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How to decorate the living room: modern living room ideas and trends 2014

The living room is certainly the most important part of our house. With the changing styles and trends in the architecture of modern homes, the spaces in our homes today are becoming more fluid, less defined, adjoining, which called for a path rather than interrupt it with a normal division of space.

living room decorating ideas

living room decorating ideas

Furnishing a small living room: choose the right shade for the walls.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, because quite often this is the most experienced of the house, just like the name says! Most of these environments covering several functions and must contain enough seats for all the inhabitants of the house. Decorating the living room is a task much easier when the space available is large. However, when space is limited, there are some tips to follow in order to make the most of the space and, indeed, make it look even bigger.

cozy living room ideas

cozy living room ideas

How to decorate a small living room: a challenge for many. Here are tips to make it appear larger and more spacious.

How to decorate a small living room

The color of the walls is able to transform a room in a radical way. The smaller rooms should be painted with cool colors such as gray, blue and green. Gray is a very neutral color, which pairs perfectly with any other color, so it is particularly suitable for the living area. One must always remember to paint the ceiling in a lighter tone than the one chosen for the walls, to enhance the sense of height.
Furnishing a small living room: choose curtains

small living room design

small living room design

You can choose tents that they arrive to the ground and hang in the upper part of the window. The ideal size to meet the proportion could be between 4 and 6 inches from the ceiling. A tent full height increases the perception of the height of the ceiling.

Furnishing a small living room: the couch

Most of the sofas that are seen in this period are all very large: they were wrong for a small living room. Try to decorate your living area with a two seater sofa or two armchairs, a coffee table perhaps combining the two. A chair can also be handy for work and certainly does not create the feeling of the room too full and cluttered.

modern living room ideas

modern living room ideas

Choose multipurpose furniture

An ottoman or coffee table with storage compartment, can be ideal for hiding books or DVDs that are normally scattered around the small living room. Complements of this kind help the environment does not seem to overload objects. Create a focal point of large

How about small living room ideas

How to decorate a small living room? Certainly the possibilities at our disposal for doing so are many. In this article we try to provide some useful inspiration. Obviously the choice of the type of decoration depends very much on the style of furniture in the house. A first first idea would be to use an ethnic style. Typical here is the use of a natural wood, preferably teak or sandal, or the timeless bamboo. We could start by entering the white candles of different heights with a large diameter.

To customize we could spread the glue on the surface and apply ourselves of decorative paper with colors and themes that recall the style of the environment. For example, referring always to the ethnic style, could be used for applying exotic colors of the leaves or bark of the bamboo. At this point, allow the glue to dry, apply a protective glaze that gives the candles a greater brightness.

Let us now turn to the central furnishings, or armchairs and sofas. Typical of ethnic style are the vivid colors and multi-tone, then we can use the colored sheets as sofa cover, giving an extra touch “nature” using rose petals, previously dried, as embellishment. For the walls instead of wallpaper should use non-traditional, perhaps with special fantasies or with a collage of different tones, in order to give the living room a style imaginative and original.

To make a more original and refined, decorate the walls of your home is a major step. It ‘now time to say enough is enough to those walls one color a bit’ flat that have accompanied us throughout our life, and to choose instead to prepare the decorations really fun, thanks to which, with a few simple gestures, you can give more “character “to your room. Whether it is a kitchen, whether it’s your bedroom or that of your children, a decoration on the wall will make your environment truly irresistible.

If, however, the style of furniture is particularly romantic (eye, this does not mean hearts everywhere!) Tones to be used must be warmer. Would make a good impression such as the presence of a wooden chair in the Victorian style in a corner of the living room. The colors preponderant must have a hue on the red. One idea would be to use as a coffee table trunk hollowed and filled with many colorful flowers. If the color of the walls tends to red, the frames of the paintings hanging the chromatic effect with colors of green or blue. Obviously do not go overboard with these strong colors because in the long run may tire.

As for the decor in a modern style, the decoration need comfortable and also functional. It must be rather a lot of creativity. For example, the steel and glass coincide well with that style. Maybe used to create the shelves or the shelves for books. Even the lighting is essential, and used in an indirect way through the commercials led. The furniture should be minimalist and monochromatic. White is a very good tone to use, maybe combined with black or gray. The sofa also be monochrome, including pillows. Not recommended is the use of terracotta pots, preferring instead to those in the usual glass or steel.

The important thing, however, is taken in the living room is always a certain coherence, we avoid such use of particularly garish colors on the walls and at the same time dull tones in the decor. Moreover, we should not necessarily limit ourselves to have walls painted with the technique of painting traditional, but we give space to the imagination using sponges, pads, stencils and whatever else more creative. Deepening How to decorate with orange and red. The posters and giant posters  a significant change to furnishing the living room and at the same time to be implemented quickly and with little expense.

Finally, we conclude with the council to decorate the room with some ornament funny and curious. The detail is all furnishings. Crucial also is the care and cleaning, as there is nothing worse than seeing the surfaces covered with dust. In this case it would nullify all the work upstream. These are a few simple ideas to put in place, but highly effective to revitalize your environment. So what are you waiting for? Run to decorate your living room !.

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