic boxes, thin wood or thick cardboard, of appropriate size.

There are also specially developed dividers for drawers, which can be found in well-known chain stores of furniture and home furnishings. For documents and receipts will be good to provide envelopes or binders, easily available in stationery.

How to create double bottom in a drawer chest

How to do at home to take away from the sight of prying eyes confidential documents, personal letters, notes or valuables? How to have a small space reserved for that preserves the things we want to protect?

The idea would be to derive in one of the drawers of the house a double bottom, safe and effective that maybe also protects from unfortunate incursions of thieves. In these antique drawer chest were very popular, but now they are less, but following the directions that follow if they can build one with ease.

To begin with you have to choose the drawer chest in which to achieve the double bottom. As you take the exact measurements, measuring the width and length of inner. For the length two millimeters in less so as to leave a narrow slit close to the rear wall, which will return convenient later. In a home improvement store will buy a sheet of plywood equal to this size and two strips of wood a high and long as the bottom of the drawer.

This 3 staining step should be done with care, so that the final color is homogeneous to that of the drawer, otherwise the unmasking secret. Just wiped the stain, you can hide as desired by fitting perfectly to closing, the plywood in the bottom of the drawer. Above you can arrange laundry, documents or other things that were originally placed.

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