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Month: August 2014

The 32 inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet Reviews

Today has reviewed The 32 inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet. This shoe cabinet was measured in 31.5 inch wide and 15.8 inch deep with 41 inch of height. Every area that requires some space for storing your shoes collection should add the Brisk Multi-Purpose Shoe Cabinet.

5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet

5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet

Including a matte black finish, this spacious cabinet has 4 flexible shelves and one fixed shelf for ample storage space. The multi-purpose cabinet is essentially made to be used everywhere in your house. When used as a shoe cabinet, it can keep around 20 pairs of standard sized shoes. This shoe cabinet is perfectly sized for entrance halls and closets. Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet includes frame is made of medium fiber board. It is easy to clean, wipe with damp cotton cloth. Assembly required.

Brisk Shoe Cabinet

Brisk Shoe Cabinet

What are Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet Specifications?

  • 30-days hassle-free replacement parts warranty
  • Five (5) fixed shelves; Store up to 20 pairs of shoes; Two (2) doors open wide; Plastic front panels
  • Product is made of medium fiber board construction; laminate black finish
  • Clean and minimal profile with multiple shelving units inside for all your storage needs
  • Assembly required by two adults; To clean, use damp cotton cloth to wipe clean; Made in Taiwan
  • Measures 31.50 inches wide by 15.80 inches deep by 41 inches high
  • FREE SHIPPING. Great Delivery Service, Very Promptly service. We personally love it
  • 30 Percent OFF Discount NOW from the manufacturer

What customers said about Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet?

I have been looking all over for the best shoes cabinet, and finally i decided to take Brisk 5 Shelf Shoe Cabinet. This Shoe Cabinet can hold around 20-25 pairs of women shoes. It doesn’t take too much space , and the best part of it which is the doors, I really like the design of the doors. I purchased 2 of these to our entry way simply because I’m a runner with multiple pairs of running shoes that I cycle through and my husband also has different shoes for different purposes and we required a storage solution that was high capacity and attractive. The finished product is very attractive and minimalist and the surface is covered with a very durable laminate that is easily dusted/wiped clean.

These cabinets were not only quickly delivered Arrived in just under 4 days, and arrived well packaged and undamaged (very rare for mail order furniture). The cabinet is made in Taiwan, which is a huge step up in quality from furniture made in China or Vietnam. It was the first time I have put together flat pack furniture and not had to jerry-rig something to make it fit together. The directions were easy to follow and the required parts were all there.

All you need to assemble this piece is a screwdriver and also a rubber mallet. The instructions say 2 people are necessary, but I found that it was easily assembled by one person (me) without any assistance. The only time you need 2 people is to carry the package into the house because it weighs about 80 pounds (particle board is heavy) I am very happy and now have saved the Enitial Lab brand in my wish list for my future furniture and fixture needs.

Where to buy Discount Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet ?

Hurry up guys because the manufacturer gives Discount Sale Today. If you order today you can save US $80 on the purchase price of this 32 Inch wide Enitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet. These special deals don’t last long.

Top 5 guidelines on How to find the best Shoe Rack

The average American woman has almost two dozen pairs of shoes while the American man keeps an average of one dozen pairs of shoes. Even without the addition of children, a small family needs a shoe storage option to help keep a nice and clean home. Shoe racks for the closets and doors are among the most favored choices. Selecting a shoe rack mostly is determined by just how easily accessible the shoe should be as well as if the buyer wants an definitely compact rack rather than something bulky and meant to stay in place. The purchaser should think about the amount of space they have to invest to a shoe rack because racks differ in dimensions starting small minimalist designs to wall-to-wall shelves of finished wood.

Along with convenience as well as placing, shoe racks also ideal differ in appeal and sturdiness. Coming from wooden freestanding shelves to flexible, plastic over-the-door racks, customers have numerous choices to choose from.

Customers should select a shoe rack that matches their space and complies with their own needs for the durability as well as appearance. This might need calculating their allocated space and depending of their shoes to decide what number of shelves they will need. Generally, hanging wall racks are appropriate for those who lack much floor space, while standing shelves are best for those who have ample floor space but little wall or door space. Many men and women may perhaps take advantage of a mix of various racks to fit all of their shoes.

Furthermore, some shoe racks need some set up. Commonly, metal and wooden racks do not come pre-built because it is more affordable plus easy deliver them in flat packs. But, even wall racks may need some anchoring screws to set up perfectly.

1. Measure Your Space

Many people who buy shoe racks are working with limited space. Fortunately, there are all different kinds of shoe racks, so homeowners can find a storage solution that works for them.

2. You can buy More Than One Shoe Rack

A functional shoe collection may need a flexible shoe storage solution. For instance, you can find special racks for high heels, boots, and also outfit shoes. In addition, some shoe racks are stackable, so buying multiple racks creates a taller set of standing shelves. Yet another factor to buy more than one shoe rack is to put them in separate areas of the home; one rack can go by the front door for well-used shoes, and another placed in the closet for night, dress, or other less gently used shoes.

3. Think about the Shoe Rack’s appearance as well as durability

Shoe racks are not the same regarding to the appearances. Definitely, visual appeals may not be necessary to everybody, and it’s less important if the rack sits at the bottom of a closet, only seen by the buyer. Yet, the rack’s durability greatly depends on their material, which often determines its overall physical appearance. The most affordable choices are thin, flexible plastic cubbies. Commonly, although these racks are useful, they may not really fit the bedroom decor. Wooden shoe racks are heavier and stronger, commonly ones created using solid wood rather when compared to composite wood. While composite wood is cheap as well as much lighter compared to solid wood, it easily bubbles while in exposure to water and does not last as long. Metal shoe racks are also a stylish as well as solid option, according on your style.

4. Choose Shoe Rack Sophistication

Specific kinds of shoe racks need to get assembly; for example, large wooden shoe racks seldom appear prebuilt. Whereas, hanging racks are generally ready to hang on the wall or door right out of the package. Even racks that require a lot of assembly are generally easy to assembled because they are just shelves and sometimes doors to hide the contents.

5, Find Out Shoe Rack Size

Some shoe racks undoubtedly keep a lot more shoes than other shoe racks. Short racks versus tall racks are a great example of doubling the available shoe space. This also means that it is possible to purchase excessive or perhaps not enough shoe storage. To prevent this, consumers could calculate their pairs of shoes and make an educated guess on how many shoes they buy per year before choosing to a shoe rack. Most shoe rack packages give an estimate on the number of shoes they hold. One rack can hold anywhere from ten to several dozen pairs, depending on its size.

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Top 7 Common Mistakes to avoid when decorating your home

Common Mistake Number 1: Excess wall stickers

Why is this a mistake? The wall stickers are very popular, and are often a good opportunity to change the appearance of a room. Rather than an actual error, it is only to use them in moderation, without excess.

kitchen decorative wall stickers

kitchen decorative wall stickers

The right choice … The lovers do-it-yourself will return to their first love: painting, with or without stencils. The current trend, however, is to decorate the walls using a single strip of wallpaper, for a touch of color capable of the space of a room. Another idea: use the magnets. It is removable decorations that can be applied on all metal surfaces, with the advantage of not dirtying their support. A quality which, however, is expensive … Or, just use the beloved stickers with a little ‘of measurement and common sense.

The more advice. Paint one wall of a room in a different color. Or, add a strip of wallpaper after painting the walls, in order to define a space (cooking area, sleeping area, sitting area …), to enhance the furniture or make an impact “matter” thanks to a coating like leather, wood or metal.

Common Mistake Number 2: the old style tiles in bathroom

Why is this a mistake? The old style tiles are really gone out of fashion … and a lot ‘! This material was already in vogue for the furnishing of the bathroom at the time of our grandmothers … but that does not mean that the tiles have evolved, which have not been modernized! The materials and patterns have evolved, becoming more beautiful and functional. But those old style, we leave for the antiques.

old bathroom tiles

old bathroom tiles

The right choice … The alternatives are many. Flooring and PVC coatings for floor, Corian for the sink. And most importantly, the Mr. cement, star of the moment, both for the floors, walls, and that for the furniture for the bathroom. Beautiful, design and practical at the same time, it has only one flaw: the price. Of course, it is not cheap, you have to admit it.

> The more advice. Have you ever considered a faux parquet PVC, which mimic different types of wood, or a coating in rectangular slabs that make us think of concrete or granite? Make haste: it is the current trend in the field of bathroom furniture!

Common Mistake Number 3: too wenge wood

Why is this a mistake? The total look wenge us tired. It must be admitted that this dark wood is not able to give an exotic touch and is not suitable for all environments. Not to mention the fact that the use of wenge is harmful to the environment, due to cost cutting and transport of this exotic wood. We have respect for nature, yes or no?

> The right choice … The use of light woods, in Scandinavian style, but also raw and semi-finished wood. Or the use of metal, for an industrial-style, always trendy. In each case, however, it is good to keep in mind the rule of 3: This is the maximum number of types of wood that can be associated in the furnishings of a room. Remember this

> The more advice. Viva furniture antique wood, over which time has left its traces. The must-have of the moment? The craft of furniture found in antique markets. And if originality points … you paint your wood furniture, giving free rein to your imagination!

Common Mistake Number 4: environments too full

Why is this a mistake? It is not true that being in a room full of all sorts of objects is assured. Often, it is only an impression of great disorder … if not oppression. Too bad, no?

> The right choice … The key word is: throw. You have to make a careful selection of all objects and knick-knacks in a room and decide what it is worth to show and what is best to put in a drawer. You’ll see that your environment suddenly seem larger and airy.

> The more advice. You must make sure that your rooms can “breathe.” At the same time, it is also important to find ways to enhance the objects you love, that giving them a privileged location.

Common Mistake Number 5: the total look

> Why is this a mistake? Industrial style for the study, Provencal kitchen, Disney for the nursery and the Baroque to the salon … with this furniture, the jat-leg is guaranteed! For a while, the themed decor has had some success. But you have to admit that it is really just personal, devoid of personality. The risk? Give the impression that, going from one room to another, you are in front of the windows of different stores, while remaining in the same apartment!

> The right choice … Simple: create a common thread between the decoration of the different rooms. An element of continuity. Which is not to say furnish every room in the house in the same style, of course! It is, rather, to choose a color or material to serve as a common thread throughout the house, as if it were your personal signature. The secret is to break away from the trends of the moment, returning to the essentials: the style that suits you most, your favorite color, the materials you love. The rest will come by itself!

> The more advice. Best to go with a material “jolly”, to be used throughout the home in a different way: to the ground in a room, the furniture in another, on the walls in another. You’ll see, the effect will be wonderful! Alternatively, you can have fun with colors or patterns, playing with shades and hues on the walls in soft furnishings and accessories … the important thing is that it remains a common thread between one room and the other

Common Mistake Number 6: it’s not all gold that glitters

> Why is this a mistake? In the long run, gold is a headache and silver reminds us of Christmas decorations! When you finish the festive season, all that glitters and sparkles let’s put it in the basement … In short: stop the atmosphere from jet-set, the accessories too showy and excessive. Yes to return to the simplicity, quality and comfort. Yes a discreet elegance.

> The right choice … The password is: simplicity. Neutral colors, natural materials, all in the name of authenticity. Forget the plastic and synthetic fabrics, in favor of wood and natural fibers. All in somber hues and fresh, that are inspired by nature.

> The more advice. Both environments in a contemporary décor than in those from furniture classic and chic, gold and silver can still find a place in the soft version. A few touches of silver … but no more! And if you really do not want to compromise on style metallized, you may opt for an aged metal, such as zinc, alone or associated with the raw wood.

Common Mistake Number 7: bad lighting

Why is this a mistake? We tried everything … from chandeliers that light barely a corner of the room, the neon, capable of illuminating an apartment as if it were a stadium! Moral of the story: we now know what does not suit our environments: the light should not be neither too dim nor blinding! Soon, some alternative!

> The right choice … The lighting must be well designed, based on the characteristics and function of each room. The secret lies in the multiplication of the light sources and the types of lighting.

> The more advice. To ensure that the lighting of an environment to be effective, must study the sources of natural light and locate the darkest points of the room. After that, everything depends on the organization of the room, the type of furniture chosen by the activities that will be practiced. The table lamps or wall lights are useful for creating light sources next to the beds or reading areas. To direct a bright light to a specific point, the ideal is to choose a desk lamp. In the hall or in the kitchen, better opt for a beautiful chandelier. And reserve a lighting for ceiling of the bathroom, even remembering to put the bulbs on the top edge of the mirror.

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