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The 40 inches wide Kokols Modern Bathroom Vanity Reviews

Today has reviewed The 40 inches wide Kokols Modern Bathroom Vanity. This is measured by 40 inches wide by 22 inches deep. Complete with Blue Vessel Sink absolutely made your bathroom looks exquisite and modern. Glass shelves dimensions: 8 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

It is made of Stainless steel racket and towel bar in crhome finish. The Combo set includes: faucet, glass counter,pedestal, glass sink, drain, ptrap, and glass shelves. This is the unique bathroom vanities with blue accent.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity

What are Kokols Modern Bathroom Vanity Specifications?

  • The Installation: Wall mount
  • The Materials: Glass and stainless steel
  • Number of shelves: Three (3) glass shelfs
  • Total Dimensions: 36 inches high by 40 inches wide by 22 inch deep (counting from floor to top of the sink)
  • Stainless shelf dimensions: 19 inches wide x 12 inches deep
  • Towel bar dimension: 19 inches wide
  • Contemporary blue glass vessel sink
  • Sink dimensions: 6 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep
  • The thickness: 1/2 inch
  • Chrome push umbrella pop-up drainer, p-trap
  • Chrome finished 12-inch faucet with two (2) hoses

Where to buy Discount Kokols Modern Bathroom Vanity ?

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How to start your renovations in the bathroom

The best thing to do to start your remodeling project bathroom is to change the vanity. The bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles, it therefore exists to meet the tastes. When shopping, you will quickly notice the huge amount of choice.

Three important steps to choose your vanity

The three main things to keep in mind before you start shopping for your new vanity are the size, style and function of the bathroom. If you take a step in advance, you can provide these three factors and renovate your bathroom so simple and effective. Then you will save some money as you are able to use when you went to the most expensive renovations to the kitchen!

1 Take the dimensions of the bathroom

The size and layout of your bathroom essentially dictate what choices you have to insert vanity. So it is so important to find a manufacturer that designs vanities bathroom tailored to your specifications. This way, you are not restricted to large areas and styles can customize your bathroom exactly as desired. Take your dimensions accurately and make sure to include the width, height and depth. Also take note of the things plumbing or any other matter related to connecting your vanity. Older homes tend to have less space, especially depth. It would therefore be vigilant to study everything to save time and money. Note that it can quickly design vanities responding specifically to your requirements.

Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Double Bathroom Vanity Set

2 Determine the desired style of your bathroom

The bathroom vanities are available in several styles. It is advisable to browse online to see some component manufacturers kitchen and bathroom so much to choose from all styles. What we often recommend is to buy your vanity first and then design your bathroom from it. Just as we can decorate a room, inspired by colors or patterns of a piece of fabric or artwork, we can also incorporate elements of design and decoration based on the bathroom vanity that you choose.

3 Provide the main function of the bathroom

How many people will use the bathroom? Is it going to be the main bathroom or will he a secondary bathroom used primarily by guests? Is it going to be a bathroom for children? Will there be people with special needs or the elderly who use it? These are all very important questions to consider as they greatly influence your choice in your new design.

Several things should be considered regardless of the home improvement project. Whether you’re in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas, we can offer expert advice while incorporating elements tailored to the design of your bathroom or kitchen. Better yet, go to one of our showrooms and talk to our designers kitchen and bathroom!

How to choose bathroom furniture

Considering the impact they can have in defining the character and livability of the bathroom, the health do not always have the attention they deserve. The reasons are essentially two: on one side are considered necessary and constitutive elements of any dwelling, almost commodity taken for granted; on the other hand is quite a widespread idea that there are not many alternatives, or solutions that secure, reliable and functional as those more established: the classic white ceramic sanitary ware.

Bathroom Vanity Set

Bathroom Vanity Set

The materials: selection and maintenance of Modern Bathroom

For example, consider the materials: alternatives to glass-ceramic china white, resistant to acids and very easy to clean, there are, and many of them have interesting features. Among the natural materials, mainly used for sink, tub and shower, we find natural stone, marble and granite. Although challenging because of the cost, of the specific weight and the need for treatments that can reduce the incidence of limestone and acids, can be used in slabs glued or unique blocks excavated, to obtain products of sure effect on the aesthetic plane. An even more refined for the basin is that of semi-precious stones such as onyx or amethyst, these treated superficially.

There is also the wood of natural materials; less common, mainly used for bath and sink, is a choice of “heat”, which recalls the tubs once. For those who prefer the metal and the aesthetics of high-tech, the natural choice is stainless steel. Highly resistant to impact, is proposed glossy or satin, or even, in a few cases, painted. It takes a little ‘attention if you want to avoid or reduce surface scratches and to eliminate traces of limestone. Most craft also employ the antique bronze, copper or brass. An alternative, to the sink, is that of glass products.

Some manufacturers are experimenting with the use for toilets and bidets. Innovative though not new to the proposal of products in polyethylene, the material is 100% recyclable as water bottles, very resistant to shock, which allows for very light products and to enter into the product a light source, with also the possibility to change color.

Form and function of Modern Bathroom Vanity

Regarding the choice of forms, however the ovoid or rounded are definitely easier to clean, but those who seek the most typical solutions should certainly not give up. For the washbasin for example, the market offers products in different shapes, from round to the cylinder, from the parallelepiped to the bending shapes, or even products rotatable on the fixed pivot of the discharge. In the pots and bidets forms are a bit ‘less risky, bound by a more direct contact with the body, and, if we consider the distribution of products, the ovoid wins over all others. From this point of view it is interesting to the proposal of a plan of sitting no longer horizontal but bent to accommodate the natural curvature of the body, or even that of non-symmetrical.

There are still formal alternative solutions, such as products become increasingly popular, pointing to the aesthetics linear and cuboid, in some way, even very strict, making it almost too “edgy.” For functionality and also for cleaning is an interesting trend to offer integrated systems, with toilet and bidet are no longer isolated but individual elements and inserted into a structure-mobile only one that serves both the function of ground plane and container.

An intermediate solution is to individual elements, toilet and bidet, which incorporate small doors to cover the side storage compartments formed in the space below. If the bathroom is small, you can maximize space by resorting to the corner solutions that take advantage of otherwise unusable space. For those who have to choose a pot with integrated or backpack – for example, when you can not or do not want to install the cistern wall, speaking with masonry – some manufacturers offer modules to match the bidet, which recover the symmetry , exploiting the space for shelves or containers.

Many companies have products in the catalog that also evoke or faithfully reproduce the classic style, which offer solutions for those looking for atmosphere, rustic or antique flavor. In this case the solution to the sinks is almost always the one. For heights are generally similar and there is little room for customization, you can get a sink in the actual installation customization, deviating by about 80 cm of standard to get to meet their own needs. If you have only one bath is likely to be concentrated in it needs also very different, for example those of adults and children, or adults with a height of also very different: in this case it is useful to remember that if the lowest, children and not, a small increase can solve the problem, a sink too low there is no remedy.

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Top 10 bathroom remodel ideas with practical ways

Today will share to you Top 10 bathroom remodel ideas with practical ways. Bathroom remodeling ideas gives several choices for artwork, style, accessories, and make use of of space. Regardless you are totally redesigning a bathroom, or creating a few simple design ideas come to life, these tips just might help. If you’re building or renovating your property, the bathroom is one particular area you simply can’t handle to ignore.

You have to take into attention your whole bathroom remodeling ideas and blend those with bathroom remodeling estimates. There are lots of scaled-down projects to mix color, update lighting, or add accessories which will rev up the appearance of a bathroom, without having spend a lot of money or waiting around for a major bathrooom remodel ideas.

bathroom remodel ideas

bathroom remodel ideas

Bathroom remodel ideas with practical ways:

1. Examine your storage space options, then buy some proper storage solutions such as drawer dividers, and fill antique bowls or shaving mugs with pretty toiletries, such as soaps or bath salts.

2. Combine colors by using a light-colored stain for the background and then applying a brighter color to some of the drawers. If you have room, consider adding a piece of outdoor furniture like a wicker chair or table. Last but not least, consider painting. Maybe your bathroom could use another coat of paint or perhaps it’s time to do something absolutely unique.

bathroom remodel ideas pictures

bathroom remodel ideas pictures

3. Begin a new wish list bathroom. Examine your existing bathroom — exactly what you would like and what you want to improve. List functions you’ve always needed. Group them corresponding to must-haves and nice-to-haves, and number them by importance. Tour model homes and showrooms, and scan magazines and websites to gather inspiration.

4. Contact a professional. Although you are preparing a small-scale makeover or tackling some of the remodel yourself, talk to an expert. Pros know what your budget can buy, and they provide solid advice on how to save and where to splurge. They can also help you avoid costly mistakes. Be sure to call in experts for plumbing and wiring, and always get more than one estimate for a job.

5. Get a budget. Regardless you need to instinct your bathrooms and begin from scratch or just make cosmetic changes, it’s essential to find out just how much you need to invest before starting. Also set money aside for the unexpected, such as water or mold problems.

6. Get the finest value for your money. Regardless of the measurements of your bath, keep in mind that the more walls containing plumbing pipes, the higher the price tag. Doing work within a room’s existing footprint might not offer the recommended design solution, but it basically always saves money. Relocating the toilet or the drain for the shower or tub can be costly. But, if electrical or plumbing systems are out-of-date, it is usually economical in the long run to gut the room and start from scratch. “The most important thing is to have high-quality installers,” says Linda Welch, a certified master kitchen and bath designer from Monroe, Michigan. Welch recommends spending more on installation than on products. Also, invest in items that can’t be changed easily, such as flooring, the tub, and shower, and don’t overlook practical features such as good lighting and storage.

bathroom remodel pictures

bathroom remodel pictures

7. Travertine tiles protect the ground and keep towards bathtub surround. Travertine always handles the shower walls, but the tiles are much smaller and feature a rough, spilt face. This textural surface area is similar of a natural rock wall, giving the shower a distinct outdoor connection. A frameless glass natural enclosure enables the drama of the shower walls to function as a major point.

bathroom remodel ideas

bathroom remodel ideas

8. Using the wallpaper and mauve blinds long gone, the bathroom was ready for its new look. The chocolate-brown paint and ivory wainscoting visually break up the small space. Although the fresh walls are the most popular function with this transformation, its shine comes in the form of little details, such as the newly decorated mirror and window trim, the new chrome faucet (a steal at $36), and Roman shades in a hitting damask print. Despite the fact that low-cost, small adjustment such as these can change a bathroom’s look.

bathroom remodel ideas

bathroom remodel ideas

9. A Brand-New Bath. During the demolition, an abandoned closet was removed enabling additional area for the bathtub as well as toilet. A useful and style-appropriate choice for the bathtub area, subway tile covers the walls from moisture and maintains the look of the 1920s home. The octagonal tile flooring also keeps in step with the home’s historical roots. The black and white pattern helps as being a aesthetic break from all the other white areas in the bathroom.


10. A brand new tone palette of natural and soft sage green give the bathroom the clean appearance it so seriously needed. The cavernous shower was replaced by one that’s much more suitable for the small space. The glass shower enclosure brings the room a lighter feel. The old bathtub was changed with a luxurious soaking tub with an inexpensive field tile surround, which also was used in the shower and on the floor. Using a budget-savvy material for most of the tile work left cash in the budget for insets of pricier accent tiles, laid in a border around the tub and along the shower’s back wall.

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