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The 32 inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet Reviews

Today has reviewed The 32 inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet. This shoe cabinet was measured in 31.5 inch wide and 15.8 inch deep with 41 inch of height. Every area that requires some space for storing your shoes collection should add the Brisk Multi-Purpose Shoe Cabinet.

5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet

5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet

Including a matte black finish, this spacious cabinet has 4 flexible shelves and one fixed shelf for ample storage space. The multi-purpose cabinet is essentially made to be used everywhere in your house. When used as a shoe cabinet, it can keep around 20 pairs of standard sized shoes. This shoe cabinet is perfectly sized for entrance halls and closets. Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet includes frame is made of medium fiber board. It is easy to clean, wipe with damp cotton cloth. Assembly required.

Brisk Shoe Cabinet

Brisk Shoe Cabinet

What are Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet Specifications?

  • 30-days hassle-free replacement parts warranty
  • Five (5) fixed shelves; Store up to 20 pairs of shoes; Two (2) doors open wide; Plastic front panels
  • Product is made of medium fiber board construction; laminate black finish
  • Clean and minimal profile with multiple shelving units inside for all your storage needs
  • Assembly required by two adults; To clean, use damp cotton cloth to wipe clean; Made in Taiwan
  • Measures 31.50 inches wide by 15.80 inches deep by 41 inches high
  • FREE SHIPPING. Great Delivery Service, Very Promptly service. We personally love it
  • 30 Percent OFF Discount NOW from the manufacturer

What customers said about Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet?

I have been looking all over for the best shoes cabinet, and finally i decided to take Brisk 5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet. This Shoe Cabinet can hold around 20-25 pairs of women shoes. It doesn’t take too much space , and the best part of it which is the doors, I really like the design of the doors. I purchased 2 of these to our entry way simply because I’m a runner with multiple pairs of running shoes that I cycle through and my husband also has different shoes for different purposes and we required a storage solution that was high capacity and attractive. The finished product is very attractive and minimalist and the surface is covered with a very durable laminate that is easily dusted/wiped clean.

These cabinets were not only quickly delivered Arrived in just under 4 days, and arrived well packaged and undamaged (very rare for mail order furniture). The cabinet is made in Taiwan, which is a huge step up in quality from furniture made in China or Vietnam. It was the first time I have put together flat pack furniture and not had to jerry-rig something to make it fit together. The directions were easy to follow and the required parts were all there.

All you need to assemble this piece is a screwdriver and also a rubber mallet. The instructions say 2 people are necessary, but I found that it was easily assembled by one person (me) without any assistance. The only time you need 2 people is to carry the package into the house because it weighs about 80 pounds (particle board is heavy) I am very happy and now have saved the Enitial Lab brand in my wish list for my future furniture and fixture needs.

Where to buy Discount Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save US $80 on the purchase price of this 32 Inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet. These special deals don’t last long.

Top 5 guidelines on How to find the best Shoe Rack

The average American woman has almost two dozen pairs of shoes while the American man keeps an average of one dozen pairs of shoes. Even without the addition of children, a small family needs a shoe storage option to help keep a nice and clean home. Shoe racks for the closets and doors are among the most favored choices. Selecting a shoe rack mostly is determined by just how easily accessible the shoe should be as well as if the buyer wants an definitely compact rack rather than something bulky and meant to stay in place. The purchaser should think about the amount of space they have to invest to a shoe rack because racks differ in dimensions starting small minimalist designs to wall-to-wall shelves of finished wood.

Along with convenience as well as placing, shoe racks also ideal differ in appeal and sturdiness. Coming from wooden freestanding shelves to flexible, plastic over-the-door racks, customers have numerous choices to choose from.

Customers should select a shoe rack that matches their space and complies with their own needs for the durability as well as appearance. This might need calculating their allocated space and depending of their shoes to decide what number of shelves they will need. Generally, hanging wall racks are appropriate for those who lack much floor space, while standing shelves are best for those who have ample floor space but little wall or door space. Many men and women may perhaps take advantage of a mix of various racks to fit all of their shoes.

Furthermore, some shoe racks need some set up. Commonly, metal and wooden racks do not come pre-built because it is more affordable plus easy deliver them in flat packs. But, even wall racks may need some anchoring screws to set up perfectly.

1. Measure Your Space

Many people who buy shoe racks are working with limited space. Fortunately, there are all different kinds of shoe racks, so homeowners can find a storage solution that works for them.

2. You can buy More Than One Shoe Rack

A functional shoe collection may need a flexible shoe storage solution. For instance, you can find special racks for high heels, boots, and also outfit shoes. In addition, some shoe racks are stackable, so buying multiple racks creates a taller set of standing shelves. Yet another factor to buy more than one shoe rack is to put them in separate areas of the home; one rack can go by the front door for well-used shoes, and another placed in the closet for night, dress, or other less gently used shoes.

3. Think about the Shoe Rack’s appearance as well as durability

Shoe racks are not the same regarding to the appearances. Definitely, visual appeals may not be necessary to everybody, and it’s less important if the rack sits at the bottom of a closet, only seen by the buyer. Yet, the rack’s durability greatly depends on their material, which often determines its overall physical appearance. The most affordable choices are thin, flexible plastic cubbies. Commonly, although these racks are useful, they may not really fit the bedroom decor. Wooden shoe racks are heavier and stronger, commonly ones created using solid wood rather when compared to composite wood. While composite wood is cheap as well as much lighter compared to solid wood, it easily bubbles while in exposure to water and does not last as long. Metal shoe racks are also a stylish as well as solid option, according on your style.

4. Choose Shoe Rack Sophistication

Specific kinds of shoe racks need to get assembly; for example, large wooden shoe racks seldom appear prebuilt. Whereas, hanging racks are generally ready to hang on the wall or door right out of the package. Even racks that require a lot of assembly are generally easy to assembled because they are just shelves and sometimes doors to hide the contents.

5, Find Out Shoe Rack Size

Some shoe racks undoubtedly keep a lot more shoes than other shoe racks. Short racks versus tall racks are a great example of doubling the available shoe space. This also means that it is possible to purchase excessive or perhaps not enough shoe storage. To prevent this, consumers could calculate their pairs of shoes and make an educated guess on how many shoes they buy per year before choosing to a shoe rack. Most shoe rack packages give an estimate on the number of shoes they hold. One rack can hold anywhere from ten to several dozen pairs, depending on its size.

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The 42 Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower Review

Today has reviewed Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. Dvd racks that can hold  280 DVD’s collection or 426 CD’s. The media cabinet assembled measurements are 32.50 Inch wide by 9.375 Inch deep by 45.375 Inch tall and has limited 5-year manufacturer warranty. With 6 adjustable shelves and cinnamon cherry finish made this dvd storage worth to buy. The ideal piece of media cabinet that will fit any office or home setting. Sauder media cabinet collections is the storage tower which has quality-built with features to meet your dvd racks needs.

If you have hobby of watching movie and keeping the DVDs in your own collection can possibly soon add up to the unorganized appearance within your room. You may have tried out many times to arrange the DVDs organized, but somehow cannot manage them properly. Simply we have a great solution, the DVD rack. Dependent upon of the space that you currently have in your room, you can buy from a wide range of DVD display stands that on one hand will serve the function of keeping the DVDs in order and whereas can be a great attractive piece for your home as well.

Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

What customer said about Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower ?

The Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower is manufactured especially for DVD or CD storage with fully versatile shelves, and I mean fully — not like another products, the peg holes on the sides start a couple of inches up from the bottom, then go in about one inch increments all the way up. There is not any wasted space for a DVD collection here. It’s even superficial enough that the DVDs are flush with the front, so bonus points for ease of use, and even saving space.W e were able to get 250 DVDs into each of two of mine (not filling the third), give or take a few titles, of course, for box sets and the like.

If you have a enormous DVD collection, I searched for quite some time for the ideal storage space units. A lot of bookcases are made to become multipurpose, which is great if you’ve got VHS tapes  or want to store books, CDs and DVDs together.

I bought this storage tower so I could store my dvds. I have before had them in CD cases, but grew tired of not being able to find the movie I wanted quickly. I discovered this on Amazon for a cheap price. Arrived very well packaged. I fell in love. The shelves, on the other hand, are really nice. We love this media cabinet and are more than happy with this purchase.

The installation of this Sauder media cabinet was very simple. I did each unit myself in under half an hour. Now, I have had a lot of practical knowledge with flat-pack furniture, but if you can follow instructions and can use a screwdriver (standard and Philips) and a hammer, you’re all set. A tape measure also helps if you want to be precise on placing the nails on the backing.

There are exactly five steps in the instructions, clearly illustrated and written in English, French and Spanish. Finally, they are very generous with the spare screws, nails, etc., that come with the unit. I used everything listed in the instructions and still had extras left over — great for those of you with fumbly fingers and shag carpets. If you configure it for DVDs only, you’ll also have two extra shelves to do with as you please. (I’m thinking of making a three-shelf wall unit or shoe rack out of the six extra I have.)

The Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower is a very attractive piece with a gloss finish and a nice rounded edge on the top and bottom pieces. The top is flush with the sides, whilst the bottom extends out a few inches, presumably for stability. Once loaded, it does seem very steady, although we would still recommend using the included angle bracket and screws to secure it to a wall, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. (I don’t know whether it would be more or less stable without the optional feet installed. My units are on hardwood floors, but the feet are probably not the way to go on carpet.) Also, if you’re not going to fully load it yet, go from bottom to top, again for stability. I knew I’d fill the first one completely, so sorted my collection into it alphabetically, but had to hold it steady when the top shelves were fuller than the bottom.

35 dolllar Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower

If  you’ve got a large DVD collection that you want to store in an economical and engaging way, then this unit is hard to beat. I had about 39 linear feet of DVDs to store, and three units did the job with plenty of room to spare. The shallow profile and just under four foot height is very appealing, making then unnoticeable whereas showing your collection to its full advantage.

Overall we are very satisfied for purchasing this Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. Every feature is excellent and the result is the best CD or DVD storage unit, at the best price, that I have found.

What are Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower Features?

  • The media cabinet is  made of sturdy wood and has 6 adjustable shelves
  • Made in the USA
  • The dvd storage holds 280 DVD’s or 426 CD’s
  • limited 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Free Delivery from the manufacturer. This is a great delivery service.
  • It has 5 star grade rating from customer who bought it.
  • Really Worth to buy only US 35 dollar

Where to buy Discount Sauder Multimedia Storage ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save 42% on the purchase price of this Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower. These special deals don’t last long.

You can choose from Saudeer DVD rack options and keep your DVDs well organized where you can take out the favorite one without wasting time on thinking where you have put it in the first place.

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