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3 recommended hanging shelves with reviews

Today on 9 March 2013, we have reviewed 3 recommended hanging shelves. All the hanging shelves have a reasonable price from 11 US dollar to 20 US dollar. Great price for good quality hanging shelves.

1. Honey Can Do 8 Shelf Hanging Organizer

54 inch high hanging shelves

54 inch high hanging shelves

The first hanging shelves called Honey Can Do 8 Shelf Hanging Organizer. It is made of polyester material, each shelf is strengthened on the edges. The unit ascribes directly to any standard closet rod with a hook and a simple velcro-loop closure.

With the optional storage drawers match into the shelves, and the organizer available in several beautiful colors such as Navy, White, Natural, Black, and beautiful square motif. It was measured in 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep by 54 inches high and the manufacturer also give a lifetime warranty.

For the natural color, the manufacturer Honey-Can-Do gives special discount, 41 percent off discount. We bought this hanging organizer as a quick fix to use in our nursery. We wanted to hang sheets, blankets, sweater and other random baby items in it. The material is very tough and the velcro that holds the unit onto the clothes rod is extremely strong.

12 inch wide Velcro hanging shelves

12 inch wide Velcro hanging shelves

Perfect alternative to building shelves. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to use. It has many function such as put baby clothes when our newest was on the way. They save a lot of space in our room and now we don’t have to worry about getting a dresser because almost our entire wardrobe full.

They move easily and the double velcro keeps them from getting pulled down like a one-strap would do. We are happy with this purchase. Don’t worry about the shipping cost, because they give free delivery.

54 inch high Velcro hanging shelves

54 inch high Velcro hanging shelves


2.Household Essentials 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with Plastic Shelves

50 inch Hanging shelves  with 6 shelf

50 inch Hanging shelves with 6 shelf

The Second recommended hanging shelves called Household Essentials 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer. It is crafted from smooth, sturdy canvas, 60 percent Polyester and 40 percent Cotton material, so this durable fabric breathes, keeping your clothing fresh in season and out. With 6 shelves, each reinforced by plastic base, and an innovative hanging system, which can be used with any standard closet rod or wire shelving system, this unit is well prepared to handle a full wardrobe.

Pamper your sweaters and other garments, cover them in nature’s fibers. It can accommodate a full wardrobe as well. It measured in 12 inch wide, 12 inch deep, and 50 inch high. Its very sturdy and it looks nice. We have it in the nursery closet and it holds the diapers, heavy wipe refills. The shelves are a hardy plastic, so easy to clean and the fabric sides breathe well to let a bit of air in. The manufacturer Household Essentials gives 5 percent off discount and also free shipping.
Where to buy this Household Essentials 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with Plastic Shelves anyway? You can find it on online store and compared with other online store to get the best price.

3. Whitmor java Fashion Color Organizer Collection Hanging Accessory Shelves

42 inch Whitmor fashion color hanging shelves

42 inch Whitmor fashion color hanging shelves

These shelves come in the popular and stylish Java brown color and are designed with 5 spacious shelves for storage. It measured in 11.5 inch Long, 12 inch Wide, 42 inch High.These shelves keep clothing and accessories organized, clean and wrinkle free. The breathable fabric shelves with contrasting trim are not just stylish but will keep clothing and accessories tidy and smelling fresh.

A sturdy metal frame with included hooks allow you to easily hang this organizer on your closet rod. I bought this product for my apartment to get more storage and I love it. Not only does it make my closet more organized, but it really stores a good amount of stuff. I like the material and the side pockets. I got these to hang in my closet for extra storage as opposed to another dresser, and they fit the bill. They even have pockets on the sides. Perfect for shoes, sweaters, towels, sheets. The WHitmor give free delivery and also reasonable price, only 14 US dollars.

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