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Top 10 Easy Tips How to clean wood furniture with unique ways

Today will share about Top 10 Easy Tips How to clean wood furniture with unique ways. Did you know that Pecans make furniture remain shiny? Pecan usually is used to blacken the hair are also useful for treating teak furniture. How is a nuts seeds 5 to burn off the oil.

Pecan wrap with gauze and destroy by means of struck. Then brush your furniture with pecans wrapped a gauze of yesteryear. Take a look at the results from your existing furniture is shiny like new again. Here are some tips for you on how to clean teak furniture.

Clean up wood furniture

Clean up wood furniture

The use of sago flour

What is meant by sago starch is starch and cornstarch can be used to clean the furniture. Do I sprinkle the cornstarch to the furniture with former dirty hands in full. Then rub it evenly to your teak furniture looks very clean.

Using stale tea water

Stale tea water can also be used to clean your teak wood, because air stale tea is suitable for cleaning your teak furniture.

Use of water vinegar

In this vinegar water wearing just your combine ¼ cup olive oil, and vinegar poleslah teak furniture with this solution. Second, mix a solution of 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water. Take a sponge and dip the last solution after that apply on your teak wood stain. If it is, lap your teak furniture to dry. When it is finished, bring the color of furniture or furniture that plitur returns.

Clean up with shoe Polish

Clean the furniture using a neutral shoe Polish was smeared with shoe Polish with a rag and then rubbed on your teak furniture.

Cleaning up the former sticker on a teak wood stick

wood furniture care

wood furniture care

The children were often put a sticker on the window, door, or furniture. If long is sure to be hard to clean it up, but surely you’re thinking the stain with scraping sharps as it will damage the furniture itself. Just squirt a little bit of cooking oil on a sticker that you want to clean, let sit a few moments until the oil seep. After that brush with very soft fabric. Do it up repeatedly until sticker stain was.

Cleaning up the former sticker stuck in wood furniture

wood table maintenance

wood table maintenance

Children often put a sticker on your walls, doors, Windows or furniture. If long is definitely difficult to clean up, but never the stain using a scraping sharp objects as this may damage the furniture itself.

Squirt a little bit of cooking oil on a sticker that want to clean up, let oil seep. Then rub it using a soft cloth. Repeat until the stain is gone and despite the sticker.

How to care for and Clean wood furniture

Wooden furniture such as sofas, tables, furniture  are very long lasting furniture. Wood Furniture can add the stylish and beautiful decorating the room of the House. Wooden furniture it requires special attention, especially when there are sculptures. Should be always kept clean. Here are the ways that we can do to clean it up:
1. To remove dust or dirt from the wood furniture, use a soft cloth.Dampen a cloth with water used to be clean before you mopped, so that the furniture is not scratched.

2. What if the dust it stood a nan is difficult, such as carvings on the sidelines? Easy: just use the small brush to dislodge dust.

3. Occasionally, use special cleaning fluid furniture.Remember: use a soft cloth so that the furniture is not scratched.

4. Dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or dust sucker machine.Or with a small compressor. In this way, a safer wood furniture from scratches are present without intentional.

5. Use a special fluid for shiny while protecting the wood furniture.There are certain products that are made from pure wood oil. The liquid is very good coat the wood surface, seeped into the wood. The manufacturer claims, fluid it leaves no residue. This bias makes wooden furniture is more resistant than the damp, it is also more durable.

6. that is not less important is the way you and other occupants in using wooden furniture.First, avoid putting wood furniture in a place that a lot of the other colors of furniture so that the sunlight could not be quickly faded.

Second, try not to shift the sharp or heavy objects on top of the table — particularly wood furniture. Thus, it is more clean furniture from scratches.To minimize the risk of scratches on this pedestal, can be used.
After that, avoid the furniture from direct touch hot or cold items, including food/drinks hot or cold. So, always use the food trays of drinks.

7. clean the wooden furniture with materials from your kitchen, here’s how:

Pour boiling water to some tea bags with 1 quart of water or can be customized to your needs. Dip a washcloth into delicate the tea marinade and then wring it out. Use a washcloth to clean delicate surfaces of Your wood furniture. Don’t let the wet wood furniture. After the Duster have mopped, dipped in tea marinade it, make sure your wood furniture is not too wet or dry it with a dry soft rag

So, hopefully your wood furniture always looks alluring.

So a brief explanation about how to clean teak furniture. May be very useful for all of you. Thank you.

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How To Design A Kitchen Top 10 Tips For Kitchen Design from top designer

Today will share about How to design a kitchen? What color I paint the kitchen? What should be measured in meters the kitchen? Where to locate the kitchen? How to decorate the kitchen? How to organize your kitchen? I found some advice here, so your kitchen remains functional, super cute.

Usually the kitchen is often the heart of the house, as it’s always a family and sometimes meeting with our friends, to breakfast, to lunch, to come home from work and any time we always go to the kitchen, which is why leading role in the kitchen is all modern home. Given the importance of the kitchen, cooking these days should be nice and cozy, but especially comfortable, practical and functional. When consider the design of your kitchen, consider these aspects that I found on the web Sodimac and are based on the experience of its specialists:

Top 10 Tips to design your favorite kitchen

The kitchen has become an important meeting place for family and our friends. It has become an open show and integrate with the rest of the house and an important element of recovery of housing facing the property market space.

A kitchen is a significant percentage of the budget of a home and many people are not sure about its design, renovation and maintenance problems. The following five tips will avoid making costly mistakes.

Tip 1: Define your goals.

– A renovation home improvement is totally different from a renovation to sell.
– Moreover, the renovation of a kitchen in an apartment where space is at a premium, requires a millimeter design and precise placement of appliances to ensure their success.
– How many people work simultaneously in the kitchen?
– What kind of “cook” the use? (passionate, casual …)
– How often the supplies? Need space to store supplies for a long time?
– What do you like and dislike about your current kitchen?
– Do you have enough natural light and ventilation your current kitchen?
– Will you use the kitchen as a daily meeting place for family, eating, lunch …?
– Need to allocate an area for washing clothes? Something needed when space is limited.

small kitchen design

small kitchen design

Tip 2: Location of the kitchen.

– If the design is from scratch, you must ensure that the location of the kitchen and cuts allow direct connection to the dining room. If possible free kicks, that will be uncomfortable and dangerous.
– Priority should be given to their orientation for light and natural ventilation.
– Since the trend is the open space kitchen, visible from the living and dining room, its design must be flawless.
– Your space is best to design with simple geometry and standard measures for better utilization, ease of renovating and maintaining your furniture.

kitchen design concept

kitchen design concept

Tip 3: First of all it works.

– Think of your kitchen from the logic of the sequence of the work done there. Basic considerations of specialists to be functional starting with the concept of “work triangle”.
– A functional kitchen (unless it is built on a single wall) provides as an imaginary triangle the three key points: the cooking area, laundry and storage.
– The “work triangle” is the shortest distance between the refrigerator, the main cooking surface and dishwasher, so everything you need will be at hand.

– A very comfortable 15 m2 kitchen can have, and for the triangle function optimally, the sum of its 3 sides should not exceed 8 meters and separately, none should be less than 1.20 nor more than 2.70 meters.
– It is important to prevent circulation and access high flow passing through the “work triangle”.
– Neither should circulation be left behind people sitting eating. If it becomes a corridor should be at least 1.60 meters wide.

kitchen tiles design

kitchen tiles design

– If the kitchen is going to work only one person, simply leave 1.10 meters wide for corridors that surround the islands working and 0.75 meters for the other. But if two people simultaneously work permanently, I extend it to 1.25 meters.
– A trick to define the minimum width of doors is to ensure the passage of the fridge you want to have.
– Also be careful that interference and bumps between the door and door furniture and equipment will not occur.
– Traditional refrigerators open right, is uncomfortable to use them if they are on the far left of the kitchen into a wall.

kitchen designs ideas

kitchen designs ideas

Tip 4: On counters and shelves.

– Work surfaces and storage at different heights are very important to make the kitchen so it is small, a real battle tank.
– Consider that their heights allow for different uses and work tasks, standing or sitting. For mesons this can be worked at two heights between 0.72 and 0.92 meters and between 0.92 and 1.14 meters.
– For bar or where they are to be seated people, leave at least 30 inches below free legroom.

italian kitchen design

italian kitchen design

– Control the sequence is especially important to keep a small space where functional disorder will always be the danger. The drawers and shelves should be fully utilized for storage in deep upper cabinets and taking advantage of the ceiling height can save items that are not needed daily.
– The design and layout is very practical for the food bar is high against the living or dining room to easily hide dirty dishes from the view from the social area.

commercial kitchen design

commercial kitchen design

– If the kitchen is small (less than 15 m2) can allocate at least 4 linear feet of base cabinets, with a depth of 50 cm. minimum. If larger, they can be considered no less than 5 linear meters, with a background equal or greater.
– We must have free surface on both sides of the cooking area, so you will have different utensils, spoons, salt and other items.
– Another important secret to not stoop to work is to find that your feet do not hit back the furniture and socket 7.5 cms. minimum in both height and depth you can work more comfortable.

Tip # 5 on the furniture.

– Not all wall units must be at the same height. Can be accommodated depending on the different levels of cover.
– In small kitchens (less than 15 m2) to be at least 3.60 meters of wall units of 76 cm. high. In larger kitchens, can be located at least 4.80 meters. In both cases, it is good to include shelves background with a minimum of 30 cm. and that can be moved to different heights.

– You can also hang cabinets above the range hood, oven or fridge, but still installed appliances within them.
– To maximize the storage space in the marketplace get extensions to improve accessibility to the area of ​​the corners.
– It is recommended to install the fire area and firing against a window that can be opened. Wind can turn off the heat and let the gas escape.

modular kitchen designs

modular kitchen designs

– Nor put curtains on windows that remain located above the cooking area that can burn.
– If you can not keep the fridge is next to the oven to use efficiency should be isolated by a panel.
– The best location in microwaves depends on the use of his family. From the point of view of safety and accessibility, it is convenient to have around work tables and in a position where the bottom is between 0.60 to 1.20 meters above ground level.

new kitchen designs

new kitchen designs

– The dishwashing machine is the most difficult element to move into the kitchen, because it brings a whole associated drainage system and facilities, which warrants a careful analysis of their location.
– You have to let vent at the top containing furniture and appliances generate heat (oven, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.).

How to Design a Modular Kitchen

If you alone to prepare a project in the initial phase of the research purchase, you can better compare the prices offered by different retailers and in general you will be more aware in the early stages of negotiations, although in the end the solution chosen will be different from the one you designed.

Firstly, you should be aware that the depth of almost all of the kitchens is 60 cm and the base module for the development length is 15 cm.

The furniture that make up the modular kitchen are therefore wide 1, 2, 3, 4 … modules, however taking into account the various constraints linked to the appliances and the kitchen equipment. Deepening How to design a built-in kitchen (click here) Let’s start by saying that the components of 30 cm (2 modules) and above 15 cm (1 module) are to be avoided because their presence weighs on budget to a greater extent of their usefulness.
Most of the modules to be used are those of 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm ..

The majority of appliances occupy 60 cm (4 modules): column fridge, oven, hob, dishwasher and washing machine if necessary. There are also dishwasher 45 cm (3 modules) and ovens 90 cm (6 modules), but are to be used only in special cases. The cabinet under the sink and the overlying hanging dish typically measured 90 cm. The module 45 cm is suitable for drawers. Of note, almost all manufacturers have provided a kind of module “wild card” of 40 cm (and its dual 80 cm) to allow greater flexibility in the “fill with the greatest possible accuracy the available space.

Defined the necessary components can provides to arrange them in an orderly composition drawing them on the sheet of a normal notebook, in which each square corresponds to the module of 15 cm. In doing this, it is necessary to take into account certain requirements: The refrigerator should be placed at one end of the composition; the stove should not be placed directly next to the fridge as not to damage the operation; the sink requires additional space compared to the mobile sink, generally above the dishwasher to accommodate the so-called “slide” drainer (total size 120 cm).

If the composition of the modular kitchen exceeds the maximum extent permitted you can try to use the modules 80 and 40 instead of 90 and 45 cm. If necessary, you can also use the module 30 instead of 45 cm. If that’s not enough you have to resort to compact solutions that sacrifice at least in part the functionality of appliances and that can reach sizes of 240 cm or less, but the exposure of which requires specific analysis.
If the composition is smaller than the wall of a measure which does not allow the increase of a module (if advancing for example 7-8 cm), the best solution is to provide for a closing band side refrigerator, excluding however tailored pieces that encumbers the quote and delivery times.

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