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Rush Limbaugh beachfront Home Worth fantastic $50 million

The Controversial politically oriented radio talker Rush Limbaugh who lives on the beachfront home could be worth about $50million, it consist of  four guest houses, a dozen parking spots, a putting green and a main house with more than 31,000 square feet of space. We just found that Rush Limbaugh Property taxes alone total $500,000.

Rush Limbaugh Home

Rush Limbaugh Home

Can You guess about Rush Limbaugh Net Worth?

Okay, Now the next question: Can you guess about Rush Limbaugh Net Worth today? had found a trusted source said that told us Rush Limbaugh net worth and salary. According to, Rush Limbaugh who is american controversial radio host has a net worth of $400 million. We got amazed on this spectacular Rush Limbaugh salary.

Nowadays he is a majority owner of his radio show, which receives over 14 million listeners per week. Rush Limbaugh is by far the most well known plus definitely high paid radio talk show hosts in the worldwide. This person gets an annual salary north of $70 million. Immediately after stints in Pittsburgh (where he pass by the name Jeff Christie), Kansas City and Sacramento, the Limbaugh went domestic in 1988.

That’s down a little bit from peak of 20 million listeners in 2003, but it was enough to get Limbaugh a $400 million 8-year contract with Clear Channel that started out in 2008. The shock jock maintains listeners riled up with his right-leaning take on all things American and never ever misses the chance to be involved in the debate.

Rush Limbaugh broadcasts his show from a $26 million ocean front home in West Palm Beach, which has 12 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms,  and an elevator. He also is the owner of a penthouse condo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Limbaugh’s main source of income though is still “The Rush Limbaugh Show” on radio and the Internet.

How old is Rush Limbaugh anyway? Should he retire at this year?

The Next question from Rush Limbaugh Radio is “How old is Rush Limbaugh this year?”. After we searched his biography on wikipedia, we found that he is 63 this year. Rush Limbaugh was born January 12, 1951.

Rush Limbaugh photo controversial radio talker

Rush Limbaugh photo controversial radio talker

What is the famous Rush Limbaugh Quotes that we don’t ever forget?

Rush Limbaugh said “It doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionist dietary advice. Then we hear that she’s out eating ribs at 1500 calories a serving with 141 grams of fat. But No, I’m trying to say that our first lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you.” –Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 21, 2011

How if i want to be a Radio Announcer, What should i prepare for that job anyway?

The roads to become a radio announcer are many and very different from each other. There are those who come by chance, who has studied so much, who has followed a course of conduct such as those organized by radio speaker, who has studied diction and acting, those who do it all my life and grew up in a radio, some as technical director went to the microphone … so there is no single road.

But the process to get to a radio, the route to get in front of a microphone important is almost always the same. It starts from a small radio and slowly comes to a larger radio. Imagine the career of a football player, part of the Promotion, then goes to radio announcer and if he has talent and continues to do could come in

But first things first. First of all, we must make it clear that to become a radio announcer is not enough to just have a good voice and excellent diction (sometimes even two qualities are not necessary), serve some qualities which are difficult to learn, great personality and great communication skills combined at a certain sensibility and an open mind.

These are innate gifts of nature, but it does not mean that anyone with a great personality, communication skills and sensitivity can become a radio host overnight.
To these qualities must be added a great technical competence and a certain general culture (music, film, history, geography, current events, fashion, trends, politics, sports, etc. ..). Might be interested in this article: the 10 Rules of a radio speaker
How to start a career as a conductor Radio?

How to reach a sufficient technical expertise to run the radio is much longer and more complex. As we said at the beginning, it is essential to start with a local radio station or a web radio (for access to a structure of this type is necessary to make their voices heard by submitting a demo).

No Radio important would call a speaker novice to entrust a live broadcast, unless it’s a character already famous for other reasons: to practice in a local radio / web so it is crucial to become familiar with the microphone, practicality with a clock radio, ease and familiarity with the direct and, above all, to understand if you are really brought to this work.

Working in a small local radio / web you understand what it means to “entertain and inform the public ire every day”, we understand how difficult it is to leave out from the microphone to all their problems seem always cheerful and helpful, even if you have just been give it up by his girlfriend. Be calm, cheerful and smiling is crucial: the microphone does not forgive, everything passes, you can hear everything on the other side, so you should have a great ability to concentrate to understand what we are saying and how they are saying.

What are the problems usually encountered by a Radio Announcer?

The problems encountered by a radio announcer are always around the corner, uncertainty, wrong tone, a syntax error, a distraction, a hesitancy, even a laugh at the wrong time can ruin their careers, so it is good practice for a few years in a small Issuer or Local Radio Online, before making the jump to the most important: when you get to that point errors will no longer be allowed.
Tip: practice at the microphone every day from home

For those who are beginners and has not yet managed to find a local radio or web where you practice, the advice is to start exercising at home, simulating a live alone in their own room, record your own voice, make a demo and send it to all the local radio or web radio of our knowledge (might be useful to this article: how to make a demo radio).

If our vocal performance will be good enough, we will be called by a broadcaster (local or web) and we can begin to build our “expertise” to manage security software live broadcast (Mb Studio, Dj Pro, Selector, Music Control, etc. ..), edit interviews and voice recordings to your computer, find news and write up our own version to read in direct, be on time, enter and leave the song on the air with confidence, managing, increase our expertise in music , learn to speak into the microphone with ease and many other small but important things that make a speaker all, a professional radio.

Only the perseverance, passion, commitment allow you to actually get radio ever more important. Ours is a craft that you learn by listening to others, “stealing secrets” and building his own artistic personality step by step.

Once you get to have a great technical competence, ease the microphone and a certain appeal to the public to need a bit of luck and a lot of tenacity. We must knock on many, many doors, waiting even years before it opens the right one. But to become a professional radio announcer must firmly believe to be a radio announcer since the beginning.

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