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How to create your personal ideal bedroom for your better sleep

The bedroom is the place where a person spends about a third of his life. A key element of the environment dedicated to rest is undoubtedly the bed.The ideal bedroom must have a role that is at least 60 cm from any encumbrance. Decisive is the orientation: the human body at rest must, in fact, be placed with the head towards the north and consequently, the feet oriented toward the south, to favor the electric discharge of the organism, and thus a more effective rest.

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How many times you wake up in the morning with the feeling of not having slept well during the night? The causes can be many, but often, a troubled sleep or not may depend lived peacefully right from the discomfort of our bed. The environment in which you sleep is in fact an area of ​​great importance and should therefore be chosen with care and thought.

The decor of the room, the layout of the bed, the type of mattress and the brightness of the room are some essential aspects that you should take into consideration to ensure the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest.
Healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition and quiet rhythm would not be so alone responsible for a peaceful and regular nightlife, full of sleep and relaxation. A place of honor is right in the bed, the pillow and the other “comrades” of our nights.

Top 10 practical tips for sleeping well

In the following pages you will find some practical tips for sleeping well.

So what are the features that a bedroom must have to allow us to sleep well? For one thing, the room used to house our dreams should be as far from the entrance and the more sheltered from noise sources. In a house that overlooks a busy road, for example, the bedroom should be positioned in the exact opposite side, so as to warn the least possible noise and annoying sounds that hinder sleep. The ideal would be that in fact the bedroom gives onto an interior courtyard.

light-blue-paint colors for bedrooms
The ideal bedroom should then be of an average size, not too small, because it might cause a sense of anxiety, claustrophobia and oppression, nor too broad, because it would not communicate a sense of security and familiarity.

In addition to the intelligent positioning inside the house and size, a good way to avoid disturbances of various kinds that can hinder the night’s rest is to eliminate from the bedroom televisions, computers, cell phones and any other electronic device responsible not only for sound but also visual distractions. The red lights of these devices or electronic watches and clocks dials by garish colors are a source of disorder often underestimated.

The bedroom should be a peaceful and cozy in fact able to communicate a sense of serenity and balance to those who live it every day, an essential condition to fall into a restful sleep and long lasting.

The bed: location, characteristics and materials

The choice of the bed and its position are a central aspect to intervene on our nights. A good arrangement of the bed inside the room can provide a feeling of well being and balance should not be underestimated.
A basic rule is to place the bed in order to support the headboard against a wall with no windows to provide protection and safety and to avoid any glimmers of light and cold air. At the foot of the bed there should be no hindrance, neither furniture nor walls. It is important that the visual and physical space in front of us is free and give us a sense of relaxation and not closing. It would be well, also, that the two sides were far away from the walls.

For a peaceful night’s rest we recommend a bed with a simple preferably made ​​of natural materials, such as wood. Whimsical shapes and eccentric would not help a peaceful rest. A mattress compact, not too hard, nor too soft, it is the ideal solution to ensure a good night’s sleep and for the health of our back. If you are searching for the best mattress that we recommend, you can find it here

An antidote to the hassles joint is given also by the use of pillows anticervicale, while the sheets is best to choose those made ​​from natural fibers. Artificial fibers are charged electrically in fact, producing magnetic fields that disturb sleep and irritate the skin. And we also have pillow that we talked, you can easily find it at here.

The choice of covers is important. Are preferred natural materials: cotton for summer and wool or silk for the winter, so as to ensure a proper temperature, not too hot. As for the colors, especially for the cold season, we recommend the warm tones, shades of beige and earthy colors to those of the greens. More imagination and originality for the summer season.

Decorate your bedroom with your personal touch

Even the furniture in the bedroom is an aspect that can affect the rest. A room crowded with furniture, paintings and decorative objects can be a little stuffy and harmonious environment.

peach paint colors for bedrooms
Best to stick to the basic furniture and objects that make you feel at ease or have a sentimental value, not overdoing it with books, carpets and plush dolls, which are real traps dust. Dust causes itching and in fact undermines the respiratory system, especially for those who are allergic. This would inevitably cause of troubled nights and just serene.

Even the lighting is an aspect not to be underestimated. Better to use floor lamps that send the light upward, removing the central chandeliers and lamps, far too invasive and aggressive, especially in the moment before falling asleep. It is good to create a cozy atmosphere and delicate for that, even for reading under the covers, it would be better to avoid bright lamps, because the light affects the secretion of melatonin.
To ensure a good night’s sleep is also important to prevent the crack of dawn surprise us when we are still in a dream world: better to cover the windows with curtains rather thick and colored so as to avoid the danger of waking up early forced

Protect yourself from the light is not enough to spend a restful night of relaxation; you must also strive to avoid being caught by unexpected noises particularly annoying: it is a great way to protect themselves from double glazing, useful against heat loss can promote energy savings.

The colors that help your night’s rest

A very important aspect that can influence the performance of our nights and that might seem superficial is represented by the colors that you choose for the walls of the bedroom.

The colors represent a great way to influence and affect our mood and our mood. This is why a good knowledge of the psychological meaning of colors can help us decorate our bedroom, and more generally, our home, supporting those who are the tastes and personality of each. In general, the bedrooms are considered ideal the various shades of blue and light blue, the color most restful at all.

Other colors perfect to help sleep and ensure a good night’s sleep are the pastel shades, especially in pale shades of green. The beige and pale pink are particularly suitable for those who tend to depression because the mood tone without exciting the nervous system.

Absolutely not recommended as red, yellow, and all the bright colors that excite the autonomic system and that would be more suitable for a more dynamic environment like the living room and the kitchen. Special attention deserves the white being a neutral color, it does not involve specific handicaps, except a slight increase in brightness.

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